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The Importance of Keeping Your Doubters at Arm’s Length

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Dreams of any size require a little bit a crazy and a whole lot of confidence. They force you to keep moving forward, even when you doubt. Even when you disbelieve. Even when you’re scared as hell. They require vision. Grit. Plans. and Support.

No one does anything alone. No one does anything perfectly. No one has the perfect, bulletproof plan. But they do have the belief in the themselves and in the value they must add to the world. They have belief in what they want to experience and want they want to attempt.

It’s not perfect. It’s not always pretty. And it’s hardly ever smooth sailing. No matter what it looks like on the outside.

When you decide to take a step, whether it’s a leap or simply a shuffle, you need energy that believes in you.

You need a whole lot of hell yas. And even more you are so going to do this. You don’t need them to love your idea. You don’t need them to see your vision. But you do need them to see you. And see you doing this thing. Your thing.

When you decide. And you communicate. And you’re met with caution. Be cautious. Know that the cautioners aren’t what you need right now. You need support poured into you. It’s not that the cautioners mean ill will. It’s not that they don’t believe in you. It’s just that their energy isn’t what you need at this stage in the game.

When you pick up the phone to tell your parents you’re going to live in Bali. You need a “we believe in you.”

When you tell your team that you have a dream you need to pursue. You need a “how can we help make this happen.”

When you detail your vision. You need a “YES. yes. Yessssssss.”

You do not need someone picking apart your plan. You do not need to hear all the things that could go wrong. You do not need caution. You’ll need that type of critical feedback eventually, but not until you’ve summoned the courage to jump and leap and begin the first step in your dream.

Caution the cautioners and keep them at a distance in the beginning.

And take inventory of your reaction to others and their dreams. Be their oh hell yes. Be the believer. Be the energy that sends them off edge, flying to their dreams. It’ll be returned to you. Ten fold.

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