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2017 GOALS - still hanging in there?

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As we enter into the third month (what!?) of this year, I find myself reflecting on the goals that I set for myself at the beginning of this year. 

I did that privately, and the goal statement that I put together was an extremely authentic but high-level compass for the year, more of a North Star than a set of specific goals that I will be able to understand if I have achieved. This overarching direction is about living my #truth. Staying here and staying in my truth every step of the way in 2017. In order to do that, I also committed to further strengthening the practices that keep the junk out of the way. Staying clear is easier when you have a meditation practice, any athletics that allow you to commune with your body, and healthful nutrition that keeps your immune system healthy and the foggies away. 

This overarching direction is about living my truth. Staying here and staying in my truth every step of the way in 2017.

I'm now at a place where I am ready to articulate exactly what the goals that nest underneath this personal directive for 2017 are. I've decided to do that publicly this year, because it will help me feel fully committed (I have learned that my resolve, already one of the defining characteristics that people who know me have come to associate with me, is 10X stronger when it can be reflected back at me in my network and community - I think of it as mirrors that send energy back my way and keep me aligned and inspired), and because I hope that in sharing this process and experience one of you may learn from it and (maybe even!) feel inspired to re-commit to your 2017 goals right now as resolutions begin to wane and gyms begin to return to their pre-January traffic levels. 

At the end of 2017 I want to:

  • Feel more creatively expressed - my check-in with this goal (or, more accurately, my lack of satisfaction with where I have progressed on this goal this year) is one of the reasons that I have written this post. The sharing of experience via writing is a key cornerstone of this goal and is something I want to do more of this year. Look out for more content from me than you have seen in the post, both here on Levo and on my personal social channels (particularly Twitter and Instagram, linked in my profile).  
  • Have taken Levo (hello, first startup creation!) to the next level. There is so much happening behind the scenes here, most of which I have to keep confidential for reasons you will understand as the year unfolds, and I am energized and thrilled by what we have learned and how we have grown in 2016 and how we build upon that solid foundation to go further in 2017. Running a startup is like sailing a ship that you are building on open seas with a crew and with opposing forces both inside and outside the vessel, and you learn with each and every tide and moonrise. The longer you sail the more steady your hand, and the less frightening the waves that crest beneath your bow. 
  • Have strengthened my practices that keep junk out of the way in my life. Some of you who follow me on Instagram may have observed that I have begun to really take my health and fitness into my own hands, with a massive turning point in 2016 around going from zero to a consistent exercise routine. I am very thankful to my friend @Shiza Shahid, one of our #‍ and a neighbor of mine here in San Francisco, for encouraging me to begin working out at her gym with a trainer who she found and really liked. That nudge from a peer mentor started me on a path that has led to a more fit, more clear version of myself and a really fun ongoing connection (and healthy deadlift competition!) with Shiza that has made me feel more like my pre-startup-founder-who-is-under-pressure self. Someone who can take things more lightly, recover from disappointments more quickly, and find more joy in the everyday. 

How are you feeling about your 2017 resolutions? And how can our Levo community reinforce you on your path to success with them?

#founderism for the road - no one is you. as long as your resolutions and direction come from a place of who you are authentically, it will all be ok. 

headline photo caption (from left to right): broadcast at NYSE with Cheddar TV and our Microsoft Partners around our ##‍ study, spying on one of @Maxie McCoy‍ & @Brooke Morin‍'s working sessions in our new SF office, setting intentions with a purpose exercise at the outset of our All-Hands 2017 Kick-off as captured by @Tiffany Dufu‍ ("only a millennial CEO would start the whole team out with an intention-setting meditation" ☺️‍), photographic evidence of early morning murder circuit with trainer DJ, the one and only Mongolian tornado DJ in a rare moment of peace, eating clean with sustainable and organic proteins and veggies to manage my energy and #‍. 

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