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5 Female Career Experts You Need to Follow on Twitter

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These days, when Twitter is one of our primary venues to discover news, articles, job tips, and more, being selective about who you follow is important. Personally, I organize my Twitter in private lists, so if I’m looking for marketing news, I have a feed of just that. What’s happening in publishing? One click. Career news? These are the women I turn to. As I am irritated by those obsessive content-sharers who automatically post every career article on the web on any given day, you won’t find those here. These women are brilliant, successful, and will enhance your Twitter feed (and your career) with only the best content and advice.

Lindsey Pollak @lindseypollak

Lindsey is a Gen Y career expert, LinkedIn ambassador, and author of Getting from College to Career, who is one of the authorities on helping millennials network and find jobs through social media. When it comes to millenials in the workplace, you think Lindsey Pollack. She posts great articles from around the web on millennials, LinkedIn, job searching, and more. Most of all, I find her constructive, informed, and positive take on the millennial generation refreshing and heartening. Thanks Lindsey!

Favorite Tweets:

  • #Millennials are considered by many to be the “First Globals” – what do you think about this global generation?
  • Yay for positive #Millennial stories: Loving Millennials: A Message to Generation Y

Important read for #millennials: They loved Your G.P.A. Then They Saw Your Tweets.

Kate White @katemwhite

If you’ve spent any time at all on Levo, you know that we la-la-love former Cosmopolitan Editor in Chief, bestselling author, and career expert Kate White. And her Twitter is no exception. Kate doles out fabulous advice by the handful, from job search and interview tips to time management to career motivation to get you through the workday. If you’re going to soak up wisdom from any bold, badass career woman, make it Kate White.

Favorite Tweets:

  • Five-year plan? No thank you. Embrace serendipity and be prepared to pivot in whatever direction it takes you!
  • What did I learn at @Cosmopolitan? You have to ask for what you want. No exceptions. #GutsyGIrl
  • The 6 things an employer notices first? Promptness, clothes, hair, handshake, body language, manner. First, check your watch, then a mirror.

Anita Bruzzese @AnitaBruzzese

A USA Today columnist on the workplace and award-winning journalist, Anita Bruzzese strikes the perfect balance between sharing some of the top workplace content on the web and being a sassy and sometimes hilarious tweeter (“Santa’s helpers are subordinate Clauses” Ha!). Her On the Job column is dead on, as are her observations about women in the workplace.

  • Could your Facebook photo hurt your career? New study shows why: via @USAToday
  • I’m wondering how long any of us would keep our jobs if we refused to work with colleagues we don’t agree with. #shutdown
  • My USA Today story: Taking a temp job can lead to permanent employment:

Cali Williams Yost @caliyost

When you’re called “one of the smartest, sophisticated thinkers” by the New York Times, you’re doing something right. CEO of Work+Life Fit, flexible workplace strategist, speaker, author, and working mother, Cali Yost is an expert on work-life fit. Cali writes and speaks on the blurring of lines between “life” and “work,” small tweaks you can make to improve your work-life fit, and the role millennials play in the changing workplace landscape. Interesting content you won’t get anywhere else, Cali’s tweets will help you make small changes in your daily life that can make a huge difference.

  • Find it so fascinating that #GenY called “slackers” for pointing out truth that work AND life are now same thing.
  • Small Tweaks To Make Your Work And Life Better @Forbes TY @DorieClark! Captured essence of #TWEAKIT perfectly!
  • Take the quiz: “Are you a Work+Life Fit Natural?” #worklifefit #tweakit

Alexandra Levit @alevit

Alexandra Levit is a workplace author, speaker, and columnist, but with a crucial twist: She doesn’t just focus on helping people find jobs, she encourages finding a meaningful job, and how to determine what those are. As someone who bounced around for the first three years of her career before having a career revelation and writing her first book They Don’t Teach Corporate in College, Alexandra knows this struggle firsthand. Her tweets also focus on helping college students and recent graduates hone the workplace skills you don’t necessarily learn at a university.

  • A woman doesn’t have to be the “queen bee” – there is more than enough room for all of us. #BBG2014
  • Women 2.0—What Was the Biggest Mistake You Made Early in Your Startup? @po_st @YEC
  • CEO of Payscale: biggest millennial communication problem is overaggressiveness. #bbg2014

Bonus: LEVO LEAGUE @levoleague

Obviously, if you aren’t following @LevoLeague on Twitter, you’re missing out. From Beyond the Pencil (Skirt) to Office Hours to motivation in quote form, we promise to have content you’ll love. And though I’m certainly no expert, I do read and share my favorite career advice on the regular, and you can follow me @kelseyMmanning!


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Viewing on Levo:

Only you can see this list

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Anita Bruzzese
Anita Bruzzese

Thanks so much for including me in this list of such great women. I'm proud to be in such company! --Anita

I followed Kate & Cali thanks to this article, and fell in love with them both. Thanks for the amazing recommendations!

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