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A Fitness Trainer Was Shamed For Having Cellulite. Her Response Is Perfection.

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Cellulite is a natural, normal part of the human body, especially in women—but yet it's still heavily stigmatized. Countless tabloid covers have demonized female celebrities for showing cellulite on the beach, but even the fittest of the fit can have some of what fitness trainer Jessi Kneeland calls "fancy fat." That's exactly what she was trying to convey when she posted a picture of her own fancy fat to Instagram—only to have a body-shaming troll try to take her down.

"Fancy fat is just a natural, healthy, built-in decoration," she wrote in the Instagram post. "...There is absolutely nothing objectively true about statements like 'cellulite is ugly' or 'perfectly smooth and toned is more attractive.'"

Because the internet can be nasty sometimes, one commenter decided to shame her by leaving a nasty comment about her body. "Spin it any way you want," the commenter wrote. "Having unhealthy body fat like that is not natural, it's because you eat or used to eat sh*tty food and your body has stored it! Stop eating sh*t food and burn more calories than you put in your face and it will go!"

That's when Kneeland decided to put him in his place. Posting a screenshot of the comment in a new Instagram post, Kneeland wrote:

"Sorry dude, I didn't realize I have cellulite because I'm just TOO FAT!! Don't worry though. Me and my 'unnatural, unhealthy body fat' are just gonna be over here helping women understand that there is NOTHING wrong with cellulite (or anything else about their bodies!) and that trolls like you are ignorant and uneducated. Also I'll keep spinning my body as 'none of your damn business.' Because, yeah. That."

That's right. Anyone who judges your body, especially while pretending to care about your health, is simply body-shaming, plain and simple. Cellulite (or, should we say, fancy fat!) is natural, healthy, and beautiful—just like our wonderful bodies.

(Image via JessiKneeland/Instagram)

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