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Leslie Griesdorf

Leslie Griesdorf

Successful Dentist

Leslie Griesdorf Toronto Dental Community

Toronto Division, Canada

Leslie Griesdorf has a passion for events and pivotal moments in 20th century US History. Leslie Griesdorf is well-versed on such topics as World War II, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the controversial Assassination of John F. Kennedy, the latter of which he considers a major obsession. Presently, he spends much of h...

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf is one of over 10,000 students that attends the Northern Karate Schools in Toronto, Canada. He’s currently at the rank of brown belt.

Retired Dentist

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf: Retired in 2004

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf retired from his career as a dentist in 2004 – he specialized in oral surgery and maintained an excellent reputation in his field. Today, he continues to maintain an active lifestyle with regular exercise four times a week, something he’s maintained since high school, and a diet to support his health.

Leslie Griesdorf

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Leslie Griesdorf: Affiliations of the Past

Retired dentist Leslie Griesdorf was a noted dentist and professional in Toronto for over 35 years. Over the course of his life and career, Griesdorf has enjoyed the opportunity to be a member of numerous organizations, some associated with the dental profession and others not. Griesdorf was a longtime and proud member of the Ontario Dental Association.

Dr Leslie Griesdorf

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf is a retired dentist who specialized in oral surgery. He worked in Toronto, Canada, for nearly four decades before retiring in 2004.

Leslie Griesdorf Canada

Leslie Griesdorf: A Fondness for Dining Out

Leslie Griesdorf enjoys the opportunity to visit and eat at nice restaurants. In fact, engaging in the full dining experience is something his whole family enjoys. Sharing a nice meal with friends and family has always been a favorite of the Leslie Griesdors as it not only provides the opportunity to try something new.

Medical School

Dentistry , Dr. Leslie Griesdorf: History Buff

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf is a retired dentist and a part-time investor who can often be found spending time with his friends and family. Leslie Griesdorf ’s also a history enthusiast who enjoys attending lectures on the JFK assassination, the Cuban Missile Crisis and other aspects of history, and he’s passionate about watching/collecting programs on WW2.