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Levo 100 Confidential: 20 Millennials Share Their Secrets to Success

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When you ask people about their success secrets, you’re sometimes setting yourself up for a canned response. After all, they’re called “secrets” because they are—you got it!—secrets.

However, our Levo 100 honorees have collectively forked over the keys to the success castle. If their words couldn’t be traced back to them, what real #truthtalk advice would they give other Millennials? Here’s what they said—anonymous, unfiltered, and brutally honest:

1. “Don’t confuse capital raised and revenue. Only one is sustainable.”

2. “Fall in love with your problem, not your solution.”

3. “Be like a lake, the calm steady through the ups and downs.”

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4. “Allow yourself to make a mistake, but also allow yourself to redirect and pivot.”

5. “Be mission driven and even the smallest minutia will not feel as bad, if you are working towards a meaningful goal. [Be] both the janitor and the CEO.”

6. “Dream big! No one else is going to do that for you.”

7. “If you have the privilege to create your own life, then I believe you have the responsibility to create a life that will also benefit those less fortunate than yourself. The need is enormous, the challenge will be identifying only one cause you are committed to.”

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8. “Start with passion, proceed with resiliency and gusto.”

9. “Build the things you love into every day, right from the start.”

10. “Stay focused, driven, and diligent.”

11. “Start from the place you are right now, and take small steps toward your vision and dreams.”

12. “Stop doing things you don’t love doing.”

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13. “Realize that there isn’t always a playbook to follow. You will find yourself on your own sometimes. It’s OK to be a little scared by this, but it should also excite you because you can write your own playbook, and hopefully, be recognized for it.”

14. “Take every opportunity to learn something new.”

15. “Build an epic team, no one can do it alone.”

16. “Surround yourself with a great network of friends and mentors.”

17. “Learn your strengths, cultivate a career that allows you to do what you love, constantly challenge yourself to grow.”

18. “Work hard and be NICE to people—that matters.”

19. “Think big.”

20. “Be a positive utility player at the start of your career to discover your strength, weaknesses, and passion.”

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