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Gieno Miao

Gieno Miao


National Basketball Association (NBA)

Product and Marketing Expert





National Basketball Association (NBA)


• Develop new business opportunities across mobile, streaming video, online gaming, and other emerging media platforms.
• Understand marketplace trends, current and new technologies and competitive forces, and assess their impact on our business.
• Size new digital opportunities and develop strategies that will maximize revenues and exposure for the NBA in China.
• Directly lead negotiations and execution of new partnership agreements.
• Work closely with internal (headquarters and China) and external (vendors and partners) constituents to formulate product ideas and rollout plans.
• Oversee product development, including product/technical specs.
• Manage full life cycle of products, from planning to launch to maturity.
• Establish clear and meaningful targets for growth and manage towards those goals.

Career medium 01
Career medium 06

ShanDa Interactive Entertainment Ltd.

Advertising Product Director

Responsibilities: (65% Product, 35% Management)
a) Identify, drive, and optimize the revenue flow from partners and ad-networks by leveraging SNDA resources (Such as, or other sub-business).
b) Perform implementation reviews, evangelize new product features and ensure the prompt and proper resolution of business challenges.
c) Apply data mining, machine learning and statistics to understanding the user online behavior, inferring user interests and intent, as well as measuring user engagement with online advertising and campaign effectiveness.
d) Balance CPC, CPA, CPS advertising sub-business,optimize current accurate advertising platform(

a) Achieve 130 million revenue in 2012 Q2
b) Switch business focus from small client (CPC) to big client (CPA), business increased over 700% YoY growth.
c) Active integrate those literature websites (such as or and different web games, together with multimedia websites (such as to provide full life cycle advertising result.
d) Expand existing business to try new potential business (e.g. add e-commerce display ad test page link[] into the portal of, to find dependency between literature and e-commerce)


Search Marketing Manager (CN Traffic)

Responsibilities: (55% Marketing, 25% Product, 15% Management, 5% Development)
a) Develop marketing strategy to build Amazon China online brand awareness in China as well as develop related marketing plans based on solid market analysis and retail product strategy
b) Execute the search channel marketing plan within budget, manage marketing expense, and provide measurable marketing results
c) Take ownership of product management, drive and derive development roadmap and sprint planning
d) Deal program management: drive and optimize day-to-day operations
e) Keep close communication with development team on all marketing activities on a regular basis; receive and execute global marketing initiatives from accordingly with strong local input and localization in each campaign. Key to success will be effective and creative online/network campaigns.
f) Identify and size opportunities to use search engines optimization knowledge
g) Work closely with retail product teams to implement programs/operations
h) Be search marketing thought leader in the company; keep updated of the latest market trends and competitive landscape and develop company's search market intelligence through leading internal and external marketing research efforts.

a) Search channel session increased 189% YoY, ops increased 173% YoY
b) Doubled free search traffic by optimize Amazon web site page content
c) Achieved 500% plus ROI on SEM in local Search engine (¥40 million plus)
d) Re-branding company brand from Joyo Amazon to Amazon China, launched short URL
e) Participate in Amazon China brand TV Ad producing, and other out-door Ads (testing in Shanghai)
f) Development new partnerships with eTao, SoGou and Tencent (around 8% additional ops generated), optimize Baidu Product Search which increased average weekly ops from ¥120,000 to ¥840,000
g) Participate in Kindle project and planned to launch official version in China during 2012Q1

Career medium 04
Career medium 02

Sr. Product Expert, B2B-CBU, Product & Operation

Responsibilities: (65% Product, 35%Management)
a) Development new generation B2B platform to replace Alibaba assistant ( )
b) Build multi-accounts platform to support new VAS business model (take the system architect role at same time)
c) Design new supplier offer model for manufacture industry and user requirement collection system (based on member system)
d) Alibaba trademanager design and development ( )
e) Alibaba trademamger mobile version development (for iOS and Android) and AliPhone support
f) Lead related product lines to achieve business target , including work platform, multi-accounts and Alibaba trademanager

a) Release work platform ( named MyAlibaba ) at the end of Match, which has eight hundred thousand paid customers and thirty millions free customers
b) Multi-account VAS product released at the beginning of April, plan to cover 20% of all Trust Pass Members (1.6 hundred thousand)
c) Ultimate release of Alibaba trademanager
d) Support full site data driven operation through user requirement collection system


Thomson Reuters

Search Technique Specialist, Global Product Search, Investment & Advisory

Responsibilities: (40%Product, 30%Technique, 30%Management)
a) Content issue owner for Eikon production, managing cross-team Eikon development and defect fixing
b) Planning and managing search related DE (data enhancement)
c) Cross-team content data quality management, fixing and verification for regular release
d) Search index modeling for different financial products, including Equity, Fixedincome, FX&MM and C&E
e) Role based dynamic search document ranking design and development.
f) Search usage system (BI), user query behavior analysis
g) Build SIoR (Search Index of Record) team and lead team using AI technique(neural network) to explorer the potential content enhancement of financial data
h) Identifying and monitoring search index content data quality, using AI techniques such as Artificial Neural Network to explorer potential issues of search index (data similarity)
i) Core search functions (ETL, matching, synonyms, filter, etc.)
j) Participated in whole product design, development, testing and release cycle of Eikon

a) 300+ active content issues managed cross different team and division
b) Eikon content data issue fixing within 2 working-days
c) Quick identify search production content issue, limit end-user reported content issue below 1% (2 of 317 accepted content issues)
d) Search result accuracy improvement base on dynamic document ranking design

Career medium 05
Career medium 05

Thomson Reuters

Principal Software Engineer, Global Product Search, Investment & Advisory

Responsibilities: (10%Product, 30%Management, 60%Technique)
a) Gathering and managing business change requirements / defects for 1.x search production system (support for Xtra3000)
b) Finish regular releases for 1.x search system (adding CDS into Xtra3000 search scope)
c) Sustain owner for 1.x search system, cover 3rd level search production service request
d) Light weight project management, as part of search 1.x end of life member
e) Cooperate with downstream Product Manager, extend Navigation content business relationship from 42 to 417.
f) Navigation Web Service Automation (from drop 2 to latest release used in Eikon)
g) Mentor for new joiner, deliver both business training and technical training for whole team
h) Synonyms and composite field improvement and searching algorithm re-design for extending search-able scope (hybrid role, as architect)

a) Extend 1.x regular release scope to 213% compare to before by re-designing
b) Provide new technical solution for 1.x classification issue to fix S1 issue
c) Take part of business analysis role and deliver 200+ navigation relationships
d) Cover business rule / spec verification in Navigation testing, identifying and fixing 43 spec defects to improve the quality for Eikon (as Product Manager)
e) No defect found by downstream or cross team on features covered by our team
f) New searching algorithm wild used by current production system, increase customer search satisfaction rating from 2.7 to 4.6 (out of 5)


Thomson Reuters

Senior Software/Quality Engineer, Global Product Search, Investment & Advisory

Responsibilities: (20%Management, 80%Technique)
a) Responsible to create system testing specifications, testing case and testing schedule base on system design and requirement, cooperation with other team member to finish core search system testing, including of regular release and new function enhancement
b) Functional testing for Content Loader II (ETL)
c) Automation development for search system core functions (synonyms, filter, ranking, etc)
d) Build automation test framework for Search & Navigation.
e) Search document index re-modeling and testing for CMO (Collateralized mortgage obligation) and CDS (Credit Default Swap), over 200 new searchable fields related
f) Navigation Web Service / Search V2 Web Service Automation (Eikon drop 1)

a) Extend search function verification scope to 5300% compares to before (by automation), improve testing confidence and team credit
b) Raise design pitfall and predict performance limitation for Content Loader || (ignored due to management level thinks it’s an acceptable risk)
c) Build matured automation framework for Navigation web service, to support on-demand build verification (100% function coverage verification finish within 2 hours)
d) Off-cycle promoted at 2008-10

Career medium 01
Career medium 05


SDET II, Speech Recognize Kernel

Responsibilities (10%Product, 30%Management, 60%Technique)
a) In charge of recognize algorithm improvement and TTS (Text-to-Speech) application development for Windows 2000 and Windows XP
b) Speech recognize engine daily build automation, BVT & BVA
c) Market based NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithm to improve recognize result (base on target language grammar model, Lua 5.1 syntax)
d) General algorithm base on NLP to adjust recognized results weight & ranking (Hidden Markov Model)
e) JP language recognize efficiency improvement (grammar based language model switch: SOV -> V[S,O], the same with SVO, re-using EN language recognize high efficiency algorithm)
f) Recognize result analyses based on statistics (Monte Carlo, etc.)



SDET, Windows Starter Edition

Responsibilities (100%Technique)
a) Sustain Engineer for Windows XP UI and core function automation testing (based on MAUI framework, MFC, System API, system kernel injection and debugging)
b) Windows Vista UI automation (based on Avalon supported MITA framework, WPF)
c) Windows Vista Performance Testing (based on WTT, distributed server, running 24 x 7, weekly dashboard)
d) Windows Vista System API testing debugging and defect fixing (system kernel 2nd level injection)
e) Phoenix Project, Windows XP cut-down version for emerging market (hardware level, system compatibility and instruction set optimization, Intel instruction ring 1 injection and debugging)

a) Best performance award for 2006-Aug and 2006-Sep in Windows Core development teams
b) Off cycle promote to Level 61 (should be promoted every 2~3 for each level on average)
c) Top contributor award due to identify 1 S0 Windows Vista security defect in after-hours (saving $1.3 million for company)

Career medium 05

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Finance, General