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Hal Abramson

Hal Abramson

Festival Promoter

Hal Abramson Festivals

Los Angeles County, CA

Hal Abramson is a festival promoter located in Los Angeles. When Hal is not promoting festivals, he is traveling the world. At seventy years old, he’s seen it all, and yet his enthusiasm refuses to wane.




Hal Abramson has decades of experience when it comes to promoting festivals. At seventy years old, he’s seen it all, and yet his enthusiasm refuses to wane. As a natural entrepreneur and people person, his career as an event promoter allows him to combine all of these passions into one career path.

Best Car Festivals in California

California is home to many great things – including a vast area of car shows. Whether you like seeing the latest technology in a brand new sports car or would rather take a trip down memory lane and opt for a classic car show, California is home to an auto festival for you.

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World’s Best Food Festivals for the True Foodie

Across the world, there are endless food festivals, and while each event offers something a little bit different, it can be hard to determine which food festivals are worth the travel. I have had the chance to experience hundreds of food festivals across the globe and can recommend these events that are sure to satisfy any true foodie’s taste buds!

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Festivals in LA: IPA Festival 2018

Los Angeles is by far my favorite place to be. From the music, downtown, diversity, and of course the food – there is no city I love more. Another great reason to love LA is the abundance of festivals and events to go to! In this series of blogs, I will be discussing a few of my favorite LA festivals. Let’s begin with the LA IPA Fest, which happens to be this upcoming weekend!

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What Is The LA Food Fest?

Established in 2009, the LA Food Fest was LA’s first, and original, food tasting event celebrating the tastes, cultures, and communities of the city. Returning for its 9th year in a row with new flavors, features, and offerings, the LA Food Fest continually improves, solidifying its title as the largest and longest-running tasting event in the area. LA food reviewers,..

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New Tech In The Gaming Industry

Over the last few years, no technology has advanced more rapidly than that used in the gaming industry. Increasing consumer demand for the most advanced uses has led developers to continually push the envelope of discovery to create countless technical innovations. Here are a few of the most extraordinary advances in the gaming industry:


The proliferation...

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Five Of The Best Boat Shows In Europe

Boat shows have long attracted thousands of both boat enthusiasts as well as boat owners. Europe has a rich history in boating and sports some of the best boat shows in the world. Thousands travel from all over the globe to witness the latest and greatest as well as classics at some of the top international boat shows. Here are five of the best boat shows in Europe. They are...

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Top Pizza Destinations In The World

All around the world, pizza is hugely celebrated and can be found almost anywhere. Between the many places, types, and flavors that pizza has to offer, it can be difficult determining where to go for a slice of the best pizza around. Different people from different countries may never agree which pizza is number one and who can blame them? The variations of the food are too...

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History of 60's Cars

If you were fortunate enough to live during the 1960s, you had a first-hand experience of arguably the best car decade. The 1960s was a significant period for the American automobile industry, especially for the top manufacturers (Ford, Chevy). In my opinion cars from the 1960s are the best because they were not too modern and not too old.

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Festivals in LA: Surf City Nights

If you are visiting the beautiful Huntington Beach, you must attend Surf City Nights. Live like a local and hit downtown for a community street fair and farmers market. The food festival is held every Tuesday from 5-9 p.m.

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Crazy Food Festivals

Food festivals are a great way to try local dishes and explore new cities. However, some locals are taking it to the next level with these crazy food festivals. Here’s a look at the six weirdest food festivals from around the world.

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Four of the Best Food Locations in the USA

Get ready for the trip of a lifetime, to indulge in some seriously good eats. Here are some of the must-visit food hotspots in the country. Foodies should buckle up and get ready to eat to their heart’s content.

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Florida Food Festivals

What could be better than a vacation in hot, sunny Florida? How about eating your way across the panhandle and up and down the Gulf and Atlantic coasts? For foodies in the know, the Sunshine State has more to offer than just golf, beaches, and Mickey Mouse–it’s also a culinary haven. Here’s a guide to five of the best food festivals in Florida.

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The Biggest and Best of the Auto Festival Industry

You don’t have to be in the market for a new vehicle to see the value in attending a major auto show. Not only are these shows informative one-stop shops for prospective buyers, but they also are an entertaining way to see the latest in auto innovation. Nearly every major world city has its own version of an auto show.

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Boat Shows to See this Summer

While it may not feel like spring outside, summer is right around the corner which makes it a perfect time to visit a boat show! If you are a boat fan like me, attending boat shows and festivals are a fun and exciting way to see the most beautiful watercraft from pleasure boats to yachts! Below are five boat festivals that are must-sees this summer!

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Best 5 Beer Festivals Around the World

Beer lovers from all around the world enjoy not only the taste of a well crafted beer, but the merriment and festivities it brings. As a favorite beverage among all walks of life, beer is crafted by many different cultures and places. It’s no wonder countries around the world have made beer festivals an annual event that offer a variety of beer tasting and activities.

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9 of the Best Car Shows in Europe

A passion for cars can bring together people from all walks of life. Regardless of differences in culture, language, and ethnicity, the language of autos is universal. But each nation brings their own flavor to car showcases. Here are nine of the best.

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Top 5 Wine Festivals In California

California produces 81% of wine in the United States making it the number 1 location to visit if you are looking to attend a wine festival. Not only do they produce a large portion of wine, but thanks to California’s position in the country you can expect beautiful weather for all of them. If you are in the California area, be sure to check one of these out.

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6 Can't Miss Car Festivals in Asia

Everyone has different reasons to check out car festivals whether that is wanting to witness the next best model of their favorite brand or just because they enjoy cars fundamentally. It is a great time to see the advancements the auto industry has accomplished and what the future holds. Here are some can’t miss auto festivals that you need to visit in Asia.

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How to Become a Video Game Developer

Going from the player to developing video games is going to be a seismic step for any person. Being a video game developer is not about playing games, but instead using programming tools to create a vivid world for other players to place themselves in. You need the drive to work long, sometimes unpaid, hours to complete tasks.

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Virtual Reality: Changing How Developers Create Games

When looking at how far the technology for virtual reality has developed since it was first conceived, you can bet it is only going to get more advanced. Virtual reality is beginning to get used for more than just video games.

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