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Mitch Levy

Mitch Levy

Radio and sports broadcasting

King County, WA

Mitch Levy has spent the past 30 years making a living in the sports broadcasting industry and cultivating a reputation as one of the best interviewers in the country. He takes pride in establishing himself in a field that’s a longshot for success. Mitch Levy enjoys building a camaraderie and hope his listeners feel l...


Syracuse University

Bachelor's Degree, Broadcast Journalism

Mitch Levy attended Syracuse University to obtain his Bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism. Syracuse is nationally recognized for their communications programs, as well as other degrees. During his college career, Mitch Levy earned highly desired summer internship opportunities in New York City at the NBC Radio Network.

How to Choose a Talk Radio Topic

When working on a set of talk radio, it can be challenging to generate new topics that engage your listeners. At the start of a new talk show, it can easy to come up with fresh ideas. However, the longer the talk show is on for, the more challenging it can become to stay fresh. I’ve worked in talk radio and broadcasting for almost 30 years and here are my tips!

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Types of Radio Careers

Radio broadcasting is a challenging and competitive field, but can also be very exciting and rewarding. There are many aspects of radio, and while the most popular broadcasting career is a radio personality, a radio station would not be able to run without the many other supporting and important roles.

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10 Most Popular Songs on the Radio in 2017

Each year brings an abundance of new artists and songs. According to Billboard, the following is the most popular songs in 2017, which are mainly pop tunes. This new year is sure to bring various new songs and hits. Some artists find success year after year, but 2018 could bring a unique mix to the ten most popular songs.

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How to Prepare for Your Radio Career

Getting your foot in the door and beginning a career in radio can be difficult but what can be equally as challenging is choosing what specifically you want to do in radio. There are a variety of career options to pursue from radio advertising, sales, radio personality, producer, etc. It is essential to develop a plan early on and find out what areas of radio you enjoy so you can start developing your skills to have a successful radio career. There are many careers in radio to pursue from radio personalities, advertising, and sales. It is essential to develop a plan early on and find out what areas of radio you enjoy so you can start developing your skills to have a successful radio career.

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Frank Sinatra: Iconic Artist and Badass

One of the most acclaimed and influential artists of the 20th century was Frank Sinatra. Being one of the most successful selling musicians of all time, Sinatra is arguably the best artist and most iconic badass in the world.Sinatra was the first modern pop star, and to put it bluntly, the greatest male voice ever.

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Pacific Northwest Bucket List

The Pacific Northwest is home to famous cities, hidden gems and plenty of places to travel. While there is no agreed boundary, the Pacific Northwest generally refers to Oregon and Washington, and the land bounded by the Cascade Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean. Even in this small section of land, there are many beautiful places to see.

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Weekender's Guide to Seattle

Seattle is one of my favorite cities in the world. The city of Seattle has something for everyone, from excellent food, historical museums, stunning buildings and, of course, sports culture. Although there are many great places to see and visit, if you are spending a week in the city, I recommend checking out these five sites!

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The Asian Influence on Seattle

Due to the proximity, Seattle is a city like no other due to its Asian influence. The city of Seattle is full of rich cultural heritage, primarily based on Asian influence. Ever since settlement, Asian Pacific Americans have played an important role in shaping the culture of Seattle.

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Radio Around the World: A Look at France

Radio broadcasting varies all over the world, and in this series of blogs, I will discuss radio in different countries. Our first stop is France – a western Europe country home to 67 million.

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Avoiding Tourist Traps in Seattle

Seattle is a great city to explore because there is just so much to see and do. In a previous blog, I offered a Weekender’s Guide to Seattle that listed four top tourist sites to see. However, the hustle and bustle of these major tourist sites are not for everyone. If you want to stay away from tourist bait, check out these places instead!

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Radio Around the World: A Look at China

Radio broadcasting varies all over the world, and in this series of blogs, I will discuss radio in different countries. Our second stop is China – an East Asia country home to 1.4 billion.

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5 Hiking Trails in the PNW

Many travel to the Pacific Northwest (PNW) for a variety of tourist attractions, including the beautiful landscape and recreational areas. Whether you’re traveling to the PNW for the first time or you’re a native to the area, hiking one or more of the plethora trails around the PNW will not disappoint. Here are my five favorite hikes in the PNW that I highly recommend exploring

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How Radio Stations Get Their Names

Typically, radio stations have a 4-letter identification that goes along with their station number. You may have noticed that most of them either start with a W or K but have you ever bothered to learn why? Well, it all started with telegraphs.

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Weather in Seattle - A Look at Why it's So Rainy

Seattle has many nicknames – from the Emerald City to the Coffee Capital of the World, another popular name for Seattle is the Rain City. You can probably guess why Seattle is known as the Rain City because it frequently rains in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle is known for its wet weather, so let’s look at why it rains so much.

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Winning Examples of Sports Marketing and Endorsements

Sports are loved all around the world, which is why athletes make an excellent marketing centerpiece. Marketers have realized that the popularity of sports and used this to their advantage for advertising and other marketing campaigns.

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Sports and Social Media

Social media is continuously evolving and shaping how we live. The growth of social media is also impacting businesses and industries, especially the sports world. Social media has changed the sports industry and will continue to evolve in the future.

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Radio Around the World: A Look at New Zealand

New Zealand’s radio network has developed throughout the years, from strictly government-funded stations to now privately owned radio networks. New Zealand radio began in 1921 when Professor Robert Jack at the University of Otago’s physics department started his first broadcast.

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4 Things to Do in the PNW this Summer!

The Pacific Northwest (PNW) is one of my favorite places in the world. From the beautiful landscape to the hustle and bustle of major cities, the PNW is a fantastic place to visit. The opportunities to explore between Washington, Oregon, and Idaho are endless. However these four things are PNW must-sees and dos this summer!

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Community Sports in Seattle

Joining a community sports team is a fun opportunity to exercise, make friends, and get involved in your neighborhood. Many cities around the world are introducing both adult and children community sports teams – and luckily, Seattle offers both adult and children leagues!

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Pacific Northwest Road Trip's Must See Sights!

Road trip season is upon us. Along with the warmer weather and sunshine comes colorful leaves, fragrant flowers, and bustling city streets. Summertime presents the perfect time to take that long-awaited road trip through the pacific northwest! States such as Washington, Idaho, Western Montana, Northern California, and Oregon are commonly referred to as cold and rainy states.

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