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Apply Here: 7 Out-Of-This-World Job Opportunities at NASA Right Now

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Welcome to Apply Here, our daily roundup where we comb through job listings for cool opportunities so you don't have to.

Interested in photography? This is part of NASA's Pathways Intern Program and will give you an opportunity to work with real NASA photographers as an intern. Apply here.

Work as an Executive Support Assistant (Office Automation) for NASA. As an Executive Support Assistant for the Center Operations Directorate at NASA Glenn Research Center, you will provide support assistance for admins and office support functions. Apply here.

Are you a lawyer who loves space? Well, that sounds like an excellent TV show but it also works for this role as Attorney Advisor in the Office of General Counsel, Contract Law Division in Washington, DC. Apply here.

Calling all computer engineers. The Applied Engineering and Technology Directorate (AETD), Software Engineering Division, Flight Software Systems Branch needs a Computer Engineer. Apply here.

Want to be an official NASA Researcher? Move to Houston. Just be sure you are a NASA expert. Apply here.

Apply to be a Network Engineer in the Ground Systems Integration Branch (VA-E10), Infrastructure Management Division of the Launch Services Program (LSP), at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC), FL. Apply here.

If you are an undergrad and want one of the coolest titled internships then this is for you. You can apply to be part of the West African Monsoon Climate Modeling Internship Program. Apply here.

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(Photo by Danis Lou on Unsplash)

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