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4 Ways to Boost Your Personal Brand on Social Media

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Perhaps you use a few social media platforms to connect with friends and are starting to use them for professional networking. What exactly do you need in order to boost your personal brand into an influencer position? Follow these four high impact steps to boost your personal brand on social media in the next 30 days.

1. Know Your Brand

Ask yourself “What do I stand for?” Feel free to include your multiple interests. Maybe you have a penchant for finance, hotel lobby bars, and amazing ramen. Can all of these coexist on your social feed? Hotel lobby bars demonstrate your aesthetic and hip factor. Ramen might help you express your penchant for food. And if you emphasize an appreciation for both the high and low, i.e. splurge on atmosphere, yet skimp with tasty street food, this explains your financial strategy. Create a vision board on Pinterest or cut and paste images to visually see your lifestyle and how it works together. Then communicate your personal brand strategy.

Pro-Tip: Don’t worry too much about messing up. It’s going to quickly be buried in a feed, and you can always try again later. That’s the beauty of social.

2. Consistent Design

For people to recognize you on all the platforms, find and use a consistent profile photo. Write a solid and familiar About Me description, and link to the same website or LinkedIn profile where you wish to drive traffic. If I land on any of your profiles I want to feel like I’m in the same place. Don’t confuse your followers by being too clever. We don’t have enough time to interpret your multiple messages and you’ll lose us as a result.

3. Connect

While building the Parsons School of Fashion social accounts, I compared social media (especially Twitter) to a dinner party. What type of role will you play at the social networking party? Talk to people. Write something interesting. Say thanks. Ask a specific question. Very few people, and I mean VERY FEW people do this. I try to do this especially when it’s someone interesting. And when people write to me, I write them back. It makes me take notice of them and realize the person behind this account. Every relationship starts with Hello.

4. Choose Accordingly

Looking to network in your field, conduct a job search, or keep an eye out for up and coming industry events? Build up your profiles on Meet Up, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Looking to grow or launch your own company in the fashion, beauty, health, or fitness space? Work it on Pinterest and Instagram.

Looking to create a consulting, freelance, or coaching business? Connect and strategize on Facebook Groups, Twitter, LinkedIn.

And if you learned something new here, let me know over on @ProfGretchen or @PatterntoPlan Share your profiles here in the comments. I look forward to hearing from you!

Photo: David Schaffer / Getty Images


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Viewing on Levo:

Only you can see this list

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Great Read! Thanks for sharing this

Christina Brand
Christina Brand

I think #3 is great advice! I've been trying to remember to put a question at the end of my posts. I definitely need to start saying thank you! Great article!

Thanks Gbemmy, I'm glad you liked it.

Hi Christina. Just by replying here you're on your way! Glad you found the article helpful.

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