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8 Watches That Are Trendy AND Professional

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When I graduated in May I said to myself, “Girl, it’s time to start telling time with an actual timepiece.” As opposed to my phone, naturally. And let me tell you: the “looking at my brand new watch” motion does indeed make me feel oh-so-adult and sophisticated. But I discovered that cute watches falling somewhere between “tacky” and “bores me to tears” are surprisingly tough to find. So here is the amazing watch I chose, and seven more that will remind you how professional and trendy you are at least 10 times a day.

8 Watches That Are Trendy AND Professional

Michael Kors Mid-Size Golden Tortoise Slim Runway ($225)

Let me introduce you to my baby, isn’t she beautiful? This Michael Kors watch is classic with a twist, the perfect combination of function and style. For me the size is perfect (42 mm face), the face and hands sleek, the gold shiny, and so far, impossible to nick even after accidentally banging it into corners of walls!

Skagen Ditte Textured Dial Leather Strap Watch ($135)

There’s no chance of me being able to tell the time on this beauty, but can we talk about sleek? Screw telling time I just want to get lost in that deep gorgeous gray face.

Kate Spade Scalloped Metro ($195)

Kate Spade has many, many adorable and chic watches, and it was impossible to choose a favorite. But something about this black face with the scalloped edge makes it irresistible. This one is a bit smaller at 34 mm, but it won’t go unnoticed with those great sparkles!

Michael Kors Double-Wrap Leather Watch ($195)

The double wrap takes this watch from plain to exquisite. If your office style is classic and perhaps a bit preppy, this may be the perfect watch for you. It also transitions from office to weekend flawlessly.

Karl Lagerfeld Petit Perspektive Watch ($195)

Again, I would never be able to tell the time on this. But man, that is one sexy time piece. If you are more adept at time telling than me, this watch will have admirers aplenty.

Kate Spade Tiny Metro Watch ($150)

This watch comes in several colors, but the “Flo Yellow” is the most exciting by far. The neon yellow-green will add a serious pop of color to your office attire. At 20mm, this watch is quite dainty and perfect for layering with other bracelets.

Kate Spade Carlyle Strap Watch ($195)

Is this not the sweetest little watch you’ve ever laid eyes on? Classy with that unexpected bow detail: Kate Spade’s specialty. She really nails it here. They also have the Carlyle in a bangle if you prefer that.

Marc Jacobs Baker Strap ($175)

Although I’m usually not a fan of anything with a big obvious label, I would be more than fine with looking down at my wrist every day and seeing that uber chic “M A R C.” The navy on navy is incredibly sophisticated and cool, and I have no idea why I don’t already own this.

Photos: Sam Teich / Levo League; Courtesy Images

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