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David Pflieger

David Pflieger


Ravn Alaska

Anchorage, AK

David Pflieger is an incredibly experienced professional who's made his name known throughout the aviation industry. From piloting B-52 airplanes in the United States Air Force to helping found Virgin America, there isn't a thing that David Pflieger hasn't done in respect to aviation. David is currently the CEO of Ra...





David Pflieger | Patch Profile

David Pflieger is an exceptional aviation industry professional based out of Anchorage, AK. Currently, he serves as the CEO of Ravn Alaska, the state's largest airline. Given his tremendous success and experience, he writes multiple articles that deal with the aviation industry. This profile houses several of these articles.

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Traveling Tips: Advice For Your Next Flight

Traveling is difficult. I don’t know many people who actually enjoy traveling long distances, but, sometimes it’s necessary. Although I’m in the aviation industry, I understand that sometimes traveling can be a bit of a chore.

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The World’s Longest Commercial Flight

As the president of Ravn Alaska and a former pilot, I’m quite familiar with airplane travel. I’ve been on various flights; long ones, short ones and everything in between. And even though long flights are challenging, I’ve always been able to get through them will relative ease. But this upcoming commercial flight could certainly make me think twice about stepping on board.

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V-Air: Alaska Airlines’ VR Entertainment Offerings

Technology has impacted our society greatly. We’ve been able to improve our daily lives tenfold through the use and implementation of new and advanced technology. The aviation industry has seen dramatic improvements and innovations since its creation. Engines are more energy efficient, airplanes can now, in essence, fly themselves and flights are safer than ever before thanks to new technologies. Now, airlines are looking to use tech to make the customer experience as comfortable as possible.

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United Airlines Offers Free Trip to Tahiti

Do you work hard? Of course you do, why wouldn’t you? America was built on hard work. We were all raised with the notion that if you worked hard enough, you would achieve it. But, there’s nothing wrong with relaxing every now and then, right? Humans need to relax every now and then. Everyone has a different idea of what the perfect vacation looks like.

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Disturbing Disappearances: Aviation’s Most Unique Plane Disappearances

The basic reasoning and purpose behind the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) investigations of all civil aircraft accidents is analogous to statute law or to the study of history: we want to know what happened and why it happened, in order to avoid repeating the accident or incident.

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What Do You Need To Become A Pilot?

Pursuing a career as a pilot offers the opportunity for some exciting challenges and a chance to see the world, but it also requires dedication and hard work. It requires more than just the right education, although that will help you begin your journey. It also requires acquiring the right training, experience, and certifications.

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Emirates To Use Eco-Friendly Blankets

The aviation industry is undoubtedly a contributor to CO2 emissions. And while the industry is not necessarily the largest contributor, (according to the EPA, transportation accounts for 26% of CO2 emissions) it definitely adds to the ever increasing problem.

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Dave Pflieger | IdeaMensch

Dave Pflieger is a seasoned professional in the aviation industry. He's also an entrepreneur, and he was recently featured in IdeaMensch, a website that highlights successful entrepreneurs. Make sure to read the interview here.

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David Pflieger | FAQ: Airline Industry

David Pflieger takes a moment to answer some of the world's most burning questions regarding the airline industry.

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Dave Pflieger | What To Do If Your Flight Is Delayed

Dave Pflieger highlights what you should do if your flight is ever delayed.

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Dave Pflieger | What Is The PC-24?

Dave Pflieger explains what exactly the PC-24 is.

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Dave Pflieger | Meet The Airplane That Has Glass Floors

Dave Pflieger highlights and details the aircraft that has glass floors.

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David Pflieger | Stranded At JFK: A Tale of Snow and Water

David Pflieger explains the terrible situation that flyers had to go through at JFK.

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Dave Pflieger | Some of the World's Largest Airplanes

Dave Pflieger highlights some of the world's largest airplanes in the world.

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David Pflieger | Google Flights Helps Travelers Avoid Hidden Fees

David Pflieger explains how Google Flights is attempting to help provide the best possible airfare for flyers.

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Dave Pflieger | Passport Plum: Delta Unveils New Uniforms

Dave Pflieger highlights Delta Airlines newest uniform color: Passport Plum.

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David Pflieger | The Dirtiest Places in Airports

David Pflieger explains how airports are some of the dirtiest places on Earth.

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Fiji Air Pacific outgoing CEO Dave Pflieger farewell speech at Inter-Continental Resort, Natadola

Fijian Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama with other tourism stake holders hosts a farewell cocktail party for outgoing Air Pacific CEO Dave Pflieger at Inter-Continental Resort at Natadola on May 3rd, 2013.

David Pflieger | Biography

David Pflieger is an experienced aviation professional. This video highlights some of his work experience as well as some of his personal interests.

Virgin America

General Counsel, SVP - Legal & Gov't Affairs

David Pflieger has the unique distinction of being one of the original members of the team that helped found Virgin America.

As the General Counsel for the company, David was responsible for taking on the duties of pilot, attorney and project lead. Through David's efforts, the company grew from a small startup to an award-winning, national powerhouse company.

Ravn Alaska


As the CEO of Ravn Alaska, David Pflieger is responsible for overseeing any and all aspects of the company, from financial analysis to hiring and employee wellness.

Although still relatively new to his position, David is used to taking over an airline and improving as many sectors as possible. David has a breadth of experience in improving the efforts and workflow of airlines.

Delta Airlines

Operations Attorney

David Pflieger served as the operations attorney for Delta Airlines. In this position, David was responsible for overseeing all legal and compliance aspects of the airline. David was also a part of the original team that helped found Virgin America.

Dave Pflieger | The Return of Supersonic Travel

Dave Pflieger explains how this new aircraft could signal the return of supersonic travel.

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World Bank Group

Airline Advisor

During his time as an airline advisor, David Pflieger was responsible for assisting the World Bank Group in their various airline-related activities.

United States Naval Academy



Emory University



Emory University

JD, Law


Dave Pflieger | The Airbus Beluga XL Takes Its First Flight

Dave Pflieger highlights the Airbus Beluga XL and how it made its first flight.

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Final Flight: The Boeing 720

David Pflieger on the Final Flight of the Boeing 720

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Business and First-Class: What’s The Difference?

Explore the difference between Business and First Class according to David Pflieger

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Primera’s Newest Travel Routes

Learn about Primera's Newest Travel Routes from David Pflieger

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How To Get Into Any Airport Lounge

Read about how you can get into any airport lounge

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