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10 Mantras To Help You Lead Your Most Optimal Life

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As Millennial women, we have a lot of people that are trying to motivate and inspire us–and Claudia Chan is one of them. As the founder of SHE Global Media and SHE Summit, Chan has a strong interest in empowering women and helping us reach our full potential. During the course of her career, she’s developed some lessons that have helped her in life and her career. During her office hours segment, Chan shared her 10 mantras to help you lead your most optimal life:

1. Aim and achieve high with passion and purpose: Everyone has goals and and things that they want to achieve, but we can’t be afraid to have BIG dreams. Chan says, “The bigger the dreams, the smaller the first steps there are to take them.” So here’s your excuse to give in to your wildest imaginations.

2. You cannot become what you do not believe: If you don’t believe in yourself, why would someone else? You can’t be afraid to fall and to hear rejection, because it’s those failures and experiences that will eventually lead you to success. “You have to keep on having faith and believing in that dream and that vision you have for yourself because some form of it might take you into something that’s going to be your path and purpose,” Chan says.

3. We can only be what we see: This one is all about role models. But what you read, what you watch, and who you interact with, you’re choosing the kinds of people and things you use for motivation and inspiration. You always take on a little bit of what your surround yourself with, so make sure your environment has qualities you want to possess.

4. Self care always comes first: This includes your physical health, your mental health and your financial health. And since women are known to work themselves ragged, it’s important to give yourself some extra attention when you’re feeling stressed.

5. Obstacles create opportunities: Everyone goes through some low points during their life and their career. It’s important to pause during those lows and think that maybe there’s a reason you’re experiencing a tough time. Claudia says. “It’s actually in the suffering and in the obstacles that we learn the most, and where we build our courage and perseverance and resilience muscles.”

6. A positive attitude creates positive results: The energy that you project is really important for what you do and who you meet. Effusing positivity will help ensure that you’ll attract positivity, too. If you have a good attitude, it will eventually become a habit.

7. Replace frustrations with gratitude and fears with faith: Because of human nature, everyone is going to get frustrated at times. But it’s important to take a step and look at the positives. And with fear, Chan says, “We have to believe that the universe has our back. That there’s a greater purpose out there.” When you get fearful of something, just remember that.

8. Every meeting is an opportunity to teach and to learn: And it doesn’t even have to be a networking session specifically. Social media has given us the ability to find out anything about anyone. So if you meet someone at a party that might be a great contact, chances are you can find their contact into and set up a coffee date. Seize those opportunities!

9. Advertise. Your work does not speak for itself: Since it’s pretty common that most people have more work than hours in the day, it’s difficult to get in touch with people. But you have to. You have to follow up, you have to put yourself out there. Chan says, “Don’t be afraid because there’s really not much to lose.”

10. Lead a purposeful, driven life: This isn’t something that happens instantaneously. You have to work at it. But once you truly figure out what matters to you, that purpose will come.

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Photo: Claudia Chan / Facebook

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