There are hundreds of opportunities out there for students, just waiting to be explored. Trying to find what that is can be hard, but there are a lot of ways you can make it more manageable:

Internships and other similar programs should provide meaningful experiences so you can work towards your career. No matter what your major is or where you see yourself in the future, every career-driven girl needs these opportunities.

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There are many types of jobs available at our different camps, so you’ll be sure to find something that suits your interests. There are many different jobs that you can do at summer camps, such as:

  • Activity Staff
  • Business
  • Counselor
  • Food services
  • Grounds and Landscape
  • Health
  • Programming
  • Support Staff
  • Waterfront

There are many benefits to working at a camp, so here are 13 reasons why you should work at a camp for a summer:

1. You get to influence others.

Apart from the hours you’re with campers, you are one of their most influential and carefree buddies. As a counsellor, you have the opportunity to be one of campers’ shining lights by impacting them through your words and deeds. The best relationships often happen unexpectedly, like at the top of a high dive or on the zip line when you work at summer camp. They can turn feeling bad to feeling great!

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2. You get to unwind.

tent on the camping ground

With so few signal and no cellphone reception, many people might assume that you won’t be able to find summer camps to work at and almost any way to stay in touch. Yet being surrounded by the beauty of nature should give you ample time to disconnect and spend some time away from your smart device.

3. Crafts galore.

Camp is the perfect opportunity to try something new, learn a lot more and make friendships that you’ll cherish all year round. You can explore your creative side with tie-dying, making lots of friendship bracelets or weaving intricate dreamcatchers.

4. Improve your CV.

Working at a camp can be a really great experience. In addition to the variety of skills you can learn, it can also add another dimension to your resume that will stand out as something different. Here are 10 benefits of hiring a former camp counselor. They’re great communicators, life-long learners, leaders, team players and creative thinkers as well as many other positive qualities.

5. You became a trailblazer.

There’s a lot of reasons to work at a summer camp. For me, it’s because I can make an impact with my job as a camp counselor. Check out this article on benefits of working at summer camps via The New York Times –

“What I do there matters,” she insisted. In several conversations, she told us about how her book helped at campers cope with their mothers’ debilitating depression, and also comforted others who were coming to terms with their sexuality. She talked about the great hours she spends teaching water skiing lessons, and how instilling confidence in kids can help them feel more at ease with their bodies. They also continue to improve their vocabulary, grammar, and literacy skills. “What could be more important?” she asked

I was speechless. There is no more important task than keeping my family safe.

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6. Rock those chacos.

You get to rock the colorful booties all summer, ending the summer with an awesome (terrible?) tan line

7. Friends for a lifetime.

If you come to camp for some training, you’ll make a bunch of good friends really quickly. Your colleagues are a great bunch—and just think, they came on the same class trip as you! They made sacrifices over the summer too and you’ll definitely be friends for life.

8. Interview topic.

Spending at summer at camp can offer a variety of opportunities for you to demonstrate in an interview. You’ll have plenty of time for personal growth, and maybe even some really good stories for job interviews involved too.

9. Peer networking.

It is true that not all of the people you work with are likely to be teachers. You will find many people who have also taken on an elementary education internship. It’s never been easier to expand your peer networking across the world and meet people from varied cultures and backgrounds.

10. Fresh air.

Believe it or not, being outdoors can give you a sense of relaxation and recharge. You might think that an early rising or late sleeping schedule would never work for you. However, after embracing the morning sunrise and staying up late under a night sky full of stars, you’ll find it’s more than possible. It could do wonders for your well-being too—especially if you spend time in nature and are open to getting dirty.

11. You get paid to be crazy.

Many people see running a camp as being some sort of crazy, but for me it lets me be a leader in the daily dance party and participate in fun skits with my campers.

12. Improve your leadership skills.

Working for a camp gives you plenty of opportunities to develop skills in leadership because you may be called upon at some point to lead. Whether this is leading staff members or just a few campers, it can be rewarding and fulfilling.

13. You will learn so much about yourself.

Although camp life is an amazing experience, it isn’t always that great. Summer camps can be a totally different kind of experience. You might not know how to handle a situation with another camper, your counseling partner for the week could have opposite tastes than you, and some days might feel like they’re dragging on forever – is it lights out yet?! It is often during trying times that we learn the most about ourselves. This summer, know that you are not alone in your challenges!

Ready to work hard, make a difference, build your resume and get paid? Apply for a camp summer internship! You won’t regret it.

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