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mindy kaling posing with an ocean behind her

Mindy Kaling’s 7 Secrets to Success

Even if you haven’t seen The Office, you should know who Mindy Kaling is. Here she shares things that have helped her achieve her own success.

Two women looking at each other while holding a mug

The New “Yuccie” Catchphrase, Explained

Wondering what all the fuss is about "yuccies?" Here's everything you need to know about this new term and how it might apply to you.

hollywood stars walking on the red carpet

How Salma Hayek Brilliantly Exposed Hollywood’s Sexism Problem

Actress Salma Hayek takes on sexism in Hollywood, and the results are pretty stunning. Learn more about her powerful op-ed here.

A man holding crumpled papers on his desk

Denzel Washington Graduation Speech: Embrace Success through “Fail Big” Advice – LEVO

Explore why Denzel Washington's graduation speech resonates with grads, highlighting the value of failing big for a motivational and inspirational journey.

tv couple showing their babies clothes

5 TV Power Couples Who Will Show You the True Meaning of Love

Love is an exceptional sentiment. These five iconic TV famous power couples will make you marvel at just how love remarkable can be.

alcoholic drinks with colorful accessories

How Do You Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Work? Discover If Your Coworkers Were Cinco de Mayo Drinks!

While you celebrate Cinco de Mayo at work, envision your coworkers as drinks. Discover which fits each best here!

Toy Person Models and Money showing Salary Per Profession Concept

#TalkPay Reveals What People Really Make at Apple, Google, and More

See what others are getting paid for certain jobs. Learn about the salary ranges of tech positions in major cities across the US.

Women discussing work-related topic inside their office

5 Awesome Women Who Deserve Their Own Barbie

These powerful and inspiring women have made a real impact in the world - and they deserve their own Barbie!

Employees are raising their hands altogether to show empowerment and help to inspire each other at work

Find Inspiration with These 8 Encouraging Quotes

How do you #ask4more at work? Check out these nine inspiring words of wisdom from women who have asked.

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