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Beware the Dead Cat Bounce (and Other Stock Market Jargon)

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There’s the language of love — and then there’s the language of Wall Street.

Sayings such as “catch a falling knife” or “shoot first, ask questions later” aren’t quite sweet nothings, but they do make colorful sound bites. Whether you’re just flirting with investing or head-over-heels for the stock market, you’ll eventually hear some phrases that give you pause.

What the dickens do Wall Street veterans mean when they say these things? Here’s a guide to common stock jargon.

It was the best of times …

Buy the dip, often abbreviated as BTD or BTFD (you can likely deduce what the F means): Half legitimate strategy, half jokey catchphrase, you’ll often find this referenced on social media. The idea is to buy an asset when its price dips —...

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