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Ethel St. Anne Carvalho

Ethel St. Anne Carvalho

Personality Development Instructor

Self Empoyed

Portugal, Portugal

Freelance Personality Enhancement Instructor !!! I find rustic living by the beach completely irresistible, and I’m very much a country girl at heart!!




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Who do you say you are ?

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Paradigm Shift

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Paradoxic Tranquility

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Freelance Photographer

Ethel St. Anne / Scorpio Mystique Photography

My attraction to professional photography intensified a few years ago when I realized the potential I had through encouragement of various photographers from photography websites. Ever since the photography bug bit me, there has been no turning back after that. I simply love taking pictures that enchant your mind endearingly. Every picture I’ve taken, expresses profound significance about our daily living. There is so much of glory in expressions captured in moments through the camera lens. Something that will undoubtedly be forgotten over a span of time, brings joy and peace while reminiscing over pictures.

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Scorpio Mystique photography


Self - Employed

Personality Development Instructor !!!

All through my growing years I’ve enjoyed a practically free life at nature’s expense - THE BEACH. Free from anxiety, clamour, pollution, and everything that takes my mind off the agonizing certainties of life.
Regardless of where I live, I have to visit a beach on a holiday or a regular weekend. I’ve been drawn to the resonance of those beautiful waves crashing against rocks and sea beds that sounds simply heavenly and gloriously charismatic to my senses. These views encouraged me to enhance my photography skills all through these years...well, another area I’m completely passionate about! I’m simply attracted toward capturing pictures of ‘life in motion’ for absolutely no reason at all!!

Here’s when I thought I’d return the world HIS abundant blessings showered upon me from above. This conviction triggered off my passion to facilitate people striving to fulfil their visions in the calmest possible approach in a crux.
My perception - Value the abundance exhilaration life offers you. Live every moment in abysmal authentic tranquil gratitude!! Join me in supporting you recognize your true personal potential passion in serenity!!

Feel that Abstract Serenity in your Passionate Personality!!


B.Com., LL.B.

Living a healthy personality is accomplished through a calm and collected understanding of how to be pleasant. I insist that you follow my understanding of a practical approach to this course to the last letter. Assisting my clients generate focused lives is fundamental to my accomplishment. My exclusive understanding in shaping an individual’s personality has helped me create optimal solutions to deprived sustenance, diminutive resistance, hectic lifestyles, and unforeseen challenges.

I can tell you confidently, there isn’t a meticulous plan that works for all. Hence, I support you through your qualms and paranoia of disappointment, and help you get to the level of your potential through courage and confidence. The journey in your personal development is most rewarding to us by concentrating on your future, while dealing with your current circumstances.

My overall approach is one of lecturing clients individually or in groups, on how to master skills and self efficiency through pragmatic learning. I work with you upon your commitment to this program. I will be liberal and empathize with you with respect to your comprehension from homework, accountability to the course, and a ‘no snivelling’ strategy that will exhilarate you.

Every client’s challenge is unique. In understanding these differences, resolutions that barely make it through to you, and comparisons that run through your head from what works for your colleagues, what you have to be absolutely sure of is your altitude of necessity to accept alterations to who you are.

Abstract Reality

The Absolute Retreat

The idea of bedrooms as a private sanctuary continues to gain ground, and for good reason - in a busy world, they’re an oases of calm, and with its traditional material, and built in furniture, spacious bedrooms and living area are designed with a sense of security in mind, creating a minimal look with modern materials that’s totally classic. Leafy green climbers and pots full of colorful plants, provide a lively rustic view from the kitchen window. It’s not easy being green, but the scenes so lovely, must have been gazed upon by angles in their flight.

At night you look out the window, and you realize how isolated the house is. All you can see is the flashing of the lighthouse far away, and the stars. Otherwise it’s completely black and quite, except where the wind blows right across the land and howls around you. Or where the owl hoots, or in the early morning when the birds start up - that’s terrible-lovely noise. But, there is something rather cheering about the domestic disorder of our fellow primates. Appearances can be deceptive. How often have you wondered how well some of your closest friends or neighbors are really coping, or indeed your own relatives? Even if you did know, trying to help them face change in later life can be difficult.
You can feel the strain melt away, gradually as you walk in, sink into a bubbling Jacuzzi, slip delicious fruit juices, or invigorate your skin with a deep-cleansing body-wrap. The mood of the century is taking shape. What emerges as a spirit of the decade is a sense of harmony-with you, your family, and nature. Free time is at a premium, but you make a point of getting away for the weekends motoring in the country, wearing clothes you feel comfortable in, and enjoying life at a different pace.

To be absolutely serious, the different stylized logos, seen at regular eat-out intervals, is not a symbol that arouses much feeling one way or another, in most of us. Neither is the strange Happy Easter man, an open-mouthed figure that seems to be ticking the back of its own throat really anything to make you choke on your all-day breakfast. A look that was, is, and always will be, a symbol of unending happiness why wait for a change in scenery, when you can make your own? Go beyond the veil, and dream on in style with serenity candles, that is luminous, sparkling, and your mom even stops crying you see, love does conquer it all!!!

Abstract Reality

Sporadic Predicament

It’s working your way out of a tight corner – sometimes which either occurs intentionally or not. It makes sense to oil the wheels of society by being charming rather than being churlish. There is sometimes something quite magical about all of this. For instance, simple gestures such as sending a card to say you enjoyed meeting someone for the first time, or telling the cab driver that his short cuts done you a huge favor, will work wonders for good relations. Finding something positive to say to your child’s head teacher before launching into your complaint about school dinners, makes her more likely to pay you heed. Now and again there is a day when the sunshine belongs to you.

Short circuiting a sales assistant’s aggressive manner by smiling and saying, “thank you so much for your help and I’m sorry you seem to be having a bad day”, could just make her think twice before re-cycling her infectious hostility to other customers. A leading novelist and a mother of four, says, “Networking is a vital aspect of life that extends way beyond the work place. If mother’s had to pay for what we get in terms of everyday barter from one another-child care, lifts, teas, treats, and school runs, the cost would run into hundreds. But you need to be nice to fit into the mothers’ network, because if you’re not easy to get on with, people will simply back off and refuse to be drawn into your net. One psychologist points out that we learn in the first few months of life that survival depends on interacting successfully with other people to elicit their care. But although everyone is born with a seed of social skill, it looks as if later childhood experience determines how fully it generates and flowers.

If you were raised in a house where there was little intimacy and praise, it is not surprising if you habitually deliver a snub when a kindness would be more appropriate. If you grew up as an only or by a long way the oldest child in the family, you may well have developed a very strong need to reach out and make contact with other children simply because there were none to play with at home. You picked up the basic skills of social engagement-being cheerful, helpful, making others feel wanted almost unconsciously because they were necessary and rewarding. Children from a large family are often less bothered about engaging outsiders. They don’t need the social input quite so much and sometimes develop a siege mentally that seems to exclude outsiders. Parents have, perhaps, an even greater position that family position on a child’s socializing style. “The greatest favor parents can bestow” says a renowned clinical psychologist, “is to provide a home that is open to friends and a good deal of social activity, allowing them to grow up naturally confident in the company of other adults, picking up habits of consideration, conversation, and hospitality, along with reading, writing, and table manners.” Such children generally regard outsiders as people who could well enhance their lives, rather than fearful nuisances, who are best, disregarded or skirted around with minimum contact like drunks or public transport.

But it is wrong for a parent to instil such excessive confidence, that the child doesn’t feel that he has to make the least effort to endear, and grow up fully expecting the rest of the world to appreciate him as much as his parents did. We’ve all encountered annoying social egocentrics who assume they are the center of your world as well as their own. You can see their embryo in the 10 - year old child who always gets her own way when she tugs impatiently at her mother’s coat sleeve to stop her chatting in the high street, “come on Mum! I want to go home! Now!” it’s arguable, therefore that a little insecurity is more socially motivated than a lot of confidence.

Another mother of four owns she’d love to be cool about being socially accepted but admits, “I’m obviously a very insecure person, and because I can’t bear to discover we’ve not been asked to a party. This baffles my husband, who is not exactly a social butterfly. And doesn’t understand why I care, when I’ve said that I don’t much like the hostess anyway. The logic of not liking her but still hating the thought of not being invited to her house completely baffles him.” (And) work is necessary because even if you’re outgoing and affable, you can’t always take it for granted that the world will purr at your approach.

I have off-days - and I’m sure most people do - when every shop - assistant, phone caller, and bank teller sets my teeth on edge. I catch myself taking against someone on first acquaintance because of a frown, a set of tips or an off-hand comment. Or I drive through our village so pre-occupied that, later, two acquaintances rib me for failing to return their hand waves. At such moments, it seems to me important to check the downward spiral misanthropy before it gets out of hand. I find myself explaining to the unrequited wavers that I wasn’t being a “snooty bitch”, but I’ve been feeling a bit distracted actually, what with having suffered a minor burglary, lost a favorite brooch, and worrying about a friends test result from the hospital. Pondering my own stress-induced crosspatches reminds me that others, off-course, and may have equally legitimate and invisible excuses for theirs.

The woman I dismissed as an incurable cow could be exactly that. But isn’t it more likely she is having an off day too fearing for her job, perhaps, or fretting about her child’s prolonged sore throat? English social mores don’t encourage her to spill her anxieties, to all corners, so I easily misconstrue her abstracted, pinched manners as unfriendliness. Given another chance or other circumstances, we might find the common ground that often draws strangers into compatibility (“so you had a Russian grandmother too?”) giving her the benefit of the doubt, I should therefore put a lid in my Pandora’s Box of indifference and ill-will and conclude that she needs the social equivalent of tender loving care as much as I do. The world, after all, would be a sourer place, if we all dumped affability and presented our grouchiest selves in the thousands of passing social encounters we have every year. Life throws quite enough of aggravations without you or me gumming up the works with our temperamental tuppenny-worth. Surely then it is better to be mellow because it doesn’t get anymore free range than this out there and on the edge.

I’m stuck with exhilaration nonetheless. Put enough people in a sufficiently capacious room and they raise a din that makes you think of graves opening on Judgment Day. A mist seems to settle over them as well, a shimmer or a mirage that may just be an effect of body heat, but which is dangerously suggestive of a communal halo. Then again it may simply be a cigar smoke, for no dainty rules of consideration for the sensitivities of others obtain here; you smoke, you sing, you elbow, you embrace. May this be what eating and drinking should be, an activity so dense and cramped and fleshy, that you don’t have the space to distinguish your own individuality and cannot tell whether it’s your stomach you’re feeding or someone else’s.

Abstract Reality

Quixotically Authentic

The imaginative creative existence of puritanical abstraction of dramatically sparse all-white relief, and coolly intersecting colored rectangles, is a feature of modernism that appeals to put it at the service of tradition. The deep thrill of revolution or the invention of new modernist subject matter, or however abstract art becomes, it is still a development of the first still-life’s, or a glorious landscape. Take for instance, a beautiful painting of a blue bowl in front of a mirror, is full of deep shadows into which a painter squints to inspect the intersection between the round edge of the bowl and the square frame of the mirror. Such intersections continue to be admired till the end.

It’s a source of some hilarity, I might almost say, derision to my stylish friends that I’m writing for the style section - nobody, they tell me is less stylish than me. I counter by remarking stiffly, that there is such a thing as “literary” style, you know, but they are right in their limited way - I don’t read interior design magazines or couldn’t tell whether swags or ruffles are in. for instance, a friend of mine frightened me by saying, “distemper is black”. It turned out she didn’t mean the dog disease, but the flaky wall paint that comes off on your hands. She’s redoing her country cottage in what she calls, “an authentic `50’s rural look”, which apparently means ordering distemper from the approved range of colors, waiting for it to be freshly mixed, then slapping it on with a special wide brush. It is not true that you have to mix it up with pig’s urine. Upholstery is “natural, neutral, oatmeal, even plaids are out, and there is no question of ruffles or swags”, she added. “I want to get that really skimpy sort of unlined pre-war curtains that stop just above the window sill and let in the light?. I asked, “Will you have those genuine`50’s coils of fly paper hanging from the ceiling, preferably just above the table where you eat breakfast?” She looked thoughtful.

Another stylish friend urged me to “think driftwood”, and gave me a very “inspirational” article from an interior design magazine, entitled “Some like it Hut”. This was a fantastic essay about an artists’ potting shed in North Holland, where the chief decorative features consisted of some acorns and rusty bits of iron, a greased-covered burner, and several disintegrated matchboxes. The bathroom was well. When I objected that I couldn’t really see myself washing in a bucket or heating stones on the stove, to take to bed, my friend looked at me pityingly and said, “Well, obviously, you adapt”. I think after due consideration, we shall paint the drawing room yellow as usual. Inspiration of course!

Gossip is a funny stuff, we all know what it is, but I’ve yet to hear a workable definition; it’s the reverting bits that live between news and fiction. In private, it’s the things I wouldn’t say to your face. In print it’s what is supposed to separate the gutter from the quality. Tabloids have gossip columns, broadsheets have diaries, and only diary editors seem to be able to tell the difference. Very few of us are as confident in our tastes, or as wide-ranging. The book is woven out of the complex relationship between freedom and restriction, the world within and the world without. Five thousand miles from home, claustrophobic and hunkered down in the middle of a milling crowd; I’m stuffing Kleenex in my ears, to escape the roaring music - the Anthem of the Moment.