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15 Things Only Your Work BFF Can Understand

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1. How super-weird it feels to actually e-mail each other from your work accounts.

You’re so used to constantly texting, g-chatting, and consuming red and white beverages with each other that exchanging work e-mails feels oddly formal.

2. When there is free food in the office, the need to tell each other first is paramount.

This is the cardinal rule of work BFF-ery. And if your work BFF is not currently within a .5-mile radius, you will take an extra slice of cake for her regardless of coworker side-eye. Bring it. Your work BFF is a sweet, amazing goddess and deserves a piece of cake.

3. The intense mystery of the office A/C.

Why is it always blasting sub-zero wind chills over your head? Really, it’s like there is a SoulCycle class going on in the ceiling and it’s filled with sweaty polar bears. But your work BFF’s orange pashmina is always there for you, and your giant fleece blanket is always there to double up in her time of need.

4. Just how necessary the forwarding of inter-office e-mails can be.

Especially when Greg in marketing is being ridiculous. Which is all of the time. You don’t even have to comment on anything. You just forward it to your work BFF, and she understands.

5. The wearing of headphones when you’re not listening to any music.

Sometimes a #GIRLBOSS just needs to focus.

6. That avoiding your hyper-needy colleague is a team effort.

*Let us now wear our headphones in unison*

7. How totally OK it is to cry at work.

As long as it’s in your designated secret crying spot. (You’ll text each other when it’s time to meet.)

8. That sometimes, you just have to take one for the team and join your Work BFF at her vanilla client dinner.

Free appetizers can fix anything.


Please do not disturb.

10. The Signal. I.e. the alert that your work BFF’s boss is about to walk by, so she should probably stop working on her resume.


11. The need to body roll in your desk chair to this song when it’s late and no one else is around.

Or this one. Or this one. Without your headphones on.

12. Sometimes happy hour is invite only.

And the only two people who got invitations are you and your work BFF.

13. Your thing for the cute guy in Sales.

You never actually want to date him. You honestly don’t even want to know his name (it might ruin everything). You just enjoy looking at his face. Especially on days when he is wearing his glasses.

14. Broccoli in your teeth / a mark on your white power blazer / pit stains are always quietly brought to one another’s attention.

Always. Who doesn’t tell you when you have broccoli in your teeth? I mean, really?

15. That as much as you vent and complain and whine about your jobs, you’re grateful for where you work because it’s allowed you to find a new best friend in life who understands you better than anyone else in the world right now.

Photo: Izabela Habur / Getty Images


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Viewing on Levo:

Only you can see this list

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