Looking back to January 1, 2013, one of my New Year’s resolutions was simply “read the news.” I didn’t know I would be working in news later that year. However, not all of us have the privilege of dedicating most days to staying informed about current events.

At the time, I was a busy young professional with very limited time and resources to keep up with what was going on in the world. Watching the nightly news or scouring through newspapers and other websites wasn’t an option for me. Perusing the New York Times homepage proved to be fruitless; with so many resources out there, narrowing it down can seem like an uphill battle. To make things easier on myself, I’ve handpicked five of my favorite methods for staying informed and up-to-date.

1. Stitcher Radio

Stitcher is an amazing, free radio on-demand app with something for everyone. With Stitcher, you can listen to your favorite podcasts and shows – like “This American Life” – and create custom playlists. Plus, get personalized recommendations based on what you’ve been listening to!

On my way to the office, I take advantage of the “My Front Page” option, which compiles and broadcasts headlines from various news outlets such as BBC, NPR, and AP. This allows me to stay up-to-date on current events without having to switch stations or scramble for new stories. With Stitcher, I never have to stress about which stories and stations to select. Plus, it refreshes automatically for me whenever the day calls for new news. It’s a convenient way of keeping up with what’s happening worldwide!

2. theSkimm

Every weekday, around 6:00 am, theSkimm graces my inbox with its thoughtfully curated newsletter containing all of the essential news stories reimagined in an accessible format for the everyday reader. Get a comprehensive news overview with a summary, contextual information, and an interpretation to help you understand what it means.

What I adore about theSkimm is that it goes beyond simply providing just the top headlines, so you can confidently engage in conversations. With every newsletter, you don’t have to leave your inbox; all the information you need is right here!

3. Need 2 Know

Every morning, Need 2 Know sends an email that provides you with quick summaries of the day’s news. With topics such as Nation, Tech, and Entertainment broken down for convenience, it is like having your own personal Cliff Notes version of current events. Furthermore, its two-sentence synopsis on each story alongside a link to the source ensures that you stay informed and catch up on even those viral videos or pictures everyone has been discussing! Need 2 Know delivers pertinent news and injects a bit of fun with its own commentary. At the bottom of each email is my favorite part: The “retweet” section! Furthermore, Need 2 Know breaks down their emails into easily digestible topic sections so that in just minutes, I can catch up on all the latest articles.

If you’re a businessperson who’s looking to stay ahead of the curve, then here are two excellent resources for staying on top of all the latest news in your industry.

4. Bloomberg Radio

When I was studying in college, the most frequent suggestion I received to excel in finance was to read through the Wall Street Journal. As a student on a tight budget, however, obtaining either a digital or print subscription wasn’t an option for me – and so I had to look elsewhere for business news updates.

My secret to success? I would plug my laptop or phone into a power source, turn on Bloomberg Radio in the background and listen while sleeping. For best results, I advise you to use this strategy while in the privacy of your dorm. For those who’d rather watch videos instead, Bloomberg Television 24/7 is available online. After using my tactics diligently and consistently, I landed a finance internship.

5. Quartz Daily Brief

Receive the Quartz Daily Brief directly to your inbox every weekday morning before 6 am, allowing you to stay up-to-date with business and economic news from all around the world. With multiple editions available such as Asia, Europe & Africa, and the Americas, no matter where you are or what region interests you, there is an edition tailored for everyone!

Our emails keep you informed on the hottest news that can’t wait and the stories you may have missed overnight. Moreover, our Quartz “obsession” dives deeper into key trends that are shaping our world and provides a list of intriguing reads in the “Matters of Debate” and “Surprising Discoveries” sections. Every weekend I receive a Quartz Weekend Brief, which features five of the most interesting and informative pieces on Quartz and another five from other sources that expand my knowledge.

Jumpstart your reading experience with exciting headlines written in bold, accompanied by a short description and quick links to related articles that offer more information. The email layout is so clean and “brief” that it can easily be read in a few minutes. I love the witty “Please send…” line at the bottom of every email. It’s also nice to be wished a productive day every morning. 

Impressive, Tiffany! Do you receive three daily news emails in your inbox every morning? How do you manage to stay up-to-date with the latest trends?!

Don’t miss out on these amazing opportunities! And best of all, they can be easily accessed on your phone. Are there any other must-have resources you use to keep up with the latest news? Let me know, or give one (or more!) of those mentioned above a try!

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