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And Now, Carrie Brownstein Perfectly Reenacts What Women Are Currently Dealing With At Work

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It is so sad that this will be the last year of the seminal comedy series Portlandia but they are going out with a bang. Season 8 doesn't start for another month but they have released the first sketch of the premiere and it is something everyone is talking about right now: sexual harassment in the workplace. Though it is a hilarious one, it also nails the issue on the head.

When Carrie Brownstein's character is named as the first female partner at the law firm she begins to say it has sometimes been hard in her 17 years at the firm, often as the only woman in the office. Then all the men in the room, including boss Fred Armisen, ask her to clarify that they never behaved badly. She assures them that none of the people in the room were bad which, of course, makes the guy calling into the meeting, Josh, get upset even though she then tells him he never did anything wrong either. Her boss asks her to apologize so Josh doesn't feel bad. "I've had 17 years of rampant sexism in this office, but I am so sorry you felt two seconds of discomfort," she says frustrated. (Watch the sketch below.)

It is a 3-minute sketch but it definitely captures what so many women are going through on a daily basis now that sexual harassment predators have been called out so much in the past few months. Though progress has been made —TIME actually named the Silence Breakers as their person/people of the year— this doesn't mean things are going to suddenly be easier for women in the workplace.

(Image via IFC)

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