I landed a gig with Madeleine Albright in ’94. She was (and still is) the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. At the time, I had just graduated college with my degree in international relations–I was elated and petrified all at once. It can be difficult to keep up with the smartest women in foreign policy, but luckily you can talk to her and gain insights that you otherwise would not have access to. While it is important to read about global events, it is even more critical to engage in discussion about these topics.

A majority of foreign policy positions are filled by men, as I noticed during my time spent in Washington D.C., and at the Council on Foreign Relations. In these meetings, very few women choose to speak or have a seat at the table.

It’s time for us women to take our rightful place at the table.

So where do you begin? There are many aspects to international relations, and it can be difficult to keep up with the constantly changing landscape.

The following is a list of women on Twitter who are discussing and sharing their insights about today’s most pressing foreign policy issues. Some essential topics and places are missing from this list (e.g. Israel, India, and most of Europe). The women on this list aren’t limited to a single issue. If you’re looking to stay up-to-date on current affairs in the Middle East, @jilliancyork and @krmaher are two great Twitter accounts to follow. For those interested in development news, @texasinafrica and @meowtree provide clear and concise takes on the latest happenings.

Why Does This List Seem So Long?

There are more than 10 female foreign policy experts. Many women follow and engage in critical national security and international relations-related work – just as many men do. No difference exists, except we might not be fully aware of it.

Therefore, without further ado:

Top Three

@texasinafrica: Laura Seay is a political professor at Morehouse College.

@slaughteram: Anne-Marie Slaughter, former State Department Policy Planning Director and current Professor at Princeton University.

@natsecHeather: Heather Hurlburt is the Executive Director of the National Security Network. Prior to this role, she served as a speechwriter for Madeleine Albright.

Arab Spring

@lrozen: Laura Rozen Senior foreign policy reporter, Yahoo! News.

@slaughteram Anne-Marie Slaughter

@jessradio: Jessica Hill is the Middle East correspondent for The Global Mail.

@aloraibi: Mina al-Oraibi, an Iraqi journalist living in London.

@lara: For ABC News and Bloomberg Television, Lara Setrakian reports on the Middle East.


@laurenbohn: Lauren Bohn, Fulbright scholar and editor at the Cairo Review

@amiralx: Amira Salah-Ahmed is a business editor and journalist who writes for The Daily News Egypt.


@oxfordgirl Anonymous


@rawyarageh: Rawya Rageh, Al Jazeera English’s reporter, delivers breaking news stories with expertise and integrity.

@kellymcevers: Kelly McEvers is a Baghdad-based NPR journalist and the bureau chief.

@laurenist: Lauren Jenkins, education specialist for the Peace in Iraq Center.

Saudi Arabia

@saudiwoman: Eman al-Nafjan is a blogger who writes about relevant issues in Saudi Arabia.


@claireberlinski: Claire Berlinski is a freelance journalist residing in Istanbul.

Bahrain/Saudi Arabia

@justamira: Amira al-Hussaini, is an experienced journalist and editor for Global Voices Online, with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa.


@hebamorayef: Heba Morayef is a human rights watch researcher on Egypt and Libya.


@kasinof: Laura Kasinof, a reporter for the New York Times, covers Yemen.



@eafesooriyah: E.Assia, writer and photographer who lives in Syria.

Eurozone Crisis

@mcaruso_cabrera: Michelle Caruso Cabrera is CNBC’s Chief International Correspondent.

@economistmeg: Megan Greene is an economist who specializes in the Euro crisis and provides analyses of Ireland/Greece/Portugal/Spain/Italy/Germany.

@BBCStephanie: Stephanie Flanders is the Economics Editor for the BBC.

@matinastevis: Matina Stevis is a reporter for Dow Jones Newswires and the Wall Street Journal.


@miriamelder: Miriam Elder is a correspondent for The Guardian.

@ioffeinmoscow: Julia Ioffee is a contributor to Foreign Policy, Newsweek, Fortune and The New Yorker.


@cchristinefair: Christine Fair, a South Asian political-military affairs professor at Georgetown University

@gaylelemmon: The Dressmaker of Khir Kiranna author, Gayle Lemmon Tzemach

@kalsoom82: Kalsoom Lakhani Founder, Invest2Innovate, Blogger

@abihabib: Maria al-Habib, a correspondent for the Wall Street Journal stationed in Kabul.

@natalie_kabul: Natalie Righton is a Dutch journalist.


@larsonchristina: Christina Larson, contributing editor for Foreign Policy

@quelquefois: Amy Chang, former Fulbright fellow and current CEO of Accompany.

@eyoonCNN: Eunice Yoon, a CNN correspondent based in Beijing, China.

@sanchanta: Mariko Sanchanta, senior editor for the Wall Street Journal

@marykissel: Mary Kissel, of the Wall Street Journal editorial board



@dana_hughes: Dana Hughes, an anchor for ABC News based in Africa.

@rachelstrohm: Rachel Strohm is a writer who focuses on central Africa.


@texasinafrica Laura Seay


@madayo: Dayo Olopande, a journalist and Yale Law school student


@scarlettlion: Glenna Gordon is a professional photographer.


@bechamilton Rebecca Hamilton

Foreign Policy 3.0

@krmaher: Katherine Maher, an expert in IT4D for the National Democratic Institute

@meowtree: Linda Raftree is an IT evangelist and expert.

@techsoc: Zeynep Tufekci, a sociology professor

@lksriv: Lina Srivastava is an expert in the field of transmedia.

@katrinskaya: Katrin Verclas is the co-founder of Mobileactive.org

@jilliancyork: Jillian York is the Director for International Freedom of Expression @EFF, @globalvoices author board member

War, Arms, & Guns

@dianawueger: Diana Wueger is a blogger for Gunpowder and Lead, as well as a contributor to The Atlantic.

@caidid: Caitlin Fitzgerald – Civilian-Military Relations Expert

@drugwaranalyst: Sylvia Longmire- Former USAF officer & security analyst

@allthingsCT: Leah Farrall, a former counter-terrorism analyst.

Women’s Rights & Justice

@annalouiesuss: Anna Louise Sussman is the editor of Women in the World (www.womenintheworld.org).

@wolfe321: Lauren Wolfe, Director of Women Under Siege

@pamelascully: Pamela Scully, a long-time professor at Emory University

@gaylelemmon: Gayle Lemmon Tzemach is the author of The Dressmaker of Khair Khanna.

@michelleinbklyn: Senior writer for Newsweek and The Daily Beast, Michelle Goldberg is also the author of “the Means of Reproduction.”


@Mexicoreporter: Deborah Donello is a video reporter for both AFP and FT.

@latintelligence: Shannon O’Neil is Douglas Dillon Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

@drugwaranalyst: Sylvia Longmire is a former USAF officer and security analyst.

Economic Aid & Development

@alanna_shaikh: Alanna Shaikh is an international development activist who has given a TED talk.

@bonniekoenig: Bonnie Koenig, international development expert and author of “Going Global for the Greater Good.”

@saundra_s: Saundra is a critic of aid, an advocate for smarter aid practices, and an educator on the topic of donor fatigue.

@mollykinder: Molly Kinder is the Director of USAID.

@nancymbirdsall: Nancy Birdsall is the president of the Center for Global Development.

@penelopeinparis: Penelope Chester is a UN Dispatch contributor.

Social Entrepreneurship

@jnovogratz: Jacqueline Novogratz, CEO of Acumen Fund

@priyaparker: Priya Parker, MBA, is a social entrepreneurship expert.

@jocelynW: Jocelyn Wyatt is Co-Lead and Executive Director of IDEO.org

@leila_c: Leila Janah, the visionary founder of Samasource.

@solar_sister: Katherine Lucey is the founder and CEO of Solar Sister.

@kalsoom82: Kalsoom Lakhani is the founder of Invest2Innovate and a blogger.

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