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Maynard Clark

Maynard Clark

Director; Team Builder; Communicator; Renewable Energy and Carbon-Free Travel Advocate

Viridian Energy/Viridian International

Greater Boston Area, us

RESEARCH ADMINISTRATION: MS Mgmt-Research Administration (2012), studied Business Research, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Development, Compliance, Government Regulation, HSR (human subjects research), RCR, Research Ethics & History, Finance, Strategic Planning and Management. YEARS OF TUTORING: Human Anatomy & Phy...


Viridian Energy/Viridian International

Director; Team Builder; Communicator; Renewable Energy and Carbon-Free Travel Advocate

I manage partnerships and associates to reach lead volume and booking goals for residential markets.I lead and give guidance on lead generation for commercial and residential solar systems and green electricity and carbon-neutral travel.

A socially responsible energy company,Viridian provides clean energy choices at competitive prices. Viridian was founded with vision to empower customers to reduce harms to the environment and in their personal lives by simply switching energy providers and providing solar panels at no cost to residents and commercial properties.

Viridian can save clients money on travel or electric bills (whether they rent or own - as long as you're paying for the electricity) and/or offer you a free Solar consultation (if you own the home). Because of energy deregulation, you now have the choice in 34 of 50 US states to choose your own energy company for electricity. Viridian helps you 'go green' and save money by sourcing your energy from renewables (locally sourced wind and/or solar). Save money by 'going green' in AZ, CA, CT, DC, DE, IL, MA, MD, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, TX, VT, and VA.

Viridian Energy now offers 3-YEAR FIXED RATES with a 110% rebate at the end if you ever pay more than the utility would have charged you. There's nothing to lose!! If you're not interested in a 3-year fixed, Viridian will guarantee that you pay 5% below the utility's rates for 1 year, in every market where Viridian offer renewable electricity.

Please check: -

If you switch and save money on your electric or gas bills, while helping the environment, either for metered electricity (you keep your electricity distributor and merely select this green energy supplier, guaranteeing you a lower cost), or ask for a free no-cost no-obligation Solar Consultation. If you want to learn about being an associate, let me know.


Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health

Global Health and Population: Population Health, Population Ethics

Because of a generous $350 million bequest, the century-old Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) has become the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health (HCSPH). The name change was rolled out January 2015.

The Department of Global Health and Population (under Dr. Wafaie Fawzi), which focuses on Population Health in all its many ramifications, now is able to continue its broad work in research, education, knowledge translation, and implementation research in global health and population health.

Self Employed

Freelance Editor, English Language Editor, English Tutor, Researcher, Thesis Editor, Wikipedian

I do editing professionally (apart from my Harvard job).

If you know anyone who wants/needs help with English-language editing, I have extensive experience in editing graduate and doctoral theses, scientific papers for publication, resumes, and other texts for non-native speakers of English who want to publish and/or present in English.

My experience with copy editing for others began in graduate school at Harvard, where some few actual basic degree candidates from the USA found themselves challenged in expressing (sometimes challenging) core concepts of the disciplines of the correlated professions.

• English language editor and proofreader of academic and scientific articles, graduate and doctoral theses, and other publications for non-native English speakers.
• Term papers
• Focus argument
• English Tutor for non-native English speakers in business English.
• Social English and bilingual group organizer for non-native speakers of English.
• Editing English-language resumes

Harvard School of Public Health

Research Administration

I completed the Master of Science in Management degree with a Research Administration emphasis. I earned an A+ in my thesis: The business case for implementing a smoke-free building policy in multi-unit residences.

I have also completed seven (7) relevant certificate programs for work at Harvard in research administration.

I was Program Manager of Ethical Issues in Global Ethics Research at HSPH from 2007 through mid-2010, when I handed off the course to the HSPH Office of Research Administration (OHRA).

I am preparing to move ahead with my research administration career, whether in public health, epidemiology, biomedicine, clinical research, energy, policy, compliance, natural science, or elsewhere. I work on a series of three large continuing projects therein the bioethics area, where the HMS Center for Bioethics houses us, though we are in HSPH,

Harvard School of Public Health

Global Health and Population (formerly Population and International Health)

My ethics/bioethics position is in Global Health & Population, but I sit among a TEAM of philosophers, IRB heads (MDs, PhDs, NPs) who do medical ethics, analyzing medical and health issues that touch upon whole populations, societies, individuals, and parties of interest, with philosophical rigor. My current work involves grants, conferences, international travel, publications, calendaring, workshops, and more. I had begun learning Mandarin to support teaching and research in Southeast Asia and China, then I began reading widely in aspects of both research and clinical ethics. We interface with WHO and various national and international bodies - professional, scholarly, and academic.

Harvard School of Public Health

Global Health and Population, HSPH

The Department of Global Health and Population (GHP) seeks to improve global health through education, research, and service from a population-based perspective. The 21st century has arrived with a complex set of demographic patterns, disease burdens, and health policies. These create challenges that affect all societies, rich and poor, developed and developing. The department's approach to these problems combines the analysis of population and health using quantitative and qualitative methods, the investigation of policies that affect health, and a concern with the politics and ethics of health and development.

Our ethicists (ethics philosophers) and groups are interested in general human rights and ethical issues in throughout the developing and developed world. We sit physically within a medical ethics group inside the HMS Department of Social Medicine (GHSM); I work with philosophers with a social science emphasis, touching on medical and health issues, including the ethics of research. We interface with WHO and various national and international bodies - professional, academic, scholarly, and academic.

My position is funded by the HSPH Dean's Office. My current work involves international travel, publications, conferences, grants, workshops, online research, ethics coursework, calendaring, and more.

Vegetarian Resource Center

Executive Director

This position is my listing in the Marquis' Who's Who (check it out at; it should not be ignored.
·Plan events in regions surrounding universities
·Do social media and website content development.
·Developed pilot for Boston Vegetarian Food Fest (1996) and led its implementation for two years; now BVFF is the most successful and profitable annual event of Boston Vegetarian Society.
·Vegetarian development projects: web portal with volunteers on 3 continents; to fund vegetarian retirement homes, villages, cohousing.
·Regional databases of vegetarian resources, contacts, specialized marketers, physicians & health resources, educational opportunities for specialized careers. Developed Vegetarian Resource Library (then moved Library to site in Sherborn, MA, finally relocated to 5th floor of Healey Library at U Mass Boston).
·As early Internet adopter in the early 90s, urged vegetarians onto Internet, then organized those early Internet users by developing and administering 200+ Internet discussion lists.
·Managed research organization that studied cultural, political, and economic conditions of vegetarians in North America, and which developed innovative organizations and services to address conditions, needs, and opportunities.

MCPHS University

Member, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Represent the general community interests in the proper care and treatment of animals on periodic IACUC Committee meetings. Review, contemplate, analyze, and assess protocols submitted by investigators approximately one week prior to the meeting, examining investigators' claims that the scientific merits of the experiments justify the use of the animals and tht there is no other way to acquire the biomedical knowledge that researchers seek without using animals, and to assess whether and to what extent the animals during the protocols would be treated according to community, institutional, and legal standards (defined as 'humanely and ethically'), and (during the meetings), discuss with the committee the protocols before the committee members vote to approve or disapprove the protocol.

Use the resources of the Committee's librarian and veterinarian, and the pharmacologist who chairs the committee, whose research efforts do not involve using animal models.

Be well-versed in the nature of such research protocols, the nature of doing pharmaceutical science, and the array of nonanimal research models currently available, and the research potentials and limits of those nonanimal research models., formerly Campaign for Aging Research (C.A.R.)

Vice President for Ethics

The Campaign for Aging Research is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation founded in 2008. Our mission is to give everyone a new perspective on life in respect to the aging experience and life expectancy.

Our activity consists of six different programs, mostly handled online through the following websites: provides information on our activities overall. matches people in need of help (elders or family) with volunteers in their own communities throughout the world. in order to foster collaboration, the site provides information to the aging research professional and encourages communication between diverse governmental, nonprofit, and for profit organizations involved in the field of aging research. handles our Lifestyle Master program. Ebooks, health management tools and courses are made available on this website. All aim to promote an enhanced and enjoyable lifestyle respectful of the environment and ethical principles, offering prevention of ailments, and of course targeted towards optimum longevity.

We pledge to encourage the responsible development of therapies that will alleviate suffering and have an overall beneficial effect on society while implementing strategies to enhance the aging experience through our Elder Helpers and Lifestyle Master programs.
The consideration of the reality of overpopulation and its consequences on our habitat is at the very core of our organization's values and a major concern for all permanent board members.