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Sticky notes with words of steps in achieving year-end goals

Proven Ways to Reach Your Goals in Life and Achieve Your Dreams by Year-End

At the end of every year, we look back and reflect on what was achieved. Here are some tips on making sure your biggest goals will be met.

coffee on top of a napkin with a quote written

7 Amazing Celebrity Self-Confidence Quotes for Empowerment

You are your own biggest critic. These seven celebrities share their best advice on building self-confidence and overcoming insecurity.

group of candidates sitting at an office's waiting area

6 Revealing Interview Questions You Should Always Be Prepared to Answer

Landing a job is hard, but landing the job you want is even harder. Prepare for your interview by reading these revealing questions and answers.

The White House at Washington DC

Secrets of Success Shared by 29 Most Powerful Women in White House Business

Learn from the accomplished journeys of the most powerful women in business at the highest levels of political office.

woman holding an orange paper thought bubble on gray background

What Happens When You Chase Uncertainty

How do you pursue your dreams when life gets in the way? Our community talks about what happens when they chase uncertainty.

amy schumer on grayish background

How Amy Schumer Negotiated a Multi-Million-Dollar Raise (and Taught Us All How It’s Done!)

Want to know the secret to getting what you want? Here's how comedian and actress Amy Schumer did it.

group of young professional in business attire

The 8 Biggest Professional Mistakes Millennials Make

It's never too late to learn from others' mistakes. These professionals offer their sage insight into the most common professional errors people make.

young female manager sitting in front of her desk while holding a tablet

6 Habits of Successful Young Managers

Want to be a successful young manager? Check out these six habits that will help you get ahead and make an impact in your career.

group of three looking at a smartphone

Top 3 New Apps to Find Jobs: Your Ultimate Job Search Toolkit

These three new job-hunting apps make the process of finding your dream job more fun and efficient than ever before!

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