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A Good Night's Sleep Will Take on a Whole New Meaning After You Read This

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Imagine if you could learn while you're asleep? Well according to a research study published in Nature Communications, it is actually possible to learn while you're asleep.

Although the study used a small group of about 20 participants, the project had very interesting findings. When scientists played complex sound patterns to the sleeping participants, they were able to form new memories and recognize different sounds when they woke up.

When the participants fell asleep to white noise, the researchers played various sounds during the different phases of sleep. When the participants woke up, they particularly recognized the sounds played during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

This information has lead researchers to believe that the brain processes different memories of the day, by sorting and processing what is important. The next phase of the study is to hopefully be able to teach math concepts, new languages and expand one's vocabulary through sleep soundtracks. Wow. Sleeping expectations are about to get really intense.

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