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3 Killer Ways to Impress Your Boss

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Let’s face it, sometimes the workplace can be a dog eat dog world. While you’re working hard climbing the career ladder, the fact is you’re often one in a pack of degree waving, excellent resume bearing, stylishly dressed women who are all vying for your boss’s eye. So before you consider a fight to the death to secure the corner office, there are three simple things you can do to make a killer impression and get yourself noticed.

1. Over-deliver.

It’s two small words, but they will go a long way. Let’s say your manager has asked you to put together a report on 10 new campaign ideas and wants it finished by the end of the day. Get a perfect document with 15 ideas in her inbox by 1:00 p.m. and your name will definitely be front of mind. This is not to suggest every girl should work every hour available, but instead you should aim to be clever and efficient in the little ways that you can feasibly over-deliver.

2. Be assertive.

No boss wants to come over to chat about your latest assignment, only to find you swamped and your desk piling up with papers. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with colleagues’ requests that take way more than “just 15 minutes,” you need to find a way to prioritize your assignments. While it’s admirable to want to help out, your boss won’t appreciate that the tasks she gave you are suffering. Learn to be assertive and to say no. Remember, your manager is the one who will be signing off on your pay rise, not Kenny from the mailroom.

3. Never stop learning.

Not sure how the latest crisis in Ukraine is related to your career as a graphic designer? Complacency is the first step toward getting overlooked for the next promotion. Knowledge and learning are things you should never take for granted. Even if the only time you’ll use the latest state budget figures is in an offhand conversation with your superior, I guarantee they’ll remember you for being switched on. So turn off Bachelor Pad and become a little more friendly with CNN.

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