Strength begins within. Everyone, regardless of background and identity, can become empowered to be brave and genuine; not by exercising power over others but rather through self-actualization. Historically speaking, feeling strong has been associated with a fight between good and bad forces.

At times, malevolent energy triumphs—we form relationships with people who can hurt us and remain in jobs that leave us feeling frustrated and overwhelmed due to trivial matters. Today, I dare you to tap into your inner strength and leave negative thoughts in the past. To become empowered, here are 15 straightforward exercises that will take only fifteen minutes each day. Unleash your warrior within and experience power like never before!

1. Wake up earlier.

If you’re an early riser or a night owl, why not challenge yourself to wake up fifteen minutes earlier than usual for one week or one month? Doing this provides more control of your morning rituals: breakfast choices, physical exercise, and even tranquility. With the extra time in the mornings, you’ll have greater oversight over many aspects of your life.

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2. Meditate.

We can unlock immense potential by focusing on the current moment. Too often, we quash our emotions or ignore that initial spark of creativity because we’re afraid to take a risk and face rejection. Facing our feelings head-on is difficult but strengthens self-knowledge, opening the way for remarkable growth in positive ways.

3. Write things down.

Every day brings forth a vast array of revelations, which can be incredibly healing to chronicle – both the good and bad. Taking stock of your accomplishments, failures, ambitions, and anxieties in writing somehow makes them more tangible. Acknowledging our fragility has tremendous power to it.

4. Get organized.

Follow the advice of Marie Kondo, a Japanese organization guru who encourages her clients to get rid of anything that doesn’t bring them joy. Decluttering can be very liberating since it helps create an orderly and fresh space around you.

5. Plan for pleasant morning commutes.

Although not every day is perfect, simply dedicating 15 minutes of your week to add the songs you’re currently enjoying can be life-altering. It can turn a grumpy morning into something out of this world! If music isn’t really for you, why don’t you also try tuning in to one of your favorite podcasts? That way, you’ll make sure that each day starts with productivity as well as joy!

6. Think of fear and take action.

Whenever we face our fears, even just a little bit every day, it adds up to tremendous accomplishments over time. Taking on something as intimidating as public speaking will be much more manageable if we confront our worries gradually each day.

7. Sing.

Unleash your inner star and sing like no one is listening! Singing at an open mic or karaoke night adds a fun twist that will make it even more enjoyable. Let go of any self-doubt, and just revel at the moment!

8. Send “gratitude” emails or texts.

Don’t underestimate the power of social media! Instagrams and tweets are a great way to strengthen relationships with your friends, family, and mentors, as well as provide an easy method for keeping in touch with acquaintances.

9. Write a letter.

Take a few moments to show someone you care by penning them an old-fashioned postcard or letter. Your thoughtfulness and effort will be greatly valued, regardless of whether your recipient lives nearby or far away.

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10. Say what you feel when you feel it.

You don’t need to wait for 15 minutes! Speaking authentically and honestly is not just an impulse, but rather a learned behavior that will take some practice. Take the initiative now and start mastering this valuable skill of deliberate authenticity today.

11. Wear red lipstick.

The Red Lipstick Project encourages women to embrace their outer and inner beauty by sharing what makes you feel powerful—whether that be an iconic red lipstick, a flirty lingerie set, or just your favorite pair of jeans. Whatever it is you choose, the project celebrates self-love and body positivity in all forms!

12. Posture.

Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist, shared her exceptional knowledge on the TED stage with an informative lecture entitled “power posing.” This discourse focused on how our physical posture can transform and shape who we are.

13. Listen to a TED talk.

TED Talks offer a host of absorbing topics from professionals that are delivered within the timeframe of 10-30 minutes. Immerse yourself in an unfamiliar topic, or further your knowledge on the one you’re already passionate about – either way, TED talks will leave you feeling empowered because it’s like having access to a network of experts and connoisseurs!

14. Learn a new skill on Skillshare, Coursera, or Codecademy.

With these sites, you can easily learn a new talent in bite-sized fragments. And by dedicating just 15 minutes each day, you’ll have accrued 1 hour and 45 minutes of knowledge per week! Whether it’s artistry or computing proficiency in foreign tongues, learning a skill not only boosts morale but also increases memory retention capabilities while supporting mental well-being.

15. Exercise.

Strengthening your body can help you feel like a powerhouse. Cardio and weightlifting, as well as dancing and yoga, will increase your endorphin levels while strengthening your muscles. Even taking a 15-minute walk after lunch to bask in the sun’s glory is beneficial!

On the weekends, take advantage of the extra free time and embark on an hour-long bike ride or go for a full-day hike with friends. Connect to your inner strength through nature and fitness – both are unbeatable forms of self-defense and empowerment! Taking care of yourself is one way to make sure you stay healthy, strong, and empowered.

Ready to tap into your inner strength? These fifteen 15-minute power challenges will help you discover self-love so that you can be the best version of yourself.

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