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9 Organizational Planners That Will Change Your Life

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I’m a procedural person, meaning I like order, direction, process, being on time—all those fun things. (For a more in-depth description, read up on Thinking Talents!) And because of that, one of my favorite things to do every year is pick out a new planner. I’ll do my research, see who has the trendy ones, look for the perfect layout, and bonus points for a little inspiration. (I remember one year I had a Vera Bradley planner, and it had all these super-random holidays in it, so my friends and I would always text each other and giggle a bit about whatever day it was, according to Vera. Oh, high school.) Even now that I’ve graduated from college, I still get that giddy feeling when a new batch of planners comes out. Just in time for the 2015-2016 school season, check out these nine stunners:

day planners

1. If you’re feeling classy: Opt for this beautiful planner from Rifle Paper Co. The flower detail is super eye-catching, and the color just makes you feel calm and serene. (Pink + Olive, #38)

day planners

2. If you’re looking for something simple: This solid color planner comes in two shades, peach and navy, and the company was founded by a husband and wife. So cute! (And that explains the color choices.) (Anthropologie, $32)

day planners

3. If you don’t want summer to end: These big, colorful flowers just scream, “Open me!” And this planner comes complete with daily compliments, to-dos, and stickers, so it’s pretty much the most fun you’ll ever have keeping yourself organized. (, $20)

day planners

4. If you love personalization: This whole planner can be customized, meaning you can put your name on the cover, inside, and maybe they’ll even include your own pair of glasses. (Paper Source, $49.95)

day planners

5. If you’re in a sophisticated mood: You know you’re going to have some fun with anything that’s Kate Spade, and this planner is no exception. Also, apparently this new edition has been resized, so it will finally fit into smaller bags! (Kate Spade, $30)

day planners

6. If you just need a change: This is a whole set of 12 daily planners, meaning you can start off each month with a fun new color. And in case you don’t like to make decisions, they’ve already planned out which color goes with which month. Phew! (Moleskine, $39.95)

day planners

7. If you hate writing on lines: Not only is this mint color just awesome, but it’s also perfect for that person who hates being constrained by lines of paper. Write as small or as big as you want! (Paper Source, $24.95)

day planners

8. If you like your prep “on fleek”: Let’s face, Lilly Pulitzer pretty much dominates it in the planner category (even post-college), and this year is no exception. (Lilly Pulitzer, $28)

day planners

9. If you’ve ever used chalkboard paint: Even if you’re not going back to school, you can still enjoy this planner that looks like a chalkboard. (Paper Source, $18.95)

Photos: Julia Davila-Lampe / Getty Images; Courtesy Images


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Viewing on Levo:

Only you can see this list

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I look forward to buying a new planner every single year!!

I am very picky about my planners and have tried two on your list! I LOVE my Blue Sky - Day Designer Strategic Planner & Daily Agenda. This has one page dedicated to each day with a breakout of times, as well as room for: Today's Top Three, To Do, Notes, Tonight, Daily Gratitude, and a Daily Quote.

I am in love with the Passion Planner! It's fabulous and well-thought out. Comes in different sizes. Allows you to keep your Passions and Personal Goals along side your work/school goals and actions.

I was just about to say Levo should definitely be promoting Passion Planner. An amazing young woman created the most amazing tool!

Christine Benko
Christine Benko

It's too bad all of these choices are about the way the cover looks instead of the way the book will actually help someone stay organized. There are so many other planners on the market that have excellent layouts and can have the covers customized to be just as pretty.


I agree! This has nothing to do with organization.

I bought the black and white striped Kate Spade planner last week and it is perfect! I love the classic design (both the cover and the layout inside). There is a monthly calendar that starts off each month followed by a 7-day layout that allows for more detailed notes. The binding is sturdy and there is even a pocket to put loose papers in when needed.

I was just thinking the same thing. I LOVE my Passion Planner and I hope that it makes it to Levo. It is great for professionals, students, and anyone who wants to start checking things off their bucket list

I second your choice Chloe! I bought the weekly Blue Sky - Day Designer version at Target a month ago and I absolutely love it! I've been trying to find the daily version ever since...silly me, I didn't buy it when I had a chance because I thought I wouldn't need the daily version. Hopefully I can find it because I the price and the 3 column layout work better for me than the regular Day Designer (which I also love).

Where is Erin Condren on here?!

Definitely! My passion planner has helped me my personal and career.

Can't agree more! I love the Passion Planner so much I bought six and gave them away. Such a great tool.

You should definitely check out Plans+Things planner, too -!

It has a super functional layout and customizable covers!

I bought the same one as Ashely anticipating needing it for a new job. Job didn't Pan out...I think I jinxed myself!!

These are great suggestions! Thanks for sharing.

Loved this article! Very well written and I will be sharing with my friends.

There is too much choice in planners. I never can make a choice, but I have too. It happened to me that I bought one and the next day I found a nicer one. So I bought two...

Next year I need to buy the passionplanner, just read it now.

And of course, no mention of Daytimer?? The office standby?

Oh how I dream of bullet journaling in all of them!

I always use a classic Leuchtturm 1917 as my multi purpose planner and bullet journal. I love to be creative and design my own layouts.

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