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6 Free Online Classes that Will Bring You Success

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Some college students love learning for the sake of learning.

But elective classes, however interesting and engaging, don’t necessarily count toward a major, and students might have to forgo the fun classes in favor of a degree.

For the students who didn’t get to explore all the subjects they wanted before graduation or for those who just want to continue their education, perhaps it’s time to look at your online options.

Free online classes, which are open to the public, are growing more popular and extensive. They’re offered through many websites and universities, including Harvard, Yale, and Duke.

These classes, which cover nearly every subject and have various formats, are ideal for anyone with a love for learning, but without the funds or grades needed to get a top-rate education.

Here are six unique, inspiring, and beneficial classes anyone can take in their spare time–free of charge!

Entrepreneurship—From Idea to Launch

This class is offered by Udemy, a website that has a wide variety of free online courses, from sports to music to languages. This course is composed of more than 32 lectures and 10 exercises.

The class “provides a series of lectures that can guide an aspiring entrepreneur through the steps that will greatly increase their chances for successfully turning their idea into a successful business.”

Personal Finance

This eight-class Missouri State University course can be found on both iTunes U and YouTube though Open Culture, a site that allows you to search for free online classes by topic, then directs you to all available formats. The class is composed of videos and covers topics such as personal saving, credit, and retirement planning.

Designing Your Life

This class is offered by MIT OpenCourseWare. The site explains that virtually all of the content from every class at the university is offered there. Designing Your Life is intended to provide an “exciting, eye-opening, and thoroughly useful inquiry into what it takes to live an extraordinary life, on your own terms” and to “address what it takes to succeed, to be proud of your life, and to be happy in it.” This class includes lecture notes, assignments, and other downloadable course material.


This course offered by Yale may sound morbid, but at some point, we all think about what happens when we pass. This philosophy class explores the possibilities. The course examines concepts such as death not being the end of our journey, how knowing we will eventually die should affect the way we live, and the different attitudes toward death. The videos are offered through both YouTube and iTunes U, and the course pages can be downloaded.

Useful Genetics

This class is offered by Coursera and is a bit different than most. Coursera classes begin on specific dates—just like online classes you’d take at a university—and last for a specific length of time. The course description says it’s meant to create a sense of community with others taking the class. This specific class is being offered on Nov. 1 and May 1. The Useful Genetics course is designed to deliver a college-level understanding of how genes function and the role of inheritance, as well as tackling questions such as “Is there a gay gene?” and “Do different races have the same genes?”

Food Preparation in the Home

This free, online class offered by Bringham Young University is good for those who want to improve their skills in the kitchen. You can start the class at any time, and it’s very interactive. The course is meant to help you “understand food in relation to health, develop skills in buying, and preparing foods” and teaches you to “practice safe handling, storage, and preservation of foods.”

Degrees may not be free, but learning can be.

What are some of the best online classes you’ve taken that helped your career?

Ask Levo mentor Soledad O’Brien about her atypical education!

This post was provided by USA Today College.

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Viewing on Levo:

Only you can see this list

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Ah! I cannot express HOW excited I am go begin these courses in my spare time. What a breath of fresh air. There's always something new to learn. Thank you for sharing!!!

I love it! Thanks for sharing!

I absolutely LOVE this list. For sure I'll be checking out "Designing Your Life" and "Personal Finance". Thanks!

This is a GODSEND! Thank you SOOO much!! :) I'm always telling people, "I really really wish I had taken this class and that class in college..." and now-I CAN! I'm REALLY excited about the personal finance class!! :)

Oh and food prep AND designing your life look great too!! Man, I'm so excited!

Online education is one of the many wonderful things technology has brought us... This article does a great job of compiling what looks like some wonderful classes!

Love this list! Im always looking for fun online classes to take and these feature great topics. I frequently check,, and Muse University from for classes. Right now Im taking aimed at increasing productivity and one about growth hacking for startups! Super interesting.


Thank you so much for this!!!! For someone who never went to college and straight to work, this is such an amazing opportunity.

I use Codeacademy, great format and an encouraging way to learn the basics of coding.

Sai Shiva
Sai Shiva

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