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3 Pinterest Hacks to Land Your Dream Job

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Browsing Pinterest is one of the most fun ways to spend time online (AKA our fave black hole on the Internet to get sucked into). The ultra popular social site has become an amazing source for super niche things like Fourth of July party ideas, new mom noms, unicorn DIY projects and SO much more — but did you know that it’s also a powerful place to go when you’re looking to land a job that seems like a stretch? Read on for three Pinterest hacks that’ll help you arm yourself with knowledge while inspiring you to keep reaching for the stars. Your pinning addiction is about to be put to very good use.

Do Your Research

Just like using Google or academic databases when researching for a term paper or project, utilize the power of Pinterest by searching for info that’ll help you reach your career goal. This could be anything from articles about how to crush an interview, dress for your first trip to a corporate office or even starting your own biz. Since Pinterest is so visual, you’ll find that it’s almost TOO easy to uncover eye-catching, helpful pins that match your search.

Pinterest’s follow tool is also awesome when you’re job hunting or aiming to start your own business, as it helps you customize your personal feed with the pins you WANT to see each time you log into the site. Follow bloggers you admire, creatives who are pursuing a similar career path to yours or even companies that catch your attention. Keep track of the best info you find by creating and pinning to boards that match each topic you’re thinking about, so that you stay organized and can come back to ’em later.

Get Inspired

A treasure trove of motivational quotes and pins that link to stories and profiles, you can use Pinterest to find inspiration on more difficult days — or even when you already have great energy and want something that resonates to keep your momentum going.

You can use Pinterest search a few different ways, choosing to look for boards dedicated 100 percent to quotes, or by typing different keywords into the search bar to find specific pins. You can look for them by emotion, like “happy quotes,” or by mixed phrases that apply to certain people and situations, like “best quotes for entrepreneurs.” To find inspiration for, say, your calligraphy project, search for calligraphy boards or single pins to see what and how people are beautifying the written word.

Once you find a pin that gives you heart eyes or lights you up inside, click over to see more from the board it’s on, or scope out the other places it’s been pinned. Down the inspirational rabbit hole you go!

Shine Bright

Like with any public social media profile, your personal Pinterest collections tell a story about who you are and provide you with a cool opportunity to set yourself apart from other job applicants quickly — all it takes is a quick scan to get an idea. Because each board topic, title and image speaks volumes about your interests, you should be thoughtful about the pins you add to each. Remember that you can easily set anything that falls outside of your personal brand or professional goals to private. You can also create special private boards for pinning with your BFFs.

If you’re the creative type and have uploaded your own work to the web, you can strategically include it in the right places to share it with your public Pinterest profile. A good rule of thumb when it comes to self-promotion is adding five pins of other people’s content for every one of your own, unless you’re filling boards you’ve created specially to showcase your own stuff. Don’t be shy — this is your time to shine! Your genius or creativity just might land you the job of your dreams.



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Viewing on Levo:

Only you can see this list

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As a lover of Pinterest, it's great to be able to use this site/app for business and career related interests in addition to fashion and recipe tips and such!

Courteney Douglas
Courteney Douglas

Interesting post. I agree that Pinterest can be very resourceful for career-related topics. For anyone in need of more job search advice, resume help, and career consulting, visit the ResumeSpice website:

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