“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: We did it ourselves.”

Lao Tzu

By developing as a leader and friend, you also begin to understand how to empower others. Once you have developed yourself, your principal focus becomes empowering others. Once people see that their life can be changed for the better, they will always come back for more help. Building a community, and a tribe, and paving the way for world domination all start by making people do positive things they already want to do. It’s not as crazy of an idea as you might think! People with strong female leadership, such as Michelle Obama and Aung San Suu Kyi, have been able to influence communities or countries in a substantial way and do so with brains, intellect & style. Here are 15 secrets from them:

1. Smile.

Like the universe, every community is made up of little interactions that keep it fueled and growing. Whether you live in Reykjavik or New York, friends and even strangers are touched by a simple smile.

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2. Be Positive.

Use your words and actions thoughtfully to avoid making things worse. Your energy will open the door for insight into a discussion and make others feel more connected to you.

3. Give Genuine Compliments.

I believe that if you want to empower individuals by telling them something nice, then you should go ahead and do so when the opportunity arises—no matter if they’ve been generous or they have new shoes. Doing so leads to more conversations and, in turn, lets other people become more confident and open up.

4. Challenge Others.

Some people seem to be naturally talented and gifted, but many of us struggle with feeling too overwhelmed to complete anything. I try to brainstorm what my friends can do to improve- whether it’s earning money or growing their following. I find that we motivate each other and help each other understand the importance of empowering others every day.

5. Encourage Creation.

Socializing with friends is a good way to help them feel more creative and grow their skills. Things like movie nights, cooking classes, and photo shoots can all be excellent social activities for them to enjoy. A MAJOR bonus of using social media for your business is that you’re able to post great shots and reach out to potential clients.

6. Do Things Together.

Little things matter, like grabbing a meal with your coworkers or calling a friend who’s having a bad day. Smaller groups allow for greater interaction between group members and provide a forum for more introverted members to speak up.

7. Share Ideas.

Being an entrepreneur or artist can be tough and this means that you can’t get stuck with your own ideas. You will have the opportunity to connect and do things that you may never have been able to do otherwise. Sharing ideas can take as little as 3 minutes, or turn into hour-long conversations over caffeinated drinks. So share away.

8. Teach.

Education provides power and is necessary, but not something just certified teachers should be able to provide. The teachers that are most successful and influential, are often friends or family. Tell a personal story about how your mom lost her earrings, how to do V-lookups on Excel, or pick-up lines for first dates. You can share your knowledge by teaching them to be more efficient and knowledgeable.

9. Participate.

Go to events (sign up for Local Levo here), inspirational talks, and even parties. Be encouraging, and if there are places you want to go to but don’t have the extra push, encourage others who might be interested. Remember that everyone needs someone else to push them along sometimes.

10. Travel.

We know it can take a while to get to the airport, but booking takes just a few minutes! Exploring new, vibrant places submerges you in a different culture. These qualities make you a more open-minded, innovative, and inviting leader because living outside of your comfort zone requires resourcefulness and courage.

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11. Mobilize.

Working together is a great way to make your entire team feel important and valued. Suggesting volunteer days with your friends or joining a meet-up for a cause you believe in. Joining a community of like-minded individuals can lead to exchanging important information, creating opportunities, and trying out new ideas. With the power of collective comprehension and connections, you don’t need to limit things by yourself.

12. Live Outside Your Comfort Zone.

It can be difficult to start. Try making videos or chatting with strangers – it might seem a bit weird at first but it’ll soon become natural.

13. Make Connections.

By expanding your network, you’re spreading your beliefs and values to others. Our research shows that the more connected you are, the less likely it is that “your tribe” will have a contagious deed or belief. Additionally, I highly recommend Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

14. Pay It Forward.

Consider all the good deeds you could do. Hold the door open for someone, turn in a lost wallet and recommend a friend to your boss (find your dream job here). Pass on the goodwill

15. Trust in Karma.

Whether you believe it or not, the power of positive thinking can be seen as a resource that’s plentiful and renewable. You should give freely, think optimistically, and behave respectfully. These traits will always come back to you.

Being the agent of change for those around you is a responsibility, so wear it wisely and wear it well. It requires a lot of determination to make your company great. But learning about you, your community, and how the world works is fundamental to success, happiness, and safe living.

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