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Paul Deloughery

Paul Deloughery

Managing Attorney

Interpleader Law Firm

Maricopa County, AZ

Paul Deloughery is the Managing Attorney for both Magellan Law, PLC and Interpleader Law Firm. Paul focuses successfully protecting his client's assets. He's based in Scottsdale, AZ.




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Interpleader Law Firm

Managing Attorney

A pre-eminent life insurance attorney, Paul Deloughery has helped hundreds of clients around the U.S. since he began practicing law in 1998. He holds a license in Arizona, and is admitted to practice in federal courts in Minnesota and Arizona.

Magellan Law, PLC.

Managing Attorney

Paul Deloughery is the Founder and Senior Attorney at Magellan Law, PLC.

He sees through complex issues and comes up with enforceable strategies to resolve his clients’ problems. His own experiences have helped him understand the issues others have. Paul knows firsthand the long-term impact of family chaos.

Example of an Interpleader Case

Todd Chance was found dead in an almond orchard near Shafter in August 2013. The police originally suspected that his wife, Leslie Chance, had murdered him. They held her for questioning for a few days, but then released her with no charges filed and without comment. Meanwhile, four life insurance policies totaling around $500,000 have still not paid out...

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Beware of Conflicts of Interest When Hiring a Professional

Recently, the issue of sexual improprieties has been getting a lot of media attention. This is really just a type of conflict of interest that pervades modern life. Discovering who all is benefiting from any particular transaction (and whether it will affect you) can be exhausting. But you need to at least try.

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5 Ways to Afford Travel in 2018

Its resolutions season, and you may have decided to travel more this new year, which means you should start saving now. While most vacations will only happen in six or more months from now, budgeting as early as possible is your best bet for efficient and affordable travel.

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How I Made $48,000 By Making Three Tough Decisions

I’m making some big changes in the coming months. I’m selling my house and moving to a smaller house (with fewer plants to water). I’m also leaving my current office and going into a nice executive suite – which will also save approximately $2,000 per month. And I got rid of my Cadillac XT5 (crossover) for a Jeep. The change in cars is saving me approximately 50%.

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Best in Travel 2018

January is a great time to start planning your 2018 vacation. While it may be easy just to take another trip back to the same vacation spot as last year, the world has so many exciting places to see. Travelers today can experience so much more of what the world has to offer and here’s a peek at seven best destinations in the new year.

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Carry-On Challenge: Packing Smart During the Holidays

Packing lightly is a struggle for most travelers. However, if you are traveling this holiday season, packing smartly and only bringing a carry-on will save you time and hassle. Managing to squeeze everything you in a single carry-on is a talent. If you follow my tips and tricks for packing lightly, you have a better chance of avoiding wasting time and money.

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Carry-On Challenge: How to Travel Carry-On Only

Traveling with just a carry-on can be scary and difficult. While only have one bag and (maybe) a personal item can be restrictive, many travels have more freedom without checked luggage. Checked bags will not only cost you more money, you risk the chance of the airline losing your bag, and you have to wait longer to get your luggage after the flight.

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5 Genius Hacks to Save Money While Travelling

Do you want to travel but are worried about staying on a budget? Many of us want to see the world but do not always have the funds to do so. However, it is actually possible to travel without banking the bank – it just takes some planning.

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Will Virtual Reality Make Travel Old Fashioned?

By 2026, virtual reality will be found everywhere. This is according to futurist Peter Diamandis. He also predicts that travel will start to decline as VR (virtual reality) gets good enough to experience many of the sensations of a place without the hassle of travel. Personally, I’m open to experiencing VR. But I don’t think VR will ever take the place of travel.

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Must-See Cities in Germany

If you are traveling to Germany, deciding which cities to visit and places to see can be challenging because the country offers a little bit of everything. From river cruises and lust forests to castles and festivals, Germany has it all.

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Carry-On Challenge: 6 Packing Tips

Traveling with just a carry-on can be a struggle for many, but traveling with only one bag (and maybe a personal item) will offer you more freedom and lower costs! If you opt for bringing just a carry-on, cramming a lot of stuff in one small suitcase is tricky. However, if you follow my six packing tips, you will be able to travel carry-on only!

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What to Do in California

Visitors to California are often understandably overwhelmed by the plethora of exciting, “can’t-miss” opportunities that await travelers. But with a little guidance, it’s actually not difficult to narrow them down. Here are 5 of the best attractions that the Golden State has to offer.

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Who Can You Trust with Your Trust?

The issue of trust is a biggie for me. I suspect it is for most people. That’s especially the case when it comes to your money, and who will be in charge if you get dementia or if you pass away.

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Summer Travel Tips

Summer is quickly approaching, which means vacations are around the corner. Traveling, especially during peak vacation season, can be stressful and challenging. However, by following my five summer travel tips, you can be sure that your summer getaway is peaceful and relaxing.

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