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Deon McCalla

Deon McCalla

Business Management Professional

C&M Consulting

Maricopa County, AZ

Deon McCalla is a business professional who has over 13 years in the industry. He's extensively experienced in operations, sales, service, and administrative roles. Deon is dedicated to constantly working to improve and find new ways to excel in business, like starting his own business venture.





C&M Consulting

Business Consultant

Deon McCalla currently serves as a Business Consultant with C&M Consulting. He assists clients with annual budgets for linen rental services; develops strategic models to ensure product delivery accountability at every level; analyzes industry trends and compile market research data to inform planning and strategy.

University of Wyoming

M.B.A., Business Administration

Deon McCalla attended the University of Wyoming to receive his undergraduate degree and also a masters in business.

6 Life Skills Learned from Being an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, there are just certain skills that are integral to your success. No one is one hundred percent prepared to be an entrepreneur and an expert at it, so you’ll inevitably learn quite a few things during your tenure as an entrepreneur. Maybe you’ll ultimately decide entrepreneurship isn’t the best path for you.

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The Importance of Focusing on the Consumer

No matter what industry you work in, you’re going to be working with other people and some form of client or customer. Without the consumer, your business cannot succeed. This reason is why you need to make a point to seriously focus on your clients and make sure they’re satisfied with your business.

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6 Reasons Consumers Prefer Online Stores

With the advent of the internet, we’ve been introduced to ecommerce and the rise of online shopping. I’ve already addressed how ecommerce has become increasingly popular. We’ve all spent some time shopping online and many people love it and do it much more than they shop in a physical store. Here are some of the top reasons why consumers prefer online stores.

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How to Manage Your Finances While Running a Business

One of the most challenging parts of running your own business is being able to successfully manage your finances. Most entrepreneurs do not have extensive knowledge on managing finances; their expertise lies with whatever their product or service focuses on. Here are some tips for entrepreneurs who are working on their business’s finances and need some advice.

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Why Entrepreneurs Need to Be Prepared for Failure

No matter how successful you are or how hard you try, there’s a high likelihood that you’re unfortunately going to encounter failure at some point in your life. Some of the people who are most at risk for encountering failure are entrepreneurs. Here are some reasons why you should be prepared for failure and how this preparation can help you out.

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What Great Entrepreneurs Have in Common

Becoming a successful entrepreneur takes a significant amount of hard work and determination. It’s a full-time job and it should become your main focus in life if you want to see your business idea succeed. There are some traits that all great entrepreneurs have in common. Cultivate these characteristics and embrace your future as an entrepreneur.

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5 Perks That Draw In Consumers

There's fierce competition when it comes to drawing consumers to your stores. There are countless businesses, many often offering the same services or products. One of the best ways to draw in consumers is presenting your business as superior to other options. A great way to do so is to offer perks and benefits that customers will not be able to find elsewhere.

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4 Tips for Finding the Best Employees for Your Business

No matter what kind of business you run, it’s important to find the best employees possible. If you want your company to truly excel, you’ll need to find the employees that best fit your company culture. When an employee begins working somewhere and isn’t a good fit, it can seriously impact the business as a whole.

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How to Take Advantage of the Stock Market Success

Most people do not have a deep understanding of the stock market and aren’t able to follow it closely every single day; that’s why there are people whose entire careers involve managing others’ stocks. Here are some basic tips on taking advantage of the stock market and getting the most of your investments, even if you do not have a deep understanding of the stock market.

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5 Reasons People Love Subscription Services

While we’re constantly bombarded with advertisements about subscription boxes and services, we do not often discuss why they’re so popular. Here are a few reasons why the industry has become so successful in the last few years.

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5 Ways to Embrace Lifelong Learning

It doesn’t matter what point of your life you’re at, you should embrace continuous learning. Even if you’re done with your formal education, you should embrace lifelong learning. There are endless benefits to continuously educating yourself and you’ll see how much learning something new each day influences the rest of your life in positive ways.

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5 Ways to Properly Handle a Customer Complaint

It doesn’t matter how attentive you are to the needs of your customers or how great a business you run; you are going to experience at least one customer complaint at some point throughout your career. Here are concrete ways to handle a customer complaint, because you’ll likely have to address issues at some point in your career.

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How to Be a Great Leader in Your Business

It doesn’t matter how large the business you work for is; there are plenty of ways you can excel at being a leader. Whether you own the company or manage a small team, there’s plenty you can do to improve your leadership skills and inspire employees. You might think you’re doing a good job of being a leader right now, but there’s always ways to improve.

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5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Elon Musk

Elon Musk has revolutionized various industries, such as finance, automobiles, and space travel. We’ve seen him develop plenty of ideas that people deemed impossible and then succeeded. Even when he doesn’t succeed, he goes back to the drawing board or moves on to his next project without letting the initial setback suppress his confidence and curiosity.

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