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Matt Stemen

Matt Stemen

Lead Java Developer

Wi-Fi Alliance

Lead Java Developer at Wi-Fi Alliance


Wi-Fi Alliance

Lead Java Developer

• Added new features and maintained a Java Spring based Certification system
• System used Spring Tools Suite (STS) and featured an AOP design
• Database was a Postgres
• Spring Roo and Flyway were both used as well
• Server was VMware vFabric
• Wrote ad-hoc PostgreSQL for the database to provide reports as needed
• Built several needed tool for reporting using JavaFX
• Project was Github based
• Project was CIS via Hudson

Career medium 04
Career medium 03


Software Developer

Added features and maintained Web Service for managing components of a Wi-Fi access system (found at Starbucks, McDonalds, etc)
Features of this Web Service:
• Both SOAP and REST interfaces
• Spring and Hibernate
• Java, CIS driven, Maven, Jira, Agile

Added features to a system for meeting room management (formally super click)
Features of this management system:
• Both SOAP and REST interfaces
• Spring and Hibernate
• Java, CIS driven, Maven, Jira, Agile




Started as VES Systems/Federal Signal and then our division was purchased by 3M

Career medium 06

Federal Signal Corporation


• Worked with existing Web-sphere based System that provided back office support for Texas Toll Tag system
• Made additional configuration change to Perl based EDI Translator
• Created a "rogue" browser (one that uses the now defunct Apache Commons HTTP Client 3.x to explore exploits found in txdot txtag system. The browser is written in JavaFX and Java SE and is designed to be a "real time wrapper" (you can change the backing HTTP client) at run time.


Anue Systems


Made changes to Anue Systems spec to Wireshark dissector. Changes were written in C to conform with Wireshark's native code. Changes included both computationally derived addition fields and extension of existing code.

At least one request required the diassector to track changes to the Packet data--not a normal feature in Wireshark or its dissectors. Due to a requirment, this change was not able to use Wireshark diassectors usual "coversation" mechanism

At least one request required the diassector to track changes to the Packet data--not a normal feature in Wireshark or its dissectors. Due to a requirment, this change was not able to use Wireshark diassectors usual "coversation" mechanism

Career medium 03
Career medium 02


Senior Consultant

• Porting/rewriting as needed Window C++ to Linux
* STL, Boost, ect
• Creating a virtual appliance to run under VMWare Vecter
* Java 1.6, Spring, Hibernate
* CentOS
* TomCat
* Python and BASH


Wintermute Studios

Sole proprietor and Developer

Design and Implement a SMS (Service Management System: invoicing, billing, parts, inventory in a Auto mechanic shop problem domain/space) as a Java/JDBC/J2EE based solution.

Career medium 06
Career medium 05

21st Century Technologies

Senior Software Engineer

Create and Document a design for a Java based re-useable experimentation frameworks for a government contract
Updated a phase I design of a Java 3D based system for a government project
Created a program to process TCP and UDP packets for reporting/tracking application-using JCAP.


Georgetown Rail Equipment Company

C++ and Java Contractor

Evaluate and provide justification of purchase for Bug Tracking software
Maintain and expand C++ based photo-analysis software for grading RR ties
Maintain and expand C++/MFC based reporting tools for grading RR ties and Rails
Write test cases for feature requests and help set up Testing environment
Continued Development of ESB driven JDBC toolkit/frameworks for sourceforge project and as an alternate to existing project client/database interaction.

Career medium 05

Express Digital

C++ Contractor

Maintain and expanded C++ based MFC photography studio software


Software Contractor

Designed and implemented a Java based CIM (Common information Model) Client to interact with an in house developed WBEM CIMOM CIM Provider-The CIM architecture follows SOA and ESB principles. The Provider conformed to the 1.2.x CIM spec as described by WBEM. Client also had swing components.
Implemented C++ based classes for LSI's SBMA Provider. A WBEM compliant 1.2 CIMOM/CIM Provider. All class files and supporting tests and documentation was maintained in a Clear Case VCS.
Coordinated communication between a third party developer (HCLT) and LSI's own SBMA development team in the acceptance of HCLT Java based CIM Provider Test frameworks/harness.

Career medium 06
Career medium 06

Gresham Storage Solutions

Software Developer, Designer

Design and Implementation of server/daemon based system for operation and management of large and small scale tape libraries/silos through the "data path". Work was on server aspect of system (as a framework) which did ESB like client coordination through a database-very much like a "lighter-weight" hibernates.
Design and Implementation of Java based frameworks to render Swing based GUI panels by reading XML files for a "Wizard" styled interface (MVC design pattern).
Design and Implementation of Java based frameworks to model a virtual version of a (via JDBC) database to allow a one-to-one relationship of data fields in Java objects to data fields in the DB tables.
Design and Implementation of PHP and style sheet based navigation frameworks for a n HTML based Client for the Above mentioned Server ( 2nd bullet item above )
Design and Implementation of Java based Swing Client to be interface to above mentioned Server (2nd bullet item above) All client/server events were coordinated through a set of database tables. Client was "real-time" as the above mentioned virtual database layer allow the client to monitor tables for updates-database "triggers" were not used as they are not standard in all SQL databases.
Design and Implementation of ESB/Middle-ware system for operation and management of large scale tape libraries/silos through the "control path". Work was on the server "aspect" which used a c++ implementation of CORBA ("Mico" ORB).
Design and Implementation of Java based generic utility classes to be used company wide.



Java Developer

Designed and implemented a Java based update of Dell's "Lasso" Installer/Wizard. "Lasso" allows a customer to provision/configure Dells line of Enterprise Storage Solutions. The project was a Java swing based update of Dell's currently DOS/Batch based solution. "Lasso" creates XML based configuration files, "collections", which act as configuration "profiles" for both the customer and Dell (i.e. for customer support, etc

Career medium 03

Movero Technology

Java Developer

Pervasive Software


Worked with Hibernate/Spring/ESB based system that provided both Branded Internal Web Services based ability to provision cell phones for large corporate portals and for the same abilities to be sold as service to be used by Internal Movero employees.
Worked with IntelliJ IDEA 5.1; Wrote documentation for component that was part of an in-house developed Container based component architecture. Component was able to interact with NetSuite CRM via Web Service interface. This was to allow the lager Integration (ETL) system that is a primary product of Pervasive software. The component had to internally "flatten out" NetSuite's rather deep and complex object structure by using Hibernate internally within the component.
Worked with SOA based Web services frameworks

Career medium 05
Career medium 04

Texas Dept of Housing & Human Affairs

Java/JSP Developer

Worked as a contractor to implement and design JSP based web interface for a "clearing house" for consumption by the general public. Application allowed users to search a central department database, a sister project was the centralization of all Department databases. The Application accessed the central database ( Oracle based ) via Struts and Maverick ( open sourced MVC JSP ) "TDHCA Interactive":
Worked with Struts and Turbine frameworks



Software Engineer, Designer

Designed early ESB/container based component service framework in Java using EJB
Design was created using Together J and extensively used UML methodology
Overall Design at Orillion was done with a variety of design methodologies (UML, design patterns, etc.)
Designed, developed, and implemented a multi-threaded logging system in Java that logged events (device alarms) to either a file system or a database via JDBC
Designed and developed multi-threaded Data Server to allow Data source to be transparent, access of Data source was given through a socket/JDBC interface ·
Designed and developed a multi-threaded ESB/Web Services/service framework for building different types of Java based servers.
Designed and developed an Applet/Servlet to allow for remote user management for an alarm viewing web application. Servlet interface was written in Swing. Applet interface was written using AWT
Designed, developed, and implemented an adapter in Objective C to serve as a transport layer between Java and Objective C (using a socket protocol)
Maintained various Objective C programs, some even based in EO (Enterprise Objects

Career medium 05
Career medium 01


Java Developer and Web Programmer

Designed and developed an employment recruiting tool and job site. Written in Java and using Netscape Application server and an Oracle database (
Some Design was done for the above using ERWin and a few Rational tools.
Designed, developed, and implemented an Applet that managed applets within a browser space.
Participated in Study for purchase of new Application Server for Aerotek (one of two members)
Taught in house Java classes
Designed and developed prototype employment recruiting tool written in Java (AWT) and using LDAP as a database (what would become
Designed, developed and implemented account syncing software written in C++
Created and maintained original website and servers for Aerotek, Maxim Group, and several other Aerotek divisions.
Helped create the "Aeronet" (the Intranet


Computer Management Services

Web developer

Designed, developed, and implemented home pages for NIH(National Institutes of Health)
Designed, developed, and implemented tools written in C++ and C to aide in the design of Home pages

Career medium 06
Career medium 03

Roadnet Technologies Inc.

Software Engineer

Developed an HTML interface in C for a Mosaic HTTP web based server
Maintained GIS division's HTML home page
Developed routing and scheduling software in C++ and Map Basic
Designed automated testing software in Xrunner and UNIX shell scripts.
Projects involved a high degree of OO Design using the Rumbaugh Methodology
GIS (Geographic Information System) Analyst
Developed image manipulation software in UNIX C shell and ARCInfo GIS AML.|
Created thematic and non-thematic maps in ARCInfo for corporate analysis
Designed, developed, and implemented a raster based geographic database
Analyzed and translated existing methods to develop software tools.
Developed and implemented software training
Developed software written in AML to update geographic databases
Designed user interfaces for an Open Windows (SUN OS) environment.