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10 Benefits of Working for the Government

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It’s the government’s job to provide the American people with services they need to survive and thrive. The same goes for those working for the government, who receive the same national benefits as an average citizen and a few added bonuses because they serve their country on a day-to-day basis.

If you’re considering a job with the government, you will receive benefits that come with the new position. You’ll have to weigh the cons and determine if the job is right for you, but, ultimately, working in government can have some incredible side effects.

1. You Can Work (Almost) Anywhere

A good portion of government jobs are based in Washington, D.C., but not all of them are in the nation’s capital. In fact, there are federal government jobs across the country, and some government employees work abroad. The position could be a bit more flexible than you imagined. It could open doors for you to work in places that you haven’t considered.

2. There’s Plenty of Vacation and Sick Time

The federal government provides its employees with lots of time off, despite how demanding it may seem to work for the country’s main governing body. All employees receive 10 holidays plus 13 sick days. On top of that, you’ll have anywhere from 13 to 26 vacation days, which will increase with the number of years you spend working for the government.

3. Your Job Is Secure

In the private sector, you never know if your employer will downsize, move, sell or go bankrupt. There’s lots of uncertainty when you work for a private employer, but the federal government isn’t going anywhere.

4. It’s Not Just Political

The national government does more than govern. It promotes everything from health care advances to care for the environment. In other words, you can probably find a job within the government that suits your interests, even if your interests are far from the political spectrum.

5. It Might Help You With Your Student Loans

The federal government has provided $452.8 million to new hires and employees in the form of student loan repayment incentives. The funds are used to pay off loans insured by the federal government and can reach up to $10,000 per year of service provided. Employees will often sign a work agreement to say they’ll stay for three years in order to receive the repayment.

6. Working Conditions Are Flexible 

The government has started to allow employees to adopt alternative work schedules or telecommute in order to foster an improved work-life balance. It’s been known to provide employees with the necessary technology, so there will be no investment required on your end.

7. Compensation Rises Regularly 

The government appreciates your service and will compensate you accordingly. Federal employees’ compensation increases outpace those given to workers in the private sector and has since the 1950s.

8. It Helps You Grow Professionally 

The federal government doesn’t want its employees to remain stagnant in a single position. Instead, it provides training opportunities and continuing education in order to keep its work force at the head of the pack. The human resources team in your department will connect you with these resources if they haven’t already. Educational opportunities are often presented as part of the incentive package to encourage you to sign your contract.

9. You Can Climb the Career Ladder

You probably won’t find yourself working the same job for years and years if you choose to work for the government. Instead, you can work with your supervisor to build an individual development plan to chart your intended growth within the department. As you knock your job out of the park, you should earn enough clout to take part in the internal merit promotion program, which keeps current employees abreast of any openings that might allow them to move upward.

10. The Retirement Benefits Are Incredible

You might not be thinking about your retirement yet, but the government gives you some of the greatest benefits you can imagine once you’re ready to leave the working world behind. Federal employees often retire earlier than those in the private sector.

If that’s not incentive enough, you’ll be able to extend your health care benefits into retirement without paying more than you did while you were working. You will receive an annuity, plus social security benefits, and you’ll be provided with plenty of investment options.

Don’t Forget to Weigh the Cons

With all this positivity could come a handful of negative side effects, too. Weigh the good and the bad about your potential work with the federal government. Trust your intuition and you’re sure to embark on a fruitful, rewarding career, whether you’re in the public sector or not.

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