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Maxie McCoy

Maxie McCoy

Writer + Speaker


Inspire. Motivate. Connect. Myself and others to their own personal greatness.








Director of Local Levo

I've developed and lead our 30 Local Levo communities globally. Day-to-day this means managing our incredible volunteer leaders in each market, developing programs that can be activated on a local level, and creating the best in-person experience for millennial women. From San Francisco to London to NYC to Paris... I'm responsible for launching and growing the communities that help every one of our members make deeper connections and improve their career skills offline. The leaders I work with in each city are the MAGIC to the local levo sauce - past and present - they are D Y N A M O women I had the pleasure of working with every day.


My Thinking Talents - Relational + Innovative

Knowing why human connection is so important to my life and understanding why I'm always thinking about things 6 months to 5 years out changed everything for me. Deeply understanding my talents and how they all fell squarely in the Relational and Innovative quadrants has been game-changing development.

Find out YOUR unique talents (and then let's compare!!)


Creator and Energy -

I created MAXIE as an online experience to unlock spiritual and emotional intelligence. I share soul wisdom on the digital video series #maxie and weekly writings. I provide digital experiences to help you find success from within, a few different services, and a whole lot of love. If you want your spiritual and emotional IQ shooting to the stars, this is the place to be.

When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater pe...

Figure out the place that makes your soul blossom... HOME

Whether it’s waking up and walking to the Farmer’s Market every Saturday Morning, or taking a day trip to Napa Valley ... I’m never short on reasons to be grateful for this city I call home. I’m in a love affair with San Francisco.


Co-Author of Less Work More Money

Writing a book was one of the great projects of my early 20s. It grew me, challenged me, and fulfilled me in a way I didn't know. Less Work More Money is an entrepreneurs guide to motivation, inspiration and tactical skills. I wrote it more like a ghost - telling someone else's story. There are more books in me (coming soon!). But I can tell you this...A Book IS the new business card! So if there's something you're dreaming of writing. Do it. Write your book. Get your message out there. Let it out into the wild!


Lehigh University

B.A. + M.A., Journalism + American Studies

Lehigh was an AMAZING experience for me. I did my undergrad in Journalism and then received the Presidential Scholarship to get my Masters in American Studies with a focus on Sports Media. I loved learning and loved the experience, but the true joys of Lehigh came in everything else I immersed myself into - playing D1 volleyball (and meeting my life's best friends), participating in the Vagina Monologues, advocating for Melanoma Awareness for athletes.

INDIA - a trip that changed my life

In the Fall of 2013, I bought a ticket to India. I was headed there alone for two weeks on my #souloyolo . It quite literally changed me. Saved me. It was the gut of humanity. And a reflection of the human experience in Love. Connectedness. and Joy

I want India for You - Blog
On Camera Talent Writing Soul Sessions Workshop Design Public Speaking Solo Travel Wordpress Adobe Elements Final Cut Pro

Everything I know is a result of diving head first into my whims and beliefs. College was journalism and volleyball. Early twenties was broadcaster turned business woman. I wrote a book. Remet my violin. Fell in love with travel. Landed in the place I was meant to be, building communities at Levo, now evangelizing.


The "Former" Dream - Fox Sports Net

Host of High School Road Tour

I grew up thinking I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do (A job like this one - hosting a segment on FSN). But if I've learned anything through out my 20s, it's that life doesn't always take us where we planned. OR that we don't always love what we find when we achieve that plan. That was Sports Broadcasting for me. I landed this dream opportunity only to figure out something major was missing... my joy.


Hallelujah, My Tribe

I would not be Who I am. Where I am. Why I am...without the amazing love and energy infused into me. My family the supports me no matter what. The best friends who inspire and encourage me. Sages and Mentors who have brought me up with them. My community is my world. They are my experience and my reason.


Levo #ask4more Negotiation Workshop

One of the most POWERFUL experiences I've been a part of in my three years at Levo, is our #ask4more campaign. I truly believe this is one of the most transformational skills any woman can learn early on. This session will walk you through the importance of asking and share real-life advice on how to actually make the ask.

My Favorite Saying: #UNIVERSE

I'm obsessed with the synchronicity of life. From cosmic coincidences to seeing the spirit numbers 11:11 - I believe that when you open yourself up to the magic of life, there more magic you'll get. The more you'll see everywhere.

More about my #universe obsession