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Jonathon Vento

Jonathon Vento

Real Estate Developer

True North Studio

Maricopa County, AZ

Jonathon Vento is an incredibly successful and capable real estate developer with experience in real estate, manufacturing, sustainable energy, and technology. He is currently the principal developer at True North Holdings, and is also the managing director of Blue Energy Partners. With his knowledge and dedication, ...




Jonathon Vento | Websites

Jonathon Vento | Pro Overview

Jonathon Vento is an experienced and capable real estate developer with a proven track record of successfully developing excellent projects. This website is dedicated to his professional overview. ›

Jonathon Vento | Technology

Outside of his fantastic real estate and sustainable energy ventures, Jonathon is also heavily involved in the world of technology in general. He loves utilizing new and exciting technologies for his projects and supporting new tech advancements. This website focuses specifically on technology in general as well as Jonathon's professional technological endeavors. ›

Jonathon Vento | Sustainability

Jonathon Vento os a successful businessman who works in both real estate development and sustainability. As the managing director of the Blue Energy Partners, Jonathon looks for opportunities to share his interest in energy and sustainability. This website features various blogs on the topic. ›

Jonathon Vento | Crunchbase

Jonathon Vento is a real estate developer, entrepreneur and tech enthusiast. His years of hard work, perseverance and inherent skills have allowed him to forge a successful career for himself. This profile features basic information on him and links to his various blogs. ›

Jonathon Vento | Twitter

As an executive-level professional, Jonathon Vento is directly plugged into all social media channels. His Twitter profile features basic information on himself, as well as links to his various blogs and other articles that he finds interesting. ›

Jonathon Vento | Vimeo

As a thought leader in real estate development, Jonathon Vento is dedicated to keeping his thumb on the industry's pulse. He does this by writing multiple blogs; these blogs can reach a wider audience through visual means, and so, Jonathon has created a Vimeo profile where he hosts video versions of his blogs. ›

Jonathon Vento | How Can Technology Impact Real Estate?

Jonathon Vento explains how technology has had an impact on real estate.

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Blue Energy Partners

Managing Director

After living in Japan for a brief period, Jonathon Vento was inspired. The culture and societal practices of the country rubbed off on Jonathon in a profound way; more specifically, their focus on sustainable energy practices really spoke to Jonathon. Jonathon helped create Blue Energy Partners, a sustainable energy company that pursues new technologies and energy exploration.

Jonathon Vento | Augmented Reality in Real Estate

With technology advancing every day, Jonathon Vento takes a moment to look at augmented reality and how it can affect real estate.

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Jonathon Vento | The New Real Estate Developer

The role of the real estate developer has changed drastically in recent years. Jonathon Vento offers his thoughts on the industry and the profession.

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Eastern Michigan University

Bachelor's Degree, Business and Finance

Jonathon Vento | Buying Vs. Renting A Home

Jonathon Vento explains the difference between purchasing and renting a home.

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Jonathon Vento | Phoenix Is Becoming a Tech Haven

Phoenix, Arizona, hometown of Jonathon Vento, has become something of a tech haven.

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Jonathon Vento | Exciting Tech Trends for 2018

Jonathon Vento highlights some of the greatest tech trends of 2018.

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Jonathon Vento | Sustainable Buildings to Draw Inspiration From

Jonathon Vento, a major proponent of sustainability, highlights some of the best buildings to draw inspiration from.

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Jonathon Vento | Lyft Is Considering Getting Into the Electric Scooter Service

Jonathon Vento explains Lyft's plans to enter the electric scooter service business.

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Jonathon Vento | How Can Technology Change Real Estate? Pt 2

Jonathon Vento demonstrates technology's impact on our world by showing how its impacted real estate.

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