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I am passionate about people. I want to know what motivates & drives us. Every person is different & so are our values. I believe to succeed in business, we must have understand human behavior. Building brands, companies and communities fascinate me. I am captivated by stories, the power of connection & authenticity.

Elgin High School (Gifted & Talented Academy)

High School #NerdHerd

Transferring to an incredibly diverse school - 83% minority (77% black & hispanic) & 77% low income has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. Diversity of thought, experiences, background & leadership is so important to me. I am so lucky I went to EHS - a school with the MOST amazing teachers & peers who supported me in everything I did. I had such big goals & dreams in high school. I always pushed the bar higher - I always asked for extra credit. I always asked for more. More honors & AP classes. No one was more excited about Class Council, Mathletes, National Honors Society, Spanish Club, Tennis & Badminton. I am grateful for the opportunity to gain leadership skills & holding leadership roles in each one of those organizations. One of my favorite memories was organizing a Senior Prom for our local senior citizen retirement home with our senior class. I learned how to take initiative, deliver 150% & command crowds. I loved building camaraderie & community here at EHS. In fact, I was never late for school. That's how much I loved school. I showed up at 7:35AM every morning to give morning announcements & lead the pledge of allegiance. #MaroonPride

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou

Emory University

Bachelor of Arts, Economics and Chinese Language and Literature

I came to Emory with dreams of taking over CNN's "Paging Dr. Gupta." I told everyone "Move over Dr. Sanjay Gupta, It's Dr. Li". I realized it wasn't medicine I was passionate about, but rather people & their potential. I learned what it means to be educated with a capital E. To learn for the sake of learning. I dabbled in Italian, Theater, Scuba Diving, Happiness Seminars & Tai Chi with Swords. I owe Dr. Shomu Banerjee for opening my eyes to the true meaning of education. In his Econ 101 class, he dedicated a day to Life 101, where he shared life lessons & stories of his trials & tribulations. He introduced me to Prof Gregory Marshall's "human capacities" which have guided my life since then & encouraged so much of my exploration & growth.


Peking University

Study Abroad

I grew up confused about being Chinese American. I didn't understand why I should be proud of my Asian identity when I kept getting bullied at Chicago Public Schools for my skin tone & race. I just wanted to fit in. As an immigrant, I was ashamed of my culture & heritage. I LOVED Saturday Chinese School where I had an opportunity to relate to other Asian students who had to fight similar battles. It wasn't until I studied abroad in Peking University that I finally accepted how proud I am to be Chinese American. I appreciate my Emory Professors who encouraged me to study abroad last minute. Big Shoutout to Kenya Casey from Emory's study abroad office who went above & beyond to let me apply 3 months late for the program. Forever grateful.


Salesforce Cloud University Scholarship - Once in a Lifetime Ticket to Dreamforce

MINDBLOWN. My best friend Nithin (2nd from the left) encouraged me to apply to Salesforce's Cloud University Scholarship. Dreamforce was so eye opening. I was EXPOSED to the world of tech for the first time. Coming from ATL, my peers were ALL focused on Accounting, Banking & Consulting. I was MESMERIZED by the possibilities of technology & how Salesforce has empowered so many businesses. I sat front & center as Richard Branson (one of my biggest heros) delivered his keynote. I pushed through a crowd to thank Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff for the scholarship opportunity. Also met my other best friend Norman Tran (far right). Grateful X 1000.


Stanford University

Graduate Certificate, General Management

I learned from the best & brightest budding business leaders from around the world. We took courses in negotiations, organization strategy, economics, marketing with Professors including Margaret Neale, Kathryn Shaw, Christian Wheeler & Sarah Soule. The GSB's mission of "Change lives; Change organizations; Change the world" is deeply ingrained in me & messaging that guides me.

Daring Greatly

One of my top 5 favorite quotes. Daring Greatly. Two of the most powerful words. My motto in life is to always try. We miss 100% of the shots we don't take. I want to take every shot even if I am unsure of the outcome. Falling in love with the process/journey and accepting uncertainty are big life lessons I've had to learn. I respect those who try and may stumble and fall. Spanx founder, Sara Blakely, shares that her father encouraged failure everyday. It becomes something that is celebrated. Like Sara, I push the envelope & try to fail daily. We ought to celebrate hard work & effort - NOT staying safe. Life (and growth) begins at the edge of our comfort zones. I've given myself permission to be bold and dare greatly. Won't you join me?


Microsoft Pink Cloud Scholarship - Empowering Women in STEM

Microsoft Italy granted me a scholarship to the Pink Cloud conference during the Milan World's Fair (Italy's Expo 2015). This conference is focused on empowering women to embark on STEM related careers. What an amazing and awe inspiring experience with informative workshops. I learned about different STEM careers & networked with Microsoft, Asus, Accenture European leaders in Italy. Grateful for Microsoft Italy for such a phenomenal opportunity to meet other women leaders in STEM around the world. Excited to pay it forward. I can't wait to help empower other women leaders as well as girls excited about STEM around the US and eventually the world.


Oprah Winfrey on Career, Life and Leadership

Oprah, thank you for speaking truth into this world. Her wisdom & boldness has inspired me since I was 8 years old. Oprah was my babysitter - I remember tuning into Oprah watching her during summer vacation. I saw how she helped to uplift & empower so many people in her community. I thought to myself that someday I hope to have the same kind of gift - to touch lives & inspire others to greatness. This is a lifelong mission of mine.

The Company Lab

3D Printing Evangelist and Product Specialist

I spent a summer living in Chattanooga, TN. My time there will always be one of my favorite memories. CHA has some of the most most interesting, eclectic & warm people. Grateful to my mentors at Lamp Post Group & everyone in the community for sharing their story with me. I was recruited as a Specialist for the GIGTANK Startup Accelerator. I created unique programming ("3D Print CHA") and positioning for the allowed kids to explore this new technologies -ie: 3D Printing & cultivated this local maker movement, but also implement programs that allow kids to dream, create, discover and tinker. I secured a partnership with the Creative Discovery Children’s Museum to pilot a program that received positive feedback from children and parents alike.


Brene Brown Opened My Eyes to the Power Vulnerability

Brene Brown, thank you for your gift to this world of showing us how worthwhile it is to be vulnerable. To be vulnerable takes a great deal of courage. I see the strength it takes to be real and raw. It should not be confused with vulnerability. I shifted my perspective of vulnerability & incorporated it in all my personal & professional relationships for a much RICHER life.

Hitachi Consulting

Retired Road Warrior (Former IT Consultant)

I met some of the coolest cats in consulting. When you're thrown onto projects in the middle of Springdale Arkansas and Collegedale, Tennessee - the real bonding begins. I'm so grateful for my the friends & consulting community that I have built. I would have never imagined that I could get paid to solve problems & be paid to fly half way across the country every week. Grateful for the opportunity to consult for Fortune 500 clients.


Clarity on Fire

Marketing & Social Media Manager

I signed up for a coaching call with Kristen my senior year of college. We didn't end up working together, but I kept following CoF. I had no idea that we would one day work together. Kristen & Rachel (Co-Founders) helped to guide me on my journey of consciousness & growing self awareness. Some would say the college experience equips you with the "training wheels" for real life. I beg to differ. The minute we graduate college, we are thrown into the real world & it is vastly different from college life. Grappling with expectations of society & our families while trying to find our tribe, our community & our passions - Clarity on Fire inspires us to find more than just our dream jobs. It's about finding ourselves - our best selves!


Emory University Alumni Association

Chicago Chapter Co-Chair

I led the Emory University Alumni Chicago chapter. We planned a number of events - admissions, community service, professional development, happy hours, alumni interviewing & collaborated with other Universities to engage Chicago Emory alums. Our Chicago alums are incredibly proud. It brings me so much joy to be able to connect local alums with one another & bright students!