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4 Awesome Bootcamps That Are *Way* Cheaper Than Grad School

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It’s no secret that having top-notch tech skills makes you indispensable in today’s workplace. And not only is learning to code super valuable, but it’s also super trendy—especially via fast-paced tech bootcamps. These intense 12-week programs are built to turn beginners into full-on tech experts. Most don’t require any previous experience in the field (read: you could have a bachelor’s degree in British literature and enroll in one), they’re quicker and cheaper than going to grad school, and they provide you with skills that can help you build a career in virtually any industry.

Sound like something that might interest you? Check out these four programs, which are sure to have you coding like a pro (and even running your own business!) in no time:

1. Designation Labs
Location: Chicago
Tuition: $9,800

OK, so this program involves six weeks of virtual prep work before the actual 12 weeks in a physical workspace. But you’ll come out of it a total web design pro with skills in UX, UI, and front-end development. An added bonus? The program’s site boasts that 94 percent of program grads get hired.

2. Flatiron School’s iOS Development Immersive
Location: New York City
Tuition: $15,000 (scholarships are available)

That’s right—this course is entirely dedicated to developing apps for Apple’s mobile platforms. You’ll leave the program with a portfolio of apps, apprenticeship-style experience on your resume, and a passion for coding. Something to keep in mind: Students are required to complete 150 hours of prerequisite work before arriving to participate in the program.

3. Galvanize’s Data Science & Data Engineering Immersives
Location: Various (but include Austin, Denver, San Francisco, and Seattle)
Tuition: $16,000 (scholarships are available)

Consider Galvanize’s 12-week data science program your ultimate guide to exploring, modeling, and analyzing company data. And if building things is more your style? The company’s data engineering program will teach you how to build an effective data infrastructure that stores and extracts important info. Fun fact: Galvanize alumni can be found at all sorts of successful startups, including Square and Uber.

4. General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive
Location: Various (online classes are also available)
Tuition: $13,500 (scholarships are available)

Chances are you’ve already heard of General Assembly, the professional development giant that offers a number of different courses in cities all across the country. With this GA course, you’ll learn how to build websites, application program interfaces, and apps through class, collaborative projects, labs, and one-on-one meetings with instructors. Next step: get hired.

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Viewing on Levo:

Only you can see this list

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Nikki Taliaferro
Nikki Taliaferro

I actually am enrolled in a great online bootcamp called bloc. Its all online based so location isn't a problem and you don't have to quit your job to enroll. It's been going good, I'm on my 2nd week. Be prepared to work!! Also Girl Develop It has scholarship opportunities to help a little with costs.

I didn't know there was an online bootcamp. Thank you for sharing.

I just finished an 8 week web design course with Tech Talent South - they offer front end and back end programming courses on part and full time schedules in GA and NC. Fantastic school and people!

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