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5 Women Every Woman Needs. Because Women. They’re Everything.

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There’s much to love about the men in our lives. From the fathers who raised us, brothers who protected us, and beefcakes who pleasured us, men are great complements.

And then we have our women. As ladies in the US, we’re spending more time single than any generation before, with a quarter of Millennials who may never put a ring on it. With all the time not depending on a partner, our coming of age and building our lives happens with someone else all together: our women. They’re the best friends, work wives, and sister circles who characterize the foundation of our life as marriage and families are delayed.

Having the right circle of women around you is a game-changer. Staying sane, taking leaps, falling in love, and growing up are...

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Rollins Jack
Rollins Jack

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Great article! Every woman needs a solid group of women around to support them through the good and bad.

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