At Levo, our content team works hard every day to find new and interesting topics related to careers (such as standing desks or side hustles) and track down the best experts in the field to get their opinions (like Aliza Licht, author of Leave Your Mark who used to be the SVP of Global Communications at Donna Karan; or Julie Ann Crommett, program manager at Google). We read a lot of workplace tips and tricks—as we’re sure you do, too! But as we look back on 2015, there are a few that stand out to us. If you remember anything from this year, make it these 15 gems:

1. Remember, the first and most important thing when writing a cold email is an attention-grabbing subject line. For more tips on how to get guaranteed responses, just check out this article.

2. Want to know how to take the perfect profile picture? Check out this advice from an industry expert.

3. Being in different cities from your potential employer is no problem! Check out these 13 tips to look great during a video interview, sit back, and relax in your bath. Best of luck to you!

4: We’re always hearing the phrase “say yes to everything,” but what happens when you take that advice literally? Here’s what one writer discovered after following this piece of advice for an entire week.

5. Janet Mock, a Levon 100 honoree, called an attack from Piers Morgan one of her biggest professional setbacks. However, she learned something incredibly inspiring and useful from the experience that you can read about here. (You can find tips and tricks from previous Levo 100 award winners here..)

6. We were curious about how much money people make in their first jobs, so we created Levo’s 2015 entry-level salary report. We also discovered how much people in STEM occupations earn and what side hustles are the most profitable.

7. Jessica Knoll, New York Times bestselling author said that once she had a sizable amount of work, and the potential for more eclipsed her day job, she knew it was time to take her side hustle full-time. In her book, Luckiest Girl Alive, Jessica talks more about how to achieve success. (Oh, and by the way—it’s now the biggest debut novel of 2015.) So if you want some helpful tips, be sure to give it a listen!

8. What would you do if you were asked to come in for an informational interview at your dream company? How could ensure that you make a great impression and come across as intelligent and hirable? By asking these 10 questions.

9. In case you haven’t seen it, Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk on the power of body language has been watched over 29 million times. After you check it out, try using some of these powerful techniques at work. We’d love to have your business card after you become CEO!

10. If you’re a woman in your 20s, here are 8 amazing TED Talks that you should watch. (And if you’re in your 30s or 40s, don’t worry! There’s plenty more where that came from!)

11. Many of our readers wanted to know the career advice editor’s response to a question about how best to explain moving for a partner during job interviews. Do not miss Erica’s thoughtful reply.

12. *If you’ve felt overwhelmed this year, raise your hand.* This upcoming year, use these 9 kinds of ways to decline excess work. (And not a single one includes the phrase, “I’m sorry,” got it?)

13. Ultimately, we all want to make a good impression on our boss. If you follow these steps, no one will be able to call you a teacher’s pet.

14. USA Women’s Sled Hockey team development member, Liz Davis was born with caudal regression syndrome and website designer but that doesn’t stop her from being a triathlete. Be inspired by her positive attitude as part of our #StrongerForIt series!

15. Acknowledging others is more powerful than you might think. If you need some inspiration, we have 19 kinds of actions that are sure to make a big impression at work.

Let us know if we missed anything in the comments section below!

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