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13 Ways to Boost Connectivity in Your Day-to-Day Life

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Somewhere along the way you got used to things. You shielded yourself from things. The depth of your experience went from the ocean floor to the puddle bottom. And in that, your connection spotted out. Connection to life. Connection to love. To the little moments that make everything better. Everything.

Busting your heart open is humanity 101. It’s everything you already know how to do. It’s easy. It’s the little things you do sometimes but speed through when you’re stressed. Frazzled. Coming un-done.

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Deep, pulsing, vibrating experience happens when you’re human. Really human. Humanly human. The kind of human that is open, open, and even more open. The kind of human that does any and all of these any chance you get:

1. Ask for their name.

The guy snagging that size 10 shoes for you or the woman checking you in. Ask their name. Always ask their name. They have one. Use it.

2. Smile with your teeth.

Earth shattering right? Do it. Hold it. And feel the tingles in your belly that happen right away. The flutter in your chest. For heaven sakes smile more. And real big with the pearlies showing.

3. Cry when you wanna cry.

Bigger girls + boys cry. Real ugly cries when they feel it. Small cries in front a table of people because they feel it. When they’re telling sweet stories. Cuz they feel it.

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4. Laugh loud and snort louder.

Haven’t laughed in a while? Fix it. Call your funniest. Watch the tube. Laugh realllll hard. Be easy to laugh.

5. Judge. Notice. Let go.

Yup. You judge. You’re human. But noticing the judgement makes you more human. Brings you higher. Opens you wider. Let go at the end of that judgement.

6. If you wanna.

Stay in bed…if you wanna. Don’t brush your teeth until 11…if you wanna. Message him…if you wanna. Let wanting into your bones. Feel want. Embrace desire. Drop should and let wanna lead here and there.

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7. Let your body tell you so.

It’ll tell you. To leave the job. To drop the dude. To get to the gym. It knows. Listen. Hold your palm to your belly. Your hand to your heart. Your palms placed in prayer. It knows.

8. Pet the dog.

Just pet him. He loves you. He wags at you. Pet him when he wants petting and make the connection to affection any chance you get. Obedient or not.

9. Heart-on-Heart Hugs (for longer).

Take side hugs out of your life. Permanently. Awkwardly smash into the person that tries to side hug you and get that heart-on-heart action. And keep it. Way longer than normal. And longer than longer. Hold. Breath. Love. Hug heart on heart for human loving love that will melt you.Tweet: Hug heart on heart for human loving love that will melt you. @maxiemccoy

10. Drink the koolaid.

Let yourself know what it means to get swept up. Connected. Unified in a movement. Chug a koolaid and see what it’s like (don’t do anything stupid, k?). You might never do it again but you’ll always know what that phrase means. And the power of human persuasion.

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11. Nature will fix it.

And remind you that you’re connected. And human. And that stress actual is NOT your new normal. Bend over to smell that flower. Water the plant. Stroll aimlessly. Breathe your nature in.

12. Talk with Touch.

Connect. You’re given hands for a reason. Conversations are better. Space is held. Love is felt. Human. We’re both on this planet for human love.

13. Eye Contact.

You didn’t even realize. They’re in the same house as you and you answer, talk, and discuss all while missing easiest soul-setting connection. Recalibrate with them. Look them in the eyes. Often. Eyes up, off the computer. Away from the window. Turn, and look at them.

Human. Human. And more human. Connect back to your humanity. It’s easy. It’s small. It’s everyday. It’s love.

This article was originally published on Maxie McCoy.

Photo: Foundry/ Pixabay

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