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Jessica Feldman

Jessica Feldman

Alumni Interviewer

Stanford Alumni Association

MD/PhD student at Brown University/Researcher at BrainGate2





Stanford Alumni Association

Alumni Interviewer

Volunteer through the Stanford Alumni Association to interview 4 undergraduate applicants from Greater Boston Area
- Required training; contacting applicants and coordinating an optional interview in a non-stressful and enthusiastic manner
- 1 hour interview with applicant and written assessment submitted within 2 weeks to the Stanford Admissions Office
- Notification via phone call if applicant admitted

Career medium 04
Career medium 02

Brown University

PhD Student

Neuroscience Graduate Program, fourth year student
Completing PhD under John Donoghue, PhD (Professor of Neuroscience, Engineering; Director of Brown Institute for Brain Sciences) with the BrainGate2 human clinical trials (FDA IDE)



Grad Student Researcher

• Member of an interdisciplinary and multi-institutional translational research team in neural interface system development
• PhD research in pilot human clinical trials testing implantable multineuron sensors developed by pioneers of neuroengineering
• Online and offline analysis of neural signals
• I work on the direct methods of viewing the human motor cortex at the neuronal level and in local neural networks, analyzing signals generate under different cognitive and perceptual states
• I conceptualize, program, signals process and apply cutting edge analytic and statistical methods to experiments on motor imagery, cognition and perception in the human motor cortex of people with tetraplegia (spikes and local field potentials)
• Leadership role and expertise in electrophysiology and signal processing of single neurons

• Program software and conduct neural recording experiments, working with hours of real time single neuron recording
• Perform experiments leading to the first observations of small neural networks in real time during cognition to behavior
• Integrate cross-disciplinary skills sets to independently carry out hardware and software operations, analysis, and science writing (programming, signal processing, algorithms, electrophysiology, basic neuroscience, computational methods, cognitive science, Matlab and Simulink)
• Analyze neural signals recorded with chronically implantable multielectode arrays from Braingate trial participants with classic neurophysiology methods (commercial and self-coded software)
• Statistical analysis and mathematical modeling with field experts
• Communicate with locked-in participants (unable to move or speak) and attend clinical sessions
• Apply working knowledge of FDA IDE protocols and procedures

Career medium 04

Brown Interest Group in Vascular and Interventional Radiology

Founding VP

Medical student interest group

Brown University

Medical Research Fellow

• Worked with Donoghue lab (Neuroscience) and BrainGate full time for 1 AY on neural decoding and neural interface development
• Propelled and came to lead ongoing project on studying volitional control at the neuronal level with proprietary multielectrode array technology and access to participants in ongoing BrainGate clinical trial
• Received Katie Samson Foundation grant supporting my Fellow year

Career medium 03
Career medium 04

Brown University

Teaching Assistant, Brain Sciences, Medical Students

• Course: Brain Sciences (1st year Brown med students)
• Fast-paced integrated lecture and neuroanatomy lab (3 month block, 6-8 course hours/day, 5 days/week)
• Prepared and original PowerPoint presentations and ran didactic review sessions prior to all exams (>100 students), integrating USMLE questions for interactive and open learning environment
• Scheduled and coordinated with Facilities and class review or study sessions
• Fielded student content questions via email
• Shared responsibilities with 2 other TAs, communicating with them and liaising between lecturers and students
• Tutored individuals or groups as needed



Search QA Analyst, Health Solutions Group

•Among first members of the Health Solutions Group directed by Peter Neupert (MSNBC,
•Rapid integration of Medstory's health search technology with re-launch of MSN Health (04/2007)
•Algorithms, artificial intelligence, data mining and applied biomedical knowledge
•Lead for interactions with non-health focused search developers for
•Contributed to early stage consumer-oriented platforms for medical device and secure medical records (human computer interaction, HCI)
•Worked w team on HCI product
•Continued search algorithm development, laying foundation for

Career medium 04
Career medium 02



Medstory, Inc. (acq 2007) was a small informatics start-up developing early stage consumer and professional search platforms
• I worked with algorithms, artificial intelligence and data mining on the dev side
• One of 2 Analysts applying computer competency and biology background to perform qualitative (UI) and quantitative (beta testing) analytics
• Created own structure and system to monitor and assess site traffic, content, and backend implementations of changes in search algorithm
•Role in raising capital: met with current Angel Investors (Esther Dyson), demoed product ("vertical search"), gave presentations to top Silicon Valley VCs, and Sergey Brin of Google
•Employee #6 at acquisition by Microsoft (02/2007)


Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics, Stanford Hospital and Clinics

Undergraduate Researcher and Volunteer on Ethics Consult service

• Student researcher with Stanford Hospital and Clinics, allowing me to shadow Ethics Consults with Chief and attended weekly meetings of MICU and SICU Ethics Committees • Trained under Director of Center for Biomedical Ethics and Chief Ethics consultant
• Assisted with ongoing projects in the Center, performing data Analytics, survey review, and organizational and administrative tasks for Faculty
• Neuroethics research and documentary film production by an MD among notable projects
• Paid position during AY (2-3x/week,10 hours)

Career medium 01
Career medium 06

The Mount Sinai Hospital School of Medicine

Undergraduate Researcher in Human Genetics

• Awarded American Genetics Foundation Fellowship (2004-5)
• Advisor: RJ Desnick, MD, PhD
• Mastered basic molecular genetics techniques (PCR, gel electrophoresis, bacterial sub cloning, mutagenesis, mutation analysis, oligmer design, DNA extraction and sequencing, protein assays), biochemical modeling software (PyMol) and microarray technology
• Conducted independent projects: mutation detection and classification in human genes causing the porphyrias; initiated exploratory microarray study on Fabry disease knockout mice
• Culminated in Undergraduate Honors Thesis (Stanford University), nominated for Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research
• Honors Thesis: Characterization of two novel point mutations in the uroporphyrinogen III synthase gene causing congenital erythropoietic porphyria


JCC of Mid-Westchester


Guarded at acquatics center during late night and weekend shifts of lap and open swim; monitoring and logging water chemistry and temperature

The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

Doctor of Medicine (MD), Medicine, Neuroscience

Brown University

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Neuroscience

Stanford University

BA Honors, Human Biology, Philosophy