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Jennifer Russell

Jennifer Russell


Level 7 Leadership

Catalyzing Leaders to Evolve Love, Evolve Entrepreneurship, Evolve Leadership, and Evolve Culture





Level 7 Leadership

President & Senior Partner

As a speaker, author, leadership consultant and coach, I work with people that want to create an evolutionary shift on our planet. I teach them how to connect to their inner most truth, clarity, focus, and raw manifestation power to create mass coordinated action toward high impact projects that leave the people and the planet better than we found it.


Author of Burn the Ivory Tower: The Four Faces of Incorruptible Power

I embody and teach a style of feminine leadership that goes beyond just helping others feel connected, beautiful, and good enough. It’s about creating a culture shift that brings about a world that can thrive. It's about creating a culture shift that balances and heals the divide between the masculine and feminine inside.


Manager Director The Emergence Project | Co-Lead at Camp Mystic

As a community leader/culture shifter I believe what’s needed now is a tipping point in our evolution from our developmental phase of growth and consumption to a more mature, interdependent, omni-considerate phase. It is no longer sufficient to believe that if we each succeed individually, we will succeed as a collective. I can help you make that shift as a leader.


Founder of Evolving Love Retreats | Author 'User's Guide to Monogamy & Non-Monogamy'

I work with people to rewrite their relationship DNA so they can embody their ideal love story. Evolving the way we love has far reaching consequences. As we learn how to resolve the war going on inside us - that has us acting out of wounding, disintegration, and fear - we also learn to stop the war in our relationships, political structures, and ultimately our culture.

The Intimacy Intensive with Jennifer Russell

Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell as guest speakers at The Intimacy Intensive hosted by Eben Pagan and Annie Lalla on April 27-29th 2014.

Learn how to setup your relationship as the source of your greatest freedom instead of an impediment to it. Learn how to unearth the automatic narratives that are running the show in your relating.

How To Know You’re Ready For “The One” (And How To Keep Them Once You Find Them).

Hosted by Annie Lalla, Jennifer Russell, and Bryan Franklin.

"The difference between Love & True Love is the difference between a very large number and infinity". -JPB

We explore the 3 things you need to prepare for your future romantic partner & the 3 things you must do once you find them.

How To Handle Being Triggered with Jennifer Russell, Bryan Franklin, and Dallas Cyr

The most powerful methods for unwinding emotional triggers.

- The step-by-step process of dismantling your trigger
- Why we've become grateful for our triggers
- The two "types" of healthy trigger responses, and why you likely only track one of them and totally discount the other
- How to make sure your resolved conflicts stay resolved
- The 3 "Must Do's" of healthy conflict