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5 Great Free Apps for Working Women

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According to a Nokia study, smartphone users check our phones every 6.5 minutes, which is about 150 times throughout the day. One of the best things about having a smartphone? All of the apps available to us.

There’s no end to what ingenious people will do with the technology of apps. Today we’ve got some fabulous free apps perfect for the working woman (or man). Check these out during one of those 150 times you check your phone today!

Nike Training Club

I’m obsessed with this app, and it’s one of my all-time favorites. I’m not the best at going to the gym and thinking up a workout on the spot that will make me sweat. With Nike Training Club, you can pick the level of fitness—beginner, intermediate, advanced—and then select a workout from the different types of 30- and 45-minute workouts. Once a workout is selected, the app “trainer” tells you exactly what you need to do, for how long, with what weight, and all the other details. If you don’t know how to do the exercise, they have instructional videos or step-by-step pictures of each and every exercise used in every workout. It’s amazing, and the workouts will definitely make you sweat! Another big plus is that your music plays through the workout, so you can listen to your jams but still be able to hear the trainer.


Keeping track of business cards in an almost-paperless world is getting a bit tougher. CardMunch allows you to snap a picture of a business card and store it virtually on your phone. It’s also connected to LinkedIn, so once the business card is saved, the app can search for the profile on LinkedIn, allowing you to be even more connected with the person. This is a great app for networking, business development, client management, or even keeping your collection of business cards organized.


I love lists. Whether it’s making a work to-do list, planning a workout, or tracking future topics to write about, lists definitely keep my life much more organized. Plus, it always feels good to scratch things off of a list and see how much you’ve accomplished! With Evernote, you can keep track of your life through recordings, notes, and pictures, and then you can categorize and organize it all. Another great thing about Evernote is that it’s available on every mobile device you use, so it’s there all the time.


Hello to all you ballers on a budget! Mint is an awesome financial planning and management app that allows you to track your spending, set budgets, and find out when bills are due. Especially today, with credit and debit cards, keeping track of spending can get out of hand if you’re not careful. Mint will let you know if that new pair of heels you’ve been eyeing will either break the bank or be totally worth the money!


For those of you in a time crunch or not so well-versed in the kitchen—me!—DinnerSpinner is a great app. Got only 20 minutes to whip something together before your friends come over, and you have no idea what to make? Want to spend 45 minutes or less on dinner? Plug in your ingredients (or a main protein), the dish type, and how long you want to spend on it, and presto! Recipes at your fingertips!

What’s your favorite helpful app? Tell us in the comments!

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Viewing on Levo:

Only you can see this list

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Just downloaded Nike Training Club and Mint! Thanks for the great apps!

Evernote is the BEST. It saved me from forgetting anything when I moved to my new apartment. Highly recommended!

Another app that I LOVE is Lorna Jane... It is a workout application that compiles distance covered, total active time, total calories burned, average pace and average speed. So, basically all that I care about at the end of my workout :)

As a lady who finds cooking challenging, I'm going to check out DinnerSpinner. Thanks! I prefer using Wunderlist to Evernote, though.

Love Evernote for law school! It allows me to take and organize all my class notes, whether I have my Macbook or iPad!

y'all should check out WhatWeWearWhere. It's the only app that allows you to see what people are actually wearing (as all the content is user generated) at different colleges, workplaces, restaurants and events. You can also see where they bought their outfits.

This app launched last week and was created by a mom who thought how nice it would have been if there was an app she and her daughter, who was interviewing for jobs in NYC at the time, could look at to see what real people working in NYC were wearing in various industries.

You all are young professional women with unique styles, check it out and feel free to post. Think, you'll be helping young women all over with the "what do I wear??" woe!

Kelley, is the app iPhone only? I wasn't able to find it on Android. Thanks!

My sister is constantly raving about Evernote! I guess it's time to try it!

Josemar Castillo
Josemar Castillo

left my phone at home today but I am certainly downloading DinnerSpinner, Evernote & CardMunch....I already have my budget system set up the old way with express so maaaaaaaaaaaaay I can give mint a try too:P

Thank you for writing this! I just recently got an Iphone, and I noticed how much more I was on my phone. I will def get the Mint and Cardmunch. I have way too many business cards, and I love the fact that it helps find the person's LinkedIn Profile.

I LOVE Evernote and Mint. They are definite necessities. Adding the others to my phone now. :D

Anyone know a similar app to card munch that is for Android? On the link, it only lists itunes.

Anna Cathryn Olle
Anna Cathryn Olle

Is the Mint app something I can use without linking it to my bank account?

CardMuch sounds great to lighten the load, but it's not on the Apple App Store. I found their website, which says "CardMunch is being discontinued on July 11, 2014" and encourages users to transfer their data to Evernote. So, I'll check out Evernote!

I fell in love with Key Ring last week - it gets rid of all those annoying points/rewards/discounts/affinity cards on my keyring. (I'm not sure what "ballers on a budget are…)

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