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Jonathan Lindahl

Jonathan Lindahl

Wildomar, California 92595



Truck Driver

I drove a frozen/refrigerated 32, 48 and 53ft trailer carrying all organic and natural products to various customers. During this time I drove in the Southern California area, far north as San Luis Obispo and once a week to Las Vegas, Nevada. I made on average of 5-15 deliveries a day to stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts, Vons, small private owned stores, gas stations and other distributors that carried our products. After completing my deliveries I would then be sent for back hauls to pick up the products produced here in California back to our distribution center. I was responsible for being on time to accounts while making sure the products being delivered were in their safe temp zones. Most deliveries were made by backing into a dock and pulling pallets off and putting the pallets or product in their proper areas (freezers, coolers or staging areas). Some deliveries required the use of a lift gate and a hand truck to make deliveries in allies, streets and wherever we needed to make our deliveries. I also worked in the yard driving a yard horse moving and backing trailers into the proper doors to be loaded and unloaded. At this company we used PeopleNet software to track hours of service, miles driven and location.

Career medium 05
Career medium 05

Pepsi Beverage Company


At Pepsi I drove a commercial tractor with a 14 side door bay trailer with a hydraulic lift gate. I had a route in the Northwest Indiana area mostly in Illinois. I delivered pop to many different types of business and locations. On my route I delivered to schools, colleges, government buildings, water parks, sporting events, clubs, restaurants, homes, vending company's, department stores like Target, corporate accounts like Walgreens, CVS, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, gas stations and any business that sold our products. On my route I made between 15-20 deliveries a day and worked overtime on the weekends building displays and changing ads at our stores that required weekend service. I had a salesman on my route that I worked with daily selling to accounts and getting extra floor space and shelve space to increase sales. When making deliveries I would generate a pick list and pull the ordered product for that account. I would bring it in on either a hand truck or on a pallet with my electric pallet jack. I would get checked in and then rotate, fill and put away product in its proper location. I would also build displays in grocery stores and any where we could get extra sales. I won several awards for the displays I designed and built. I was even awarded Employee of the Quarter for building a 3000 case display on my day off by myself. By doing this I was able to sell in the 3000 cases to the store by working directly with the store director. He was so pleased he have me that space as a permanent display area for whatever me and my salesman chose to put there. At one point we had on display than Coke would sell there all year. By the time I left Pepsi I had about 25 pallets on display, 40 ft of aisle space and the main display area about 20X30 when you walked in. I also placed 1st in a truck driving competition our company held annually. I was also responsible for performing per and post trip inspections on a commercial motor vehicle and staying within my hours of service. I was responsible for generating accurate customer invoices and collecting cash/checks or signatures from our charge accounts. At the end of the day I would bring back all damaged, out of date and refused product back to the warehouse to verify my truck inventory and then turn in all invoices and money collected.


J.B.J. Construction


During my employment at J.B.J. I worked for my father who was the owner. My main responsibility were to load the work trucks daily for the next days work making sure the proper tools and materials were ready and loaded for the next day. I was responsible for driving one of the company trucks and getting to the job on time. I helped supervise employees as well as train them in areas where they had no experience. I was sometimes responsible for keeping the hours for the employees and running the crew whenever my father was not around. I was sometimes responsible for taking some employees and doing jobs on our own. We specialized in new construction and residential remodel as well as commercial and industrial. During my employment here I learned how to work on scissor lifts and with many power tools. My father's company did little sub contracting. We did all the work from ground up. The only thing we always sub contracted was concrete, brick laying and heating and cooling. During my employment for my father I have become very proficient in many trade skills.

My skills include:

Framing- I learned how to frame houses from the ground up. I learned how to build and frame headers, walls, rafters, floor and ceiling joists and beams. I learned how to frame metal by doing commercial work in restaurants and stores. I learned how to sheet walls and roofs with plywood and how to wrap the walls with Tyvek. I became very proficient with air and gas powered nail guns, skill saws, miter saws, saws alls, table saws, hammers, hammer drills, concrete anchors, joist hangers, nail sizes, and ladders.

Electrical- I know how to bend, cut and install electrical conduit. I know how to cut, run and install electrical whip as well as romex wire. I have experience in running wires and using the correct wire size and colors per application. I know how to install junction boxes and how to install boxes in finished walls. I know how to install new switches and outlets as well as replace them or upgrade them. I am very skilled at installing new construction and remodeling cans. I know how to hang and install electrical boxes. I know how to install ceiling fans. I have a little experience wiring in electrical panels but still need more training. I have experience running t.v. cable, phone wires, high speed internet wires and surround sound systems. I have good working knowledge of electrical hand tools, cutters, crimpers and drills.

Plumbing- I have very good skills in plumbing. I know how to install pvc sprinkler systems as well as running pvc drains and air stacks. I know how to clean and glue pipes together as well as knowing how to lay out more complex installs. I know how to install floor drains for toilets and wall drains for sinks and washing machines. I know how to cut, clean and solder copper pipe. I know how to install shower valves, undermount sinks, disposals, shower heads, jets, tubs and shower stalls. I know hot to install green board Durok and Wonder Board. I know how to install and replace toilets, sinks and many different plumbing fixtures. I have good working knowledge of pipe cutters, solder, glue, flex, Teflon tape, propane torches, drills and pipe mounting hardware.

Drywall- I know how to measure, cut and install and finish drywall. I know how to hang drywall nod account for electrical and plumbing and other things that need to be avoided by screws when installing. I know how to measure and cut the holes for switches, outlets and whatever else needs to be exposed through the wall. I know how to use drills with drywall tips as well as automatic drillers that are belt fed. I know how to use ceiling lifts to install ceilings. I Know how to tape all joints and seams. I am very skilled in using Durabond 5-90 as well as Plus3 for mudding joints, corners and seams. I am very skilled at sanding and finishing as well. I am very skilled at fixing and repairing damaged drywall from nail holes, scrapes, gouges, water damage and huge holes. I am skilled at skim coating as well. I have very little skill in texturing but I learn quick and usually need very little training with new things. I have good working knowledge using mixers, tape, knives, rasps, T-squares, chalk lines, rotozips, drills, screws, sanding sponges and sticks, trowels and ceiling lifts. Drywall is probably one of my best skills.

Carpet/Tile/Flooring- I am very skilled in tile. I am very skilled at using a wet saw to cut tile. I can cut tile very well to fit around pipes, door frames, tubs, showers and very weird angles and shapes. I can use a grinder with a diamond blade to make cuts that a wet saw can't make with very high precision. I know how to mix and use mortar for floor tile as well as mastic for walls and ceilings. I have worked mostly with tile but I have used some stone, marble and granite. I know how to mix and use floor and wall grout. I have used latex and silicone based grouts. I have very little skill laying carpet. I have only installed about 3 or 4 rooms. I am very skilled at installing hard wood floors. I know how to lay out the pieces to get a nice flow of length and seam placement. I know how to measure, cut and nail the pieces in. I have used air powered hammer nailers to install wood floors. I know how to sand and finish wood floors as well. I have great skill in laying the floor tile used in most department stores from new installation to replacing single damaged tiles. I have even made designs with different colors in floor tiles at department stores. I have some experience doing epoxy floors as well. I have good working knowledge with wet saws, hand cutters, tile splitters, spacers, grout, trowels, mixers, miter saws, table saws, jig saws, nail guns, finish nailers, brad nailers, carpet tape and glue and many other flooring tools and supplies.

Trim/Windows/Doors- I have experience installing new rough in windows and replacement windows. I know how to insulate and seal windows in the interior and exterior. I have some experience hanging new doors. I can install new lock sets and hand set hinges and cut in slab doors to install the knobs or handles. I know how to install pre hung doors as well. I have some skill in fixing sagging doors as well as doors that don't latch or have trouble shutting or opening. I have some skill cutting and installing door and window trim, crown molding and chair rail, base board (wood, composite and vinyl). I am very good at caulking in trim to be painted with a very clean and professional finish. I am also very good at mixing and color matching wood fillers to fill in nail holes, as well as using a punch to get nails to the correct depth. I have working knowledge of drills, drill bits, punches, nail guns, finish nailers, caulk, nail sizes and application, copping saws, miter saws and many other tools needed to complete the job.

Painting- I am highly skilled at painting. I am most skilled at interior and exterior residential painting. I have done quite a bit of commercial and industrial work as well. I have used paint sprayers and lifts to paint industrial and commercial jobs. I am VERY skilled with a paint brush and have received numerous complements on my hand painting ability. I have little experience with texturing, glazing and other special painting finishes but I learn quick and enjoy learning new painting techniques. I was often sent out to do painting jobs on my own. I have painted basements to 25 foot walls to spraying steel ceilings in a printing company. I have good working knowledge of brushes, rollers, sprayers, taping and prep work.

Roofing- I have good skills at laying felt, ice shield(in places with freezing temps), asphalt shingles, ridges and valleys. I know how install new roofs, replace damaged plywood, reroof and tear offs. I know how to use ladders, planks and scaffolding. I have worked in extreme temps from freezing to scorching hot. I only have experience installing asphalt shingles. I have good working knowledge of air compressed nail guns, chalk lines, cap nailers, ridge vent and tin work, flashing and sealing products and tools.

Tin/Soffit/Gutters/Facia/Siding- I have experience installing pre cut and on the job seamless gutters. I know how to pitch and install gutters with gutter hooks. I know how to cut in down spouts and install them. I know how to install drop edge and how to use a break to bend and install tin. I have very good skills cutting and installing vinyl siding. I know how to pre drill and mail tin to soffits and facia boards. I know how to install soffit vents as well. I know how to seal gutters and outside materials with tar, caulk, silicone and other sealing materials. I have good working knowledge using siding saws, caulk guns, drills, hammer and nails, tin breaks, tin snips and other hand and power tools for the job.

Cabinets/Countertops- I have good knowledge installing new cabinets as well as fixing existing ones. I have knowledge with custom hand made cabinets to manufactured cabinets. I know how to level and install base and wall cabinets. I have some skill installing counter tops as well. I have good working knowledge using hand saws, miter saws, table saws, nail guns, sand paper and sanders and use of all other tools and materials for this type of work.

Custom and odd jobs- I have done some different things in the construction trades. I have built a custom train table worth between 15,000$ to 20,000$ with hundreds of working lights and digital controls. All the trains components and trains themselves were German and in German so I had to figure out how to get them working without any instructions. The customer inherited all of this in pieces from his deceased father and we had to figure out how to assemble the sections and tracks.

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Career medium 06

Averitt Express

Truck Driver

I started at Averitt as a dock worker as a forklift driver loading and unloading trailers. I would unload freight, scan to destination number and move the freight to the proper outbound trailer or stage the freight for another trailer. During this time they cross trained me to drive a tractor trailer. After getting my CDL I began working as a combo driver working the dock and doing some drop and hooks. As I became more experienced I worked the dock less and drove more. My shift was from 4pm until about 2-4 a.m. I usually did drop and hooks and various customers all around the Chicagoland area and outlying suburbs. Once or twice a week I would go to our other terminal in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and come back with a loaded trailer. I usually drove around 200-300 miles a day and did not have any accidents, injures or tickets. I worked this job all while going to college full time. I did very well there and topped out on my pay in less than a year by receiving merit raises. While working here we used Qualcomm technologies to log in bills, make and receive messages and location of equipment. Towards the end of my employment there they switched me to a shuttle driver. I did that position for 3 months before learning because I was getting married and moving out of the area. The run that I did left Burbank, Illinois at 9pm with a stop in Louisville, Kentucky. From there I would drop my trailer at our facility and take another trailer to Owensboro, Kentucky and spend the night in a hotel. The next night I would go back to Louisville then back to Burbank.


Meijer Grocery Stores

Maintenance Mechanic

I started as a bagged in the service department packing groceries and collecting shopping karts outside. I was soon promoted to the grocery department and workers there for a few months. I learned how to drive a fork lift during this time. While employed at Meijer I was working for my father's construction company on the weekends and on my days off from Meijer and days I had no school. The store director through conversation found out that I had construction experience and asked if I would work directly for him doing daily punch lists. I was promoted again to a maintenance mechanic at age 17. During this time I changed damaged floor tiles almost daily. I painted offices and installed new carpets in them as well as in the store. I changed store lighting with a movable one man lift. I was responsible for fixing damaged drywall around the store and any other damages done by customers and employees. I was responsible for the plumbing in the bathroom making sure the plumbing was working correctly and replacing valves, flushers and urinals as they broke down. I was in charge of building an outside automatic sprinkler system for the garden center that would alleviate the need for store personal to water the plants daily. I was able to come up with a system that saved the store many labor hours by not having to pay someone to stand and water plants. I soon began working with the HVAC mechanics and learning all about the refrigeration systems. I learned how to take apart store refrigeration coffins and coolers. I learned how to use the computers to put them in defrost and de-ice them to get them in working order. I also learned how to change out burned out fan motors and maintain the aisle cooling systems. During my employment here I painted the entire back room and painted many murals in each department area. I built a brand new office and hired sub contractors for the things I wasn't licensed to do. After seeing my progress and experience the store director began sending me to other stores to help other store directors. The head maintenance supervisor also requested to use me on overnight installs when they converted their dairy sections from air walls to glass doors. I was used to build a wood framed security cage that was 20X15X10 to store damaged and high value merchandise that was being stolen by store employees. After building this cage the back room shrink dropped considerably. I was then asked to cross train as a department manager in the Health and Beauty section. I did very well and worked well with the 4 employees in my department. Our out of stocks began to get better and the employees were getting more done while I was in that department.

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Taco Bell


I worked as a cashier in the lobby as well as a cashier I the drive-thru. I worked 5 days a week for 5 hours a day after football practice. During my employment there I was highly valued by my supervisor because I took orders very accurately and made change correctly and was never short in my drawer. I was also responsible for doing dishes, keeping the dining room clean and stocked. I was also responsible for keeping the restrooms clean and stocked. I workers there for about a year before moving to Illinois.


Hyles-Anderson Bible College

Associate in General Education, Education

While attending Hyles-Anderson college I took many Bible courses as well as English, math science and teaching principals. I graduated with a two year Associate degree. While here I was heavily involved in college and church ministries. I drove a bus on the weekends picking up kids and their families for church on Sundays. On Saturdays I would visit an area and go door to door inviting people to ride my bus to church each Sunday. Me and my route workers also helped some families pay for their kids to go to the church's christian school. I had a full time job, full credit semesters, full time weekend ministry and was engaged during this time.

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