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Ask a Hiring Expert: What If Your Experience Doesn't Match the Job Description?

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Welcome to Ask a Hiring Expert, an advice column where Adecco Staffing President Joyce Russell answers all of your questions about landing the next job.

Dear Joyce,

What if your experience doesn't match the job description, but you know you could do it? I know I could do this job but my resume doesn't necessarily have the right credentials. How do I convey that in the interview?

Conveying confidence on paper or during an interview can be difficult if your past experience does not directly align with the job you’re applying for, so you need to find ways to prove why you know you could do it.

Why do you feel like you’re the right fit for the job? What about your past experiences give you that confidence? Figure out where there’s synergy, and sell it!

Perhaps they’re looking for someone with writing experience and published bylines, but how many proposals have you written that prove your excellent writing skills? Do they need someone with basic knowledge of software you’re unfamiliar with, but you’re a quick learner with experience with something similar? Whatever the case,
give specific examples for why you’re the better pick than someone who does meet more of the job description.

You should also tout your “universal” work environment skills that are positives for every candidate to have – regardless of the job role or requirements. Are you a team player that works well under pressure? Do you prove ROI and build brand equity on every project you support?

Whatever makes you unique and undeniably valuable
will help the employer see past the fact that you may not meet all the job requirements, and instead want to invest your potential!

Got a question for Joyce? Email us at or drop us a line on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. And check out more on Adecco here.

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