The post-graduation period is one of the most exciting times in your life. You get to celebrate with your friends, take silly pictures, and make awesome videos that you can share with everyone online. I know finding a job right out of college can be tough, but don’t panic.“If your job search is taking several months and you’re not getting the results you’re looking for, then it’s time to stop and re-evaluate rather than panic.” says John O’Neill, Assistant Dean at the Stanford University Career Development Center. Below are eight ways to achieve your goal, according to O’Neill, as follows:

Don’t Continue Your Search Alone.

It’s crucial to get other people involved in your job search, and one way to do that is by searching with a group. Get together with friends or peers who are also looking for jobs so you can swap leads, exchange contacts, and lift each other. You should never go it alone when seeking a job, and your search shouldn’t be limited to only online applications.

Update Your Resume.

Many job applicants make the mistake of writing their resumes as a list of responsibilities and duties. Your resume should be rewritten to tell an interesting story about your background, while still highlighting skills, interests, and experiences—not simply what you have done in the past. Try not to think about it as a never-ending list, but rather focus on accomplishments, skills, and relatable experiences instead.

Get a Second Opinion From Someone With More Experience.

“It’s common to receive varying opinions about your resume from different people. However, if you want some helpful feedback, show it to someone who is already working in the industry you’re targeting. They’ll be able to tell you what that specific industry wants and looks for on a successful resume. Make sure to ask them questions such as ‘Can you easily identify my skills and desired occupation just by looking at my resume?'”

Investigate Your Industry by Any Means Possible.

Volunteer in areas that you’re passionate about. It will take up some of your time, but it’s worth it and you never know what knowledge or connections you might gain. If the field you want to enter is related to where you volunteer, then volunteering there not only helps others but also expands your job search network. Searching for a job shouldn’t only be done from behind a computer screen–get out there and talk to people! This is one way to do so.

Take Advantage of Serendipity in Your Career.

Getting a job is not about luck. It’s about being curious, persistent, and willing to take risks. Go to networking events, seminars, informational interviews, or conferences and conventions. The more people who know you’re a smart recent college grad looking for an opportunity, the greater the chance something great will happen.

Check-In on Your Strategy From Time to Time.

At the end of every month, set a deadline for yourself to focus on your job search. Take some time to evaluate what worked and what didn’t that month. How many jobs did you find? How many people did you talk to? And how many interviews were you in? Check in with your progress monthly and adjust your strategy accordingly. If you’re not receiving interview requests, reflect on the way you’re searching for jobs. On the other hand, if you are getting interviews but not job offers, it’s time to switch up how you Interview.

How You Present Yourself During an Interview Is Crucial.

Although people often try to predict the questions they’ll be asked in an interview, it’s impossible to know for sure what you’ll be asked. By preparing your story and background, you will be better equipped for future interviews. Develop anecdotes regarding your most crucial skills, knowledge, and contributions that apply to the desired position. To improve, keep practicing with friends and family. Get used to talking about your experiences and don’t be offended by constructive criticism. The easier you make it for others to understand your story, the better equipped you’ll be to answer tricky questions in an interview.

Trying Out a Temp Job Is a Great Way to Get Your Foot in the Door of Your Desired Company.

A temporary job may not be a bad idea to take on if you’re struggling to pay bills and want to lessen some stress. Being employed will help you make money, interact with people, gain useful skills, and that’s great.

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