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Amazon Held an Insanely Massive Job Fair

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Looking for a job? It can be a jungle out there if you're searching for employment opportunities--especially for larger companies that hold a lot of weight. However, on Wednesday, it became evident that Amazon is one of the hottest companies for potential employees. Literal thousands of people attended a massive job fair at nearly a dozen U.S. warehouses, CNBC reports.

Though it's common for the company to beef up its staff in August in preparation for holiday shopping, the sheer number of full-time jobs available in packing, sorting, and shipping is impressive even for Amazon.

As CNBC notes, the rapid growth of Amazon truly highlights the number of traditional retailers that are closing their doors and blaming Amazon for taking away their business. However, that doesn't mean the company's warehouse jobs aren't useful for young people straight out of school.

"Interpersonal teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, all that stuff goes on in these warehouses," Anthony Carnevale, director of Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce, told CNBC. "They're serious entry-level jobs for a lot of young people, even those who are still making their way through school."

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