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5 Inspirational Millennials to Connect with Today

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Here at Levo, we have the amazing opportunity to sit down and chat with some really successful women on a daily basis. Whether they’re working in fashion or in tech (or both!), they’re killing it in their field, and they always have such great advice to share with us. But the members of the Levo team aren’t the only ones who can connect with these women—everyone in our Levo community has the opportunity to do so! Build your own Levo profile and you can connect with anyone and everyone right here on our site.

So check out the profiles of these five super successful women, all of whom have been featured on Levo—and then get connecting!

1. Alida Garcia, Director of Coalitions & Policy at

Ever dreamed of leaving your current career for something completely and totally different? That’s what Alida did when she left her job at a Los Angeles law firm to pursue her passion for all things political—just two years after graduating from Columbia Law School.

Check out Alida Garcia‘s Levo profile and read more about her story The Pivot: Alida Garcia, Coalitions and Policy Director at

2. Alexandra Johnson, Software Engineer at Polyvore

Fashion and tech don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and Alexandra knows that firsthand—her job at a fashion start-up marries her passions for both style and coding. You can bet you won’t catch this techie in hoodies or frayed jeans.

Check out Alexandra Johnson‘s Levo profile and read her story, A 22-Year-Old Engineer Reveals How to Break Into a Fashion Startup

3. Arzo Anwar, Celebrity Stylist

Don’t mistake this fashionista for just another reality TV star—Arzo says her role on Bravo’s Blood, Sweat, and Heels is the ultimate business branding strategy. And as she’s making a name for herself as the first major Afghani-American reality star, we’d say she’s doing a darn good job.

Check out Arzo Anwar‘s Levo profile and read her story Bravo’s ‘Blood, Sweat, and Heels’ Star Arzo Anwar Talks Reality TV, Her Secrets to Success, and More

4. Talia Goldstein, Founder & CEO of Three Day Rule

Talia became an internet sensation when she opened up about hiding her pregnancy while fundraising for her startup in an article for Fortune. Since then, she’s been connecting with and inspiring other women who’ve had similar experiences. You go, girl!

Check out Talia Goldstein‘s Levo profile and read her story,“I Came Clean About Hiding My Pregnancy—and Learned I Wasn’t Alone”

5. Dana Kirk, Senior Director of Marketing & Head of Video Promotions at Def Jam

Dana works with the music industry’s best on a daily basis, helping talented artists promote their brands and their music. With her style, strategy, and charm, this woman is most definitely what she would call “a beast.”

Check out Dana Kirk‘s Levo profile and her Power Outfit: Dana Kirk, Senior Director of Marketing at Def Jam.


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Viewing on Levo:

Only you can see this list

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I am writing a book about Balancing Career in Medicine, Teenagers and Relationships without Prozac. Having worked in the operating room for over 20 years, 5 teenagers, and failed marriage I realize "having it all" is an exhausting dream. This is my own memoir as well as interviews with other women in demanding careers who on the surface "have it all"! Hoping there is an audience for this topic...thoughts?

How fun! Thanks for the introduction.

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